2012 Hyundai Genesis consumer reviews

$34,200 starting MSRP
side view of 2012 Genesis Hyundai
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.6
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Great power and reliability for the money

Sleek styling, powerful v8 option, love the interior. Feels like a benz, costs less than an accord. Never had any issues with it, oh and the trunk is massive.


For the money best car I have ever owned.

Lots of h.p. 8 speed, technology and premium package makes this car as good as a car three times the price. The car drives like a sports car and also is very comfortable on the highway.


Surprisingly luxurious, absolutely affordable.

This car has far exceeded my expectations and 4 years after purchase, still surprises me with its intuitive designs. The comfort level driving this car is comparable to riding around on an expensive living room couch in a sound insulated room. Everything about the car from the stereo system to the "instant on in the rain" wipers to the tracking headlights, to the air conditioned drivers seat and so much more, scream luxury car. By far the finest automobile I persomally have ever owned.


Performance and value are key.

Affordable luxury. Push start. Great take off. Cars with this much performance and style would normally be found in a BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, costing way into 30k to 40k area used.


Love the car

The car met and exceeded what I thought car was better value for me and my family. Would?ve never look at the Hyundai in the past but this car won me over


Overall great luxury barge

Great luxury car overall.last car was Lincoln ls(more sporty and fun,less room,nervous transmission)for 6 years,before that Oldsmobile aurora for 10 years,best American touring sedan of 1990 s. Faults with Genesis...seats material is uncomfortable,l cover it with a towel or cushion.Make sure to get the upgraded real leather!The ride is terrible over bumpy roads,most bouncy ride of any car l have ever driven!The Lexicon stereo has little base sound,just sounds like one giant speaker most of the time.My Lincoln 300 watt speakers(10)sounded better vs 500 watt 14 speaker Lexicon. l can't use the navigation,only accepts 3 entered letters,then goes to useless list of suggested titles.Probably needs expensive update to nav.to work.The armrests look so buitifull but no cushion at all,rock hard.The rear center consul ac vents blow hot when set to cold ac up front,the knob l swear turns itself to hot position.The electronic park brake after a freeway drive set itself on at red traffic light,had to turn off car to reset,turn it off.Never used park brake again! Most of these are minor issues.The poor suspension tuning is my biggest gripe.Take a long test drive on a rough road!!! If you always drive on smooth roads then it won t matter.Seattle roads are awfull! Overall it is a great car,great gas mileage compared to my last two luxury cars.Operating cost s should be much less.Regular gas(87)octane well save big bucks!!!Very fast in straight line,it is NOT a sport sedan at all!


It's a nice car but it has some flaws.

Well, I bought my car "Certified" used from Hertz Car Sales in Torrance, California. The reason I got this car was because my options were very limited based on the size of my family, income and credit report. I actually wanted a ford flex but the dealer didn't have any, so it was either a Chrysler 300 or a Hyundai Genesis Sedan 3.8 V6 Base Model based on what I was approved for. Maybe it was the heavy mileage on the car out the dealer which was 44,645 miles which I bought on February 9th 2014 but my car started to give me a lot of problems later at 60,000 miles which took me a 3 years of driving to get there. the first thing that failed was the power locks, all except the driver side stop working from one day to the next, so in order for me to lock and unlock my car I had to manually do it. Thankfully I had an extended warranty that covered 90% of the cost with my co pay of $100.00. To repair these 3 locks it was about $1,100 dollars at Glendale Hyundai that included parts and labor and apparently "reprogramming" the power locks. Now I have never in my life heard of power locks needing programming but whatever, the job got done. The Second problem is very serous and annoying to deal with which is the transmission, weeks after the car got the transmission fluid changed as "recommended" by the dealer and to comply with my warranty at the same dealership, it started to have gears 3 and 5 slip at random times of the day while driving it. It didnt matter if it was a hot or cold day nor did it matter if I warmed up the car or not, (I warm up my car before leaving anywhere) but gears 3 and 5 would slip making the RPM gauge go up to the 4,000 mark before it would make a very hard clunk noise and finally have the gear go into place to continue driving it. I took the car to the same dealer and though they were able to replicate the problem after leaving my car to them for 48 hours and the tech driving the car for 40+ miles there was not much they could do for me because I am the second owner of the car, I have to deal with my after market warranty. Unforruely though issues like these are indeed covered through my warranty, car needs to be doing this at all times in order for the adjuster to experience the problem and approve the costly repair of about $3,600 dollars for a transmission replacement out the door. Since my Genesis only does this problem at random times of the day or week it will never get done unless I pay out of pocket which I would rather trade in my car and use those extra $3,600 dollars as a down Payment and buy a new car. The last thing that has been giving me problems is the front windows, they sometimes dont want to open or close and as of today 6/14/18 my car has 78,438 miles in it and continues to be drivable but again all the things i mention except what has been repaired is a continuing problem and there is not much I can do but pay off the car and trade it in and get whatever the dealer is willing to give me for it and let someone else worry about the problems it has if it should continue to happen to them. I am 34 and have a family of 5 including my self so I do NOT floor my car or drive it all crazy for the transmission to be slipping the way it does. I have gone to forums for this car and seen people experiencing this problem with no resolve except to pay in cash and buy a new transmission, I feel that this is a factory defect but since there isnt thousands of people going through this problem a recall for this problem to get the transmission replaced free of charge will never happened. Because of this problem I Cannot recommend this specific model. If I would have gone with the 2012 Chrysler 300 with similar mileage I would be having even more problems with it including having constant problems with the gear box getting stuck in park, On the Genesis sedan When it didn't have any of these problems mentioned above, driving the car was an amazing experience. It has alot of power to haul your family in it and doesn't require a Turbo or a supercharger engine to do it like other cars and SUV do, If you can get one with low miles and I mean really low miles then I would reconsider buying another maybe even the R-Spec. Perhaps I am having all these problems due to it being a previous rental car that usually get careless drivers, i would recommemd to stay away from rental cars as a future car purchase. My next goal is to buy New and document all my driving conditions, maintenance and repairs.


Dream Car

Sleek exterior body in eye catching twilight blue metallic - Luxury, smooth ride - Immaculate interior with many upgrades including the sound system and provisions for an extremely comfortable ride... I Love driving again! ...Places to go and People to see- Gotta Gooooooo


Great value; a hidden gem.

Many reviews mention how quiet the car is. My adult son, when riding for the first time, spontaneously mentioned the very same thing. The car (V6) has great power for passing. It is easy to drive. I expected it to feel huge, given the interior space. Rather it feels comfortable. Parking is easy. I have better than expected visibility, especially to the front. I have the Technology option kit - well worth the effort to find a model with it. Parking sensors and the backup camera are nice. The adaptive cruise control is very nice. The other features are a bonus. I wish the usb port would accommodate my iphone 6 - it seems to be designed only to play audio from a usb device that does not require/expect a charge. I will have to search for a cable that can work with the iPhone (block charging but allow data).


More car for the money

This car has a smooth ride and lots of leg room. The 333 horsepower allows you to get on the highway or change lanes quickly. The exterior and interior look of the car is appealing and it is fun to drive.