2016 Hyundai Elantra consumer reviews

$17,250–$18,250 MSRP range
side view of 2016 Elantra Hyundai
88% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior 4.5
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value 4.5
  • Exterior 4.6
  • Reliability 4.5
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Satisfied Elantra SE owner

I love my elantra. I haven't hardly had any problems with it at all. However I also experienced the paint chipping on my white hyundai. I was also told that it was a rock. Now reading others comments about their paint shipping I question it. I paid out of pocket because it wasn't worth going through insurance with deductible and everything. Other than that I have had absolutely no problem with my Hyundai. I also like the look of it on the outside. I thought about trading for a newer one but I also don't like the styles of the new ones. I wish they still made them like the 2016 exterior. I would love to have a newer one but I would like for it to look like the 2016 hyundai. The reason for that is you could look at the car and see it was a Hyundai elantra. Now I feel like the new launchers look like every other car on the road.


Happy Elantra owner x 2

I had a 2015 Elantra that that I loved but it was totaled in a wreck. It kept me safe so I looked for another Elantra and found my 2016 with low miles in 2021. It's given me zero issues in almost 20K miles of driving. I just did the 45K maintenance at the dealer and got the security issue updated; otherwise, just oil changes and tire rotations. Lots of room, even with two car seats in the back. Decent power for its size and great gas mileage. My 2016 has a few less features than my 2015 did (no Bluetooth, no audio controls on steering wheel, no heated leather seats) but performs just as well. My only complaint is that the tint is starting to peel but that's due to the Florida sun.


Great car!!

Bought this car new in 2016 and have had it for 7 yrs. I have had no problems with it, just regular maintenance. This is the longest I’ve ever owned a car, usually I find something I don’t like and sell it. Not this one. I love the sporty look and has all the features I need. It has been nothing but good to me. I wish they still made this model, I would love to buy a new one but I’m not a fan of the new body style.


Crappy hyundai

Horrible Horrible, Horrible from the beginning. Battery went out first year I had it. Bought new battery and it burned up all the battery cables. $2000 to repair. Trunk lock broke. Driver visor fell off. Have to replace blinker lights at least every 3 months. Antenna flew off. The lock on the console between seats broke. Driver side window won't stay closed. Transmission went out. Now broken down again. Won't start. What is it this time, starter or alternator


Good car/Questionable value

I purchased my 2016 Elantra new. So far no major problems but not completely happy with how the car runs. I realize it has a small engine but shouldn't feel and sound like it's dying out when using the A/C and when car is parked and the engine is turned off the car makes a horrible loud creaking like sound when I'm getting out of my car it sounds like the body of the car is under stress and something's going to collapse. The inside and trunk space is roomy, I have a problem with my inside trunk latch sometimes it opens the trunk and sometimes it dorsn't. I was told by the dealership that something mechanical is probably going out and after paying 100.00 when my trunk all of a sudden wouldn't close I just use the button on my alarm to open my trunk. My car was 6 months out of warranty and even with a good extended warranty that I purchased at time of purchase they still got me for a 100.00 copay for a latch clip that cost as low as 25.00 on Amazon ad took them less than 10 mimutes to replace. Another annoying feature is the glasses case next to the rear view mirror that I never use opens everytime I use my visor. I bring these what may seem like small things up because they happened very shortly after the factory warranty ended and to have them replsced or fixed at the dealetship can be costly. The other problems I was faced with were having to replace all 4 tires and both the front and back brakes at 3 years and under 20,000 miles. I am disabled and my car is used mainly for around town stops and local medical appts, has only taken 2 long distance trips has beem regularly serviced and at a little over 6 years old still only has under 32,000 miles on it. As much as I would like to give my car a 5 star rating across the board I can't because for a car that isn't used on a daily basis and has only 1 driver has left me qiestioning the quality and value of the so called genuin Hyndai parts and the little extra's that this car offered. I have definitely learned as a single, little older woman not to take my vehicle to the dealership for regular services or anything else that a reputable auto repair shop with good mechanics can take care of.


The paint is chipping off do not buy ANY WHITE HYU

When we bought it and cosigned for our daughters FIRST CAR EVER she loved it! After 2 months we noticed the paint chipping and flying off down the highway. We took it back to the dealership and they said it was a ROCK. They told us sorry and sent us on our way. Nothing they could do for us. Wow. Never ever will buy another Hyundai again. The car is great but the looks of it is crap. She feels like she is back in a crappy car again like going to high school. She finally has a great career and drives this car that looks like xxxx on the the out side of it. All Hyundai cars we found out all white Hyundai 2005 to 2019 all have this E Paint so do not buy. They will chip. If they say they were repaired they will chip. Trust me


Definitely the best car I have driven

It has a great and roomy interior. It drives so smoothly and handles with ease. Some of the controls take some getting used to but overall it's a great car.


Best car hands down

This vehicle has made me very happy and I can’t complain about it. Definitely will recommend this vehicle to my family and friends and will definitely buy another one of these


I love my car. Extremely reliable and comfortable.

This vehicle has met all my personal needs. Would definitely recommend. The gas mileage is amazing and the ride is smooth. My favorite color too


This car was ok

I owned this car for two yrs. It was great on gas but it was terribly underpowered. I had to floor it on hills and it would whine at high speeds. Also, the shocks were terrible.