2014 Hyundai Elantra GT consumer reviews

$18,750–$19,750 MSRP range
side view of 2014 Elantra GT Hyundai
77% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 3.9
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.3
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Best college student car!

After driving 2014 Hyundai Elantra GT, realized that it is one of the most if not the most pleasurable ECO cars I have driven because even though it is affordable and consumes little gas, it still has this fun element to it that makes it "zoom-zoomy" fun which is always something most teens would love to have in their car...


Tech package

Bought this car with 8 miles on it... am currently at 33k miles. The 2nd month I owned it the steering wheel audio controls were intermiddent & would stop working every now & then. At 25k miles a loud creaking noise started coming from the back of the car, not sure what it's from, along with several rattles from multiple places in the car that drive me insane (but it's cheaply made so rattles are understandable). Also the paint chips so easily on all parts of the car from the slightest scratches, rock chips, door dings, etc. This car has almost no power in my opinion, but that makes sense for a 4-cylinder. The first year my gas mileage was outstanding, but now that I'm only driving about 4 miles a day of stop & go traffic, I get 16 MPG. My tires are basically bald at 33k miles which is pretty frustrating, but they're also the cheap factory tires. The tires are also very thin & almost every time I park against a curb it's scrapes really bad on my wheel leaving ugly scrapes on all of my wheels. Road noise is super loud as well, & the "sports tuned suspension" SUCKS. This car takes bumps horribly, feels like the car is going to fall apart every time. I like the steering a lot though. Recently my navigation/radio screen has been going out completely intermiddentley, where I can't connect to Bluetooth, listen to music, or use my backup camera. My side view mirror also stopped working randomly & a metal piece fell out of it (I didn't hit anything). Went in to have the nav looked at it (which they won't fix even though I have every warranty Hyundai offers) & was told I needed a $250 emissions service at 30k miles that none of the warranties they offer cover. Worried about what more is going to go out if I'm only at 33k miles in 2 years exactly. Makes me wonder also if all of these problems will reoccurr at the next 30k miles if I replace them now.


Great Looks, Nice features, Ok Miles per Gallon

Since I have very little income I looked at cars that would be stylish, reliable, not kill me at the pump and be able to carry not only a lot of stuff but also be able to take 2 Labs and 2 Dachshunds with me anywhere. he Elantra GT fits all of the above. I bought it to last hopefully 10 years or more so I purchased the 10 year bumper to bumper warranty. The car has all the goody's that were common in 2014 including leather, panoramic roof, Bluetooth , heated seats, powered drivers seat, dual zone comfort control and a nav system. I got it loaded for 21k new and for the most part am very happy with it. It is not as plush as our Sonata Hybrid Limited. The sound quality out of the factory stinks. It economy is good on the highway but city mpg is not so good. As a second car meant for utilitarian driving it does fit the bill though and is fun to drive. It does not have true GT handling but is okay out on the open road. Is it noisy compared to the Sonata? Yes. Compared to other cars in it class it about the same. Interior is styled well but it is plastic in nature. When driving on open roads it gest 34 mpg. On the highway at 70mph it will get a respectful 36mpg. Above 70 mph the economy quickly falls. What is a little disappointing is that it has just average performance out of its motor. Our Sonata Hybrid out performs it in acceleration. Would I buy another one if my needs were the same in 2016 and beyond. Probably not. I like the car but other imports and domestic cars now outperform the Elantra GT and have more bang for the buck. I do find the Hyundai products to be very reliable so far. Our 2013 Sonata Hybrid has been problem free and so has this Elantra GT. With all that said I will most likely be driving both my Hyundai vehicles in 2024 and beyond because of their great extended warranties. At a cost of $60 a year it is great insurance against computer or other electrical failures that are sure to happen.


Great value, above average quality!

Here's the deal. I just got my first salaried job, right as my 15-yr old minivan was kicking her last cloud of exhaust. I didn't have a lot of money to spare, so what I wanted was practical, reliable, and safe carriage from point A to point B. What I found was the Elantra GT! I loved the look and I loved the features! Heated seats, mirrors, wiper rest, windows...heated everything! Bluetooth! A sunroof as big as the sun (warning:hyperbole)! A backup camera! Leather! And used, my 2014 GT was under 19k! Then I looked in to it a little more. It has some of the better reliability ratings by JD Power, and some outstanding remarks concerning safety from the IIHS. Plus, in certified condition, Hyundai honored the rest of the warranty. This is a life-saver for a fledgling young adult like me: I have a reliable (backed up with a warranty) car with enough zip to be fun, and so many fancy gadgets I would never have imagined I could afford. Pros: - Great safety - Awesome reliability - Loads of goodies - Thoughtful features - Zippy, for a little economy car - Looks good - Decent mileage (I average 26-28 combined) Cons: - Speakers are absolutely sub-par. If that is important to you, consider upgrading aftermarket. - Road noise is pretty noticeable. - Some of the interior materials feel cheap-ish. ....I would recommend this car to a friend so strongly, I recommended it to my mother.


We will see how long it lasts!

I never considered hyundai before i started looking at car reviews. They have relatively the same reliability as other brands and after having such a horrible experience with a 2008 dodge avenger I was willing to try anything. I test drove several other brands but it was difficult to find a small car that I could fit into. I'm 6'4 and i fit comfortably in the drivers seat. So far I'm averaging 32 mpg with about 75% highway driving in eco mode. I dont like to zip around but turning the eco mode off makes a huge difference. I never really noticed much of a difference in the eco modes in other cars like my wifes honda civic but it really makes a difference in this vehicle. The bluelink is nice but i will probably not continue my subscription all year round. I got fully loaded 2014 hyundai elantra (nav, sunroof, leather, etc.) for just 20,400 and the warranty is better than any other brand i looked at. Hopefully I wont need it! As a young purchaser, what i'm looking for is a reliable brand that will earn my business in the future by making a car that can get past 100k miles without a major repair. FYI that is not Chrysler/jeep/dodge!


It's an econo-box...

I'm having to rent a vehicle while mine is in the shop for hail damage and this is the car I was given. It's definitely an econo-box... The layout of the dash is not driver friendly (at least for me), the steering is floaty and the feedback in the steering wheel is minimal (also possibly has alignment issues or a poor front differential giving one wheel too much torque seeing as it is a rental car), the wheels are too narrow to provide adequate stability, and the rear visibility is AWFUL. I have tried not to judge it too harshly as i'm used to driving an AWD 300hp vehicle that retails at 3x the cost of this car, but on these basic things that I look for in ANY vehicle I have been disappointed. I won't review the amenities as that is just fluff stuff, in my opinion, and I have focused only on the mechanical issues I encountered. Before anyone thinks I'm bashing this car for no reason, I was quite satisfied with it's braking ability. Again, a feature I look for on any vehicle purely for safety's sake. The ride in general is also comfortable for the most part as well. One poster said they preferred this car over a Merc/BMW/Porsche? That's simply laughable...I guess they're more concerned about MPG than a quality driving experience.


Zippy update

I've now owned my GT for about 4 months. It recently had it's first oil change. Fuel economy has improved by about 1 mpg. I didn't think I would like (or need) the heated seats, but they do come in handy on cold mornings, especially before the heater warms up and my wife says it makes her back feel better. Now that it's broken in and I've had more time to "play" with it, the acceleration seems to be a lot better. Got to remember to put it back in automatic mode when coming to a red light. However, in manual mode, to get best acceleration seems to be starting in 2nd gear. When in econ mode, car seems to keep looking for the right gear, usually one higher than what is needed to not be sluggish, so I usually turn that feature off and still wind up downshifting a lot. I usually keep the steering in sport, but sometimes just to feel the difference put it in normal. Sport is best in high winds, no doubt. So far, I've been more than pleased with the performance and surprised by the amount of interior space available. My zippy friend is still going strong. More updates as time goes on.


Better than expected

Purchased this car on July 30 for a second car and I am very pleased. The gas mileage is better than I expected. I live in the mountains so I was concerned with the "pep" of the car but it is very acceptable. After comparing many models in this category this Elantra GT offered great leg room for the driver (I'm 6-1) and passenger and comfortable leather seats with power lumbar. It has good cargo area for golf clubs without letting the back seat down.


great car and best i have owned in 35 years

This 2014 Hyundai Elantra GT is by far the best car i have owned and driven in my 35 years of driving . For almost 10 years i worked for a GM/CHEVY dealership picking up cars from auctions , dealers trades ( new vehicles for customers ) and have driven every model GM/CHEVY/Buick/Cadillac/Pontiac and Saturn they made up to 2009 model year , plus Porsche/Mercedes/BMW ETC. and the Elantra GT beats them all with the comfort of the ride , no road noise inside from tires , motor or air from window seal leaks , it is very quiet inside on paved or gravel roads . Gas mileage ....... I am getting 32 to 33.5 miles city driving , 24 miles round trip . On interstate on last trip got 41.2 mpg with ECO ASSIST ON ALWAYS (if other reviewer is getting the extremely low gas mileage that was posted , then there is only 2 possibilities , #1 the person is making jackrabbit starts and driving the Elantra GT like a bat out of Hades all the time or #2 THERE IS something wrong with the engine and/or computer not sending correct fuel mixture rates to Gas Direct Injection/ECO ASSIST not working properly etc., and needs to find another Hyundai Dealership to check car out or ta;k to the existing GM or OWNER of dealership where car was bought . If that fails , call the regional office of Hyundai where you live and it will be corrected . ( I DO NOT WORK FOR HYUNDAI , JUST A PROUD OWNER !) The 2014 GT interior is comfortable with great included electronics and too many standard options to mention that YOU WOULD have to pay extra for with other car manufactures . 2014 Elantra GT is great car , with great price and 100,000 mile warranty . almost forgot , the 173hp 2.0l engine is a real strong engine , from a dead stop in just normal driving , watch your speed odometer because you will be sitting on 80mph and will not realize it . for a 4 cylinder it is a very fast engine with a great 6 speed automatic/plus manual shift , that when gears shift , there so smooth you can hardly feel them change . I recommend this car to anyone .


2014 Hyundai Elantra Hatchback

I like the car's comfortable ride, good speed and gas mileage! And Vinnie was a courteous, professional and very helpful salesman!