2019 Hyundai Veloster consumer reviews

$18,500–$19,500 MSRP range
side view of 2019 Veloster Hyundai
90% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior 4.4
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value 4.6
  • Exterior 4.8
  • Reliability 4.7
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It is the ultimate GT CAR

We have a 1.6T. It has all of the performance we need but turns into a 40+ mpg car on long trips. It is the ultimate GT car.


an excellent little car

it's quick, cheap, easy to work on, and handles great. the perfect entry-level hot hatch, or even sports car. don't go into this car expecting comfort or luxury, that's not what it's about.


Perfect balance between safe and fun

Currently being a teen driver who takes his car to the track, and daily drives it, I can without a doubt say this is the best car I’ve driven. I have the veloster turbo, and have driven many sports cars and hatchbacks but all are either too performance based or too comfort based. The veloster is the sweet middle ground. The safety systems are amazing, with the forward collision warning saving me multiple times, especially with people in austin loving to brake check... this car on the performance side, held its ground against a Porsche 718 on track, and for less than 1/4 the price, id say it’s a pretty good deal! It’s also very friendly on gas, and maintenance is very well priced as well! Love this car and would definitely buy again


Most reliable car that I owned

This car met all of my needs. It is fast . It has nice leather seats and they are heated in the front. It has a sunroof and good sound system . It is stylish on the outside. It is a very good car to own.


Love my Veloster

After driving my sons Veloster and loved it , I knew I needed to get my self one .Went I’m on a Saturday afternoon and walked out that evening with a brand new 2019 Turbo Veloster. I just love my car !


Airbags did not deploy in head on collision

I would not put my family in this car again. I was in a head on collision that totaled my car and the air bags did not deploy


Best bang for the buck, smiles per gallon!

Owned many cars over the last 24 years. The Veloster N was my 15th new car purchase over the past year and a half alone. Almost 1 new car a month. Out of those 15 cars I have kept 2... a Genesis 5.0 sedan and this Veloster N. I bought a Dodge SRT 392 Charger about a year ago, but jumped on the hype train of all the car review articles and traded it in on a Kia Stinger GT2...what a mistake. Out of all the cars I've owned it's about my only regret next to getting rid of my 2014 Mustang GT 500. The stinger looked premium, but felt cheap especially for its $52k sticker. A lot of the things I loved about my 392 charger I found again in the Veloster N. Sure the Veloster N is a compact car so it's not as roomy or comfortable as the 392 was, sure it doesnt have a big V8 and 500hp, but it shines for what it is intended to be. The Veloster N does have hard plastics almost everywhere in the interior, but when I'm driving an engaging and exciting car, I'm not reaching everywhere to touch things like the dash or door cards. I'm grabbing the steering wheel and gear shifter, while my feet are playing with the 3 pedals beneath. All these items are perfect, absolutely perfect. The infotainment and the Infiniti sound system are great, as are the steering wheel controls. So what, boo hoo, no soft touch material on the dash or door panels...it doesnt mean it's cheap, it is plastic, but its not cheap quality plastic. Fit and finish are good and the plastics save weight, have a nice layout, and a nice design. You can customize so much to your preference in the way the chassis and performance of the car by going through the infotainment; 3 modes for the e-LSD, 3 modes for the ESC, 3 modes for the steering heaviness, 3 modes for dampening the suspension, 3 modes for the valved exhaust note, and 3 modes for rev matching. It has great brakes with a big initial bite and zero fade, great turn in and on center feel, its flickable, and even though it is a FWD car, it can oversteer if you set the ESC to Sport +, it feels like a rear wheel drive car. The burples, crackles, and pops from the exhuast are excellent and sound like a rally cars exhuast but can be muted with just the touch of a button. Great short throw shifter with positive engagement, clutch feel and take up is perfect. The dash cluster has shift lights like an F1 car as well as oil temp gauge, boost pressure, torque, hp, mpg, ect. The 275hp 2.0 4 cylinder is more than you need with 0-60 in 5.2 seconds. The car has an easy to use programmable launch control if needed. The Pirelli P-0 summer tires are labeled HN for Hyundai N as they are specialty made for this car and provide great traction and lateral grip. The exterior styling is not over the top and looks fantastic. The LED tail lights remind me of a Lamborghini Aventador's pattern, the areo kit has purpose and is functional, and the front chin spoiler provides for an aggressive look. Could things be better, sure, but not for the price point. This car has exceeded my expectations, which is rare. It will serve many duties if needed; fun machine, proven track car stock due to well thought out and laid out engine components like oil cooler, intercooler, clutch, carbon fiber synchros, too much to list you just have to read about it or watch some videos, lastly it's a great daily driver that get good gas mileage. I dont refer to it as miles per gallon as much as smiles per gallon. It really does deliver. If your concerned with plasticky interior bits, grab a Genesis G80, it's a nice luxury vehicle that does everything extremely well. But dont miss out on thos car...grab it...the Veloster N, for the fun and engaging time you will have driving it, when you're behind the wheel you wont be concerned with anything except where you can find some curvy roads. I would like to see a lighter aluminum or carbon fiber hood for this car as the stock hood is very heavy for its size comparatively.


only owned it for a few days, bou my son loves it

So far my son seems to love this car, especially since he wanted a mustang. I think this is a great car fir a young starter.


Fun comes Standard

The Hyundai Veloster N Base lives up to every review in every magazine I have read. Even for a 350 pound guy, I find the racing seats comfortable and supportive. 6 speed shifter is responsive. Stereo is amazing. It looks great and is so much fun to drive I can’t hardly stand it


Fun economical car

Fun To drive plenty of features and very economical. Has great lines and 5 year warranty. Not a family vehicle, and as with many sports cars does have alot of road noise.