2012 Hyundai Genesis consumer reviews

$34,200 starting MSRP
side view of 2012 Genesis Hyundai
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.6
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Competes with M/B E-class

Great car loaded with every option available. Priced $ 20,000 lower than BMW 5-series and M/B E-class, and just as luxurious.


One of my favorite cars

It's Ana wesome car and the 3.8 model handles things unite well. It's loaded with airbags and I feel very secure. The special windshield and seals around doors keep the interior cabin very quiet.


Better than any german car..

Bought my 2012 Genesis V-6 brand new . I have driven it several times to Canada from San Jose Calif, also to the Grand Canyon, San Diego, Las Vegas, all in a 5 yr. period. The only problem I encountered was a dead battery in 103 degree weather in Zion Nation Park, Utah. The battery was 4 1/2 yrs old, so I should have changed it before. The Hyundai emergency road service people were outstanding. They called and dispatched a tow truck for me. Part of the vehicle warranty. What a life - saver. Next month I'm going to buy another Hyundai. A Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. Thats how much I like the brand. I've had plenty of German auto's...overrated, and expensive, to buy & maintain.


No better car for the price

Car is simply quick, elegant, reliable, luxurious, styled and has terrific options. For the money you cannot get a car of better quality and warranty. Hyundai knows how to build a high end car for a very fair price. I have never had a better car and have owned many.


2012 Genesis 5.0

As expected it's an excellent car overall. The 5.0 version of the Genesis comes with all the packages offered in 2012 and it's well worth it. Everything about it is excellent, it's very comfortable to drive and ride in, the gas mileage is surprisingly good for a 5 liter V8 rated at 429 HP, and the performance is excellent for a car in this class. I highly recommend it.


What a value!

I got my 2012 3.8L with Premium AND Technology packages in Dec 2014 and have been very pleased. The only hiccup being a faulty sunroof/moon roof motor and track. It is being replaced by the dealer as I write. The car has ample power and lots of space and comfort. I'm a large man at 300+ lbs. and I am VERY comfortable. My Genesis has features my colleagues 5-series don't, and they paid 15-20K more! In addition, I can get 29-32 mpg on the highway and average 22-24 in the city. I can't ask for a better value.


I'll Have Another

In early August of 2015, my 2010 Genesis was totaled in a rear end collision. While standing at a complete stop waiting for an emergency vehicle to clear an intersection, another driver plowed into my rear bumper at over 30 miles per hour. You may ask why mention the above. My son and I sustain no major injuries despite the rear of our Genesis being tossed into the air by impact. My car's whiplash devices deployed and the belts tensioned and we were okay in the end. When I saw how the Genesis took that impact and protected us, I had to own another one. So, I went down to my Hyundai dealer and replaced my 2010 4.6L V8 with a 2012 Genesis 4.6L. Trust me when I say not only is this a fun car to drive and own, I wouldn't want to be wrapped in any other metal but the Genesis if I happen to be in an accident.


best bang for your buck....

I recently purchased a 2012 Genesis with the technology pkg. I absolutely love it. I have owned many cars in my life time but am amazed with the value and comfort of my Genesis. The V6 has plenty of power still getting me an average of 31 mpg in mixed driving.It is a beautiful luxury car that didn't drain my bank account.I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a responsive luxurious affordable car. Definitely get technology pkg ,well worth it.


horsepower to MPG is unsurpassed

I have 40,000 mi. on my 4.6L 385hp v8 sedan. Around the city I get 20-22mpg due to traffic lights wasting fuel. When I fill up with 91 oct pure gasoline (non-ethanol) I get 31mpg on the highway in cruise (65mph). Try to find a car at any price that offers this much HP and still gets 31mpg. incredible Negative: The transmission has a full 2 second delayed response when you need a quick take off. Can be very frustrating trying to get out into heavy traffic. I would give this car 5 stars if not for that. Also, The car loses about half the cost of the car in the first year of ownership. very poor resale value. Not sure why.


Great Car!

I bought a 2012 Genesis 4.6 a few months ago & have been very happy with it! I started looking at the Genesis a month before that & was trying to buy a 2012 3.8 from a northern Calif. Hyundai. I showed up on a Sunday & couldn't get waited on & when someone finally got around to helping me, they weren't that much help at all! The reason I was looking at a 3.8 was for gas mileage, but when I saw a 4.6 at a Sacramento Infiniti dealer & how it was equipped, I decided that I could lose a few mpg for the added power & luxury. After test driving it, i was hooked! The car is a joy to drive! On the way home it got 31.5 mpg on the freeway on a 200 mile trip! I thought it might have been a fluke or I had a great tailwind, but the car consistently gets over 30 on the highway. Town mileage is around 18! The 4.6 has a lot more grunt than the 3.8 as well & doesn't run out of breath at higher rpm's. Anyway, I drive it like I stole it everyday. It had 26K miles on it when I bought it & it's the first car I've ever purchased that gets more mpg than the epa rating & also one that I can't believe all of the tech features it has! I'm really glad that the first deal fell through!