2023 Hyundai Santa Fe consumer reviews

$28,750–$30,450 MSRP range
side view of 2023 Santa Fe Hyundai
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior 4.9
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value 4.5
  • Exterior 4.7
  • Reliability 4.5
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Great Car, Horrible Blue Link

I have a 2023 Santa Fe SEL with the premium package. Overall I am very happy with this car. It has a lot of tech, very comfortable interior and has enough power. Can’t really rate reliability as I only have 1,300 miles on it. The one big let down is the blue link system, while it advertises a lot of tech features half of them don’t work. Customer support is really non existent.


Upgrade to 2023 from 2020 Model

Had a 2020 Santa Fe Limited for almost 4 years and 84,000 miles. Loved that car, but as I plan to work 5 more years I was thinking about getting a new one. I drive a lot and did not want to push the old car to 200,000 miles. Was waiting to see what the all new 2024 model was going to be like. Well, after seeing the pictures and reading all about the new model, I decided it was not for me. Not a fan of the new look and don’t need the 3rd row seating. So, I decided to look for a 2023 Calligraphy model in the same color as my 2020 as that model is the only one that has all the features my 2020 Limited had. Once you have features like the HUD you don’t want to lose them. Here is the rundown so far. Keep in mind I was very happy with my 2020. Found this 2023 demo with 3,000 miles and pulled the trigger. Exterior Looks: virtually the same with some important changes. I love the full body color look of the new one compared to the black trim around the wheels and lower sides of the old one. I prefer the 20” wheels although there is a slight degredation of ride quality compared to the 19” wheels on the old car. The front end design is slightly different. Note the 2023 loses the front fog lights that the 2020 had. Not a biggie for me. Overall I like the exterior look of the 2023 very much, especially the body color accents. Interior Looks: again very similar to the 2020. Leather is nicer with diamond quilted look on top of the seats that is all the rage now. Tan leather is more of a saddle color than the light beige of the old car. The console is the biggest change. Not in love with the push button transmission but getting used to it. Not as much topside storage as old car but huge new storage area below the top front area of the console. Full digital dash replaces the partial digital dash on the 2020. Infotainment screen is larger and I prefer both the new dash and the larger info screen. The headliner is black on the new one as compared to a tweed look on the old car. The material is suede like. Would love to say it is Alcantara but seriously doubt that at this price point. It does look very nice. Features: Tons of features that equal or exceed the 2020 model. That’s one of the selling points of this car-it is incredibly well equipped at this price point. I did get the HTRAC AWD on this one as the old car was FWD. Drive: The 2.5 Turbo in the new car is more powerful than the 2.0 Turbo in the old car. The difference is noticeable. I like the increased power. Going to AWD did reduce the MPG slightly but I expect some improvement as I put more miles on the car. Have not driven in snow or heavy rain yet so cannot comment on AWD capability. As I mentioned before, the ride is slightly firmer due to the 20” wheels compared to the 19” ones on the 2020. This car is exceptionally quiet with the acoustic glass and rides very well, like the old one did. Seats are comfortable in both rows with lots of adjustment. I really like the driver seat bottom front extension due to my long legs. Intangibles: I am 6’4” tall and really appreciate all the room in this car. Plenty of legroom in both rows and the giant moonroof does not impinge on head room either. Cargo area is large with lots of under floor storage as well. Note that the AWD model has no spare tire, and that increases the under floor storage compared to the FWD model I had. Conclusion. I loved my 2020 Santa Fe Limited. So far, the love continues with the new 2023 Calligraphy. This one should last me until I retire. I’m sure the 2024 will appeal to many, but it just doesn’t appeal to me. I won’t buy a car that does not have a look that I like. Maybe in 5 years the new boxy look will have grown on me, time will tell. I’m glad I decided to get the newer version of what I had and loved and will report in again as time goes by, like I did with the 2020.


Hiley Hyundai was great!

What an upgrade! ALL the bells and whistles! We highly recommend Chad Hickey, Sales Manager; Lori Kirwin, Vehicle Specialist; and Adrain Blaylock, Finance Manager. Very helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. They made our purchase and trade in painless and easy. We highly recommend Hiley!


Sold me a lemon.

Hyundai sold me a lemon. Bought a Hyundai Santa Fe SLE from the dealer in Vega Alta in Puerto Rico. Out of the 6 months I have owned this car it has spent more time with problems than actually working. It started with the AC not working only 2 months into owning the car and then began the never ending trips to the dealer with them either mis diagnosing the issue or not finding it at all more glitches becoming evident as time passed and now im into 2 weeks of a 1 month repair they are taking to do of supposedly replacing the fuse box and electric cabling in the whole dash. I am absolutely turned off to this product now and can’t wait to get rid of this vehicle.


Wonderful Vehicle

I originally owned a 2021 Santa Fe SEL, it was wonderful and problem free for 3 years but I gave it my daughter. I bought a 2023 Hyundai Tucson limited, had it for 3 months, and I found all the extra "features" in the limited Tucson to be unnecessary and problematic So, I traded it in on a 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe SEL, and I love it. Reliable, everything works as it should, comfortable, more space, better turning radius than Tucson. I have been getting great gas mileage as well . The SEL has plenty of features, safety, comfort, space and convenience. I love my Santa Fe!



Espaciosa cabina con finos detalles y estable responde muy bien, con grandes accesorios y económica. Calidad en sus materiales buen equipo de música y mucha seguridad al ocupante


2023 to new

My suv is too new it’s a 23 Santa Fe to list yet this is my second car from Hyundai the first one I had 10 yrs the Elantra great only had maintenance and little stuff it was a great car I am hoping the same with this one!!


Excellent Vehicle and an Incredible Value

I bought a 2023 Santa Fe Limited to drive around DFW, and I am very pleased with the vehicle. The doors open wide, making it easy to enter and exit. The leather seats are very comfortable. The ride is quiet, smooth, and comfortable, and has an excellentsound system. I'm getting 25.8 mpg, but I don't have a heavy foot. The vehicle has all the bells, whistles, and features except for the head-up display. Everything is very easy to learn how to use, and works great to make driving easy, comfortable, and fun. My GEICO insurance rate on the new Santa Fe is lower than on my 2018 Malibu. It's a very affordable and comfortable ride. The interior in terms of both appearance and quality is outstanding. Considering all costs and the quality of the vehicle and the ride, the Santa Fe Limited is perhaps the best value for the money in the new car market. I am very pleased and very proud of this car as I drive it around. I fully recommend it.


Perfection at its finest!

Feature rich comfort, economic and reliable. What more can you ask for? We have thee Calligraphy Turbo and it is spot on. Love the interior!


Red Hoagland sales department

Quiet and rides great. I'm used to a heavy large van and wanted the same ride and comfort in a little smaller vehicle. Love everthing about this car. Fast start if needed with the Turbo charged engine, great mileage, the safety technology is amazing with multiple cameras and sensors, and ease in lowering back seat to add to storage, etc. I dread buying a new vehicle because of dealing with salesman, but Collin Porter at Red Hoagland Hyundai in Winter Haven was the best! His knowledge of the car was amazing. I never felt pressured. I will ask for him for my next car purchase.