2021 Hyundai Palisade consumer reviews

$32,675–$34,375 MSRP range
side view of 2021 Palisade Hyundai
91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior 4.9
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value 4.8
  • Exterior 4.9
  • Reliability 4.8
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Thumping sound

I have a thumping sound coming from what I think is the right rear wheel. They refuse to do anything about it. They once told me if I pay them a $160. They will look at it.. Also, we have had a Dispute About a warranty oil change that they would not do And the manufacturer told me they do not get involved in things like that.


Not recommended for single mothers or pet owners

There are plenty of features that I enjoy about the Palisade, but there are a few key points that are negative for specific demographics. The occupancy alarm is a huge hassle for anyone with pets or children, as it will go off if they are left in the car without the keys for even a minute (such as using an ATM). Some features make it unsafe for solo drivers. When the car is in park, all the doors unlock. Also, the key fob automatically unlocks all the doors. You cannot open the gas cover without the doors being unlocked. Certain things like this make it feel very unsafe as a female driver. I've gone through all the settings, none of them have solved these issues. You also cannot turn off speed camera or red light camera alerts, which seems to be a common complaint in forums. The gas mileage is pretty awful, the highest I've gotten is 22 miles per gallon. It is a comfortable vehicle, and I very much enjoy it when someone else is driving with me, or if I don't have to pump gas. It definitely has a lot of room and we'll seat several people comfortably. The captain's chairs in the middle row are great. Lots of storage space and accessories. Just not specifically great for demographics such as single mothers or female drivers.


Love it.

We traded in our Genesis G80 for this. Love everything about it except it doesn't have power mirrors. Both the Genesis and Palisade have unpleasant interior smells, but as air circulates, the odor is gone.


Luxury SUV at an Affordable Price

The Hyundai Palisade is hands down the best, smoothest riding SUV I've driven. It is a luxury vehicle at an affordable price. The SEL with Premium, Convenience, and Cargo Packages provides unbeatable safety, technology, and comfort. The Hyundai Palisade continues to exceed expectations.


Buy!!! You won’t Regret it!😁

Love it!!! Helps my bad back!! Traveling is wonderful ride! Worth every penny! Best car I ever had & I loved my Kia Amanti!! So Glad a friend recommended it😊



My wife and I purchased the 2021 Hyundai, Palisade, Calligraphy and just love it. We normally purchase new vehicles and enjoy the idea of purchasing new. When we contacted our friend from a Hyundai dealership, she was able to locate the vehicle that we wanted. Since we was in Arizona due to our son had open heart surgery we decided to purchase this vehicle and drive it back to our home in Alaska which was a 4000 mile drive. We had such an amazing drive that was not only beautiful but driving the Palisade was amazing. It seemed to be able to drive itself. I have driven the Alaska Highway many times and with various vehicles but this was an amazingly smooth ride all the way. We have also owned a Hyundai Geneses but I like the Palisade much better because of the space and comfort of the Palisade. I would recommend this vehicle to all of my friends.



2021 palisade new. Electrical system. Dash board went out. Gas hand out. Speedometer out. Later dashboard light stayed on. Ran down battery. I loved this car. Now at the shop waiting to get repaired.


Best New Car Purchase Ever!

I hadn’t even heard of a Palisade until 2 weeks before I purchased mine a year ago! I was discouraged by the price and comfort of the other SUVs I had looked at to replace my Chrysler 300C because I needed more room for passengers & car seats. I googled best 2021 SUV & up came the Palisade! So happy I checked it out & purchased mine! I love all the user friendly features, the ease of driving & the comfort! I purchased the Calligraphy.


If they dont repair that, what hyundai does?

FCA warnings appearing randomly, they changed radar , continue with same problem , seems they dont know how to fix.When in cruise control it enables it when FCA warning appears. Heard other Palisade and Telluride having same problem . Could an engineer from Hyunday assist on this?. Because I dont intend to leave it like this. Please do something. Thank You.


The best Hyundai I have ever had

The ride is amazing The 3.8 lambda is plenty of power The gas mileage has been over 20 3rd row seating Family size luxury for under 50k