2019 INFINITI QX60 consumer reviews

$44,350–$46,350 MSRP range
side view of 2019 QX60 INFINITI
84% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.5
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Sub standard Tech

I travel extensively for work, and this is the third Infiniti I've gotten as a rental in the last few months. The latest being a brand new (less than 400 miles on it) QX60. Same issue as the others. The tech sucks! Give me a Ford Fusion with CarPlay any day of the week. Getting my iPhone to pair up to talk or stream music, either via Bluetooth or the USB cable is easy enough, but when I need to get turn my turn directions from Apple Maps or Waze, no good. Music stored on the phone, from my Siriusxm app, or Pandora, works fine. GSP from my phone, NOTHING. The directions do not come through the stereo, so I have to hold my phone and stare at it to figure out where I'm going. When I'm traveling, getting my directions is a heck of a lot more important than music, but that just does not seem to work.


big is better that what she seas

great car -good handling ,acceleration in normal or sport mode good ; i really like the looks of this car . it just stinks you have to go to the sport or limited model to get dark interiors , but i'll deal with it.


Best Car Ever!

Met all my needs, checked every box. Beautiful make, model, design and practically drives itself. Highly recommend for anyone in the market for a new car.


This car saved my life

This car has literally saved my life on 2 different occasions. In July I fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a light pole, the impact was so hard the light pole fell on my car. I walked out of my car without a scratch. That car was totaled, I decided to get the same car and in December I was rear ended which caused me go over the center divider and hit a car on the opposite side- my entire family was in that accident and the side airbags exploded on my youngest son’s side. It was a horrific horrific horrific experience. We all walked out of the car safe- that was totaled. I’m now on my 3rd QX60. I get all the bells and whistles on this car so it’s usually about $62,000 once I get everything- but no price can be put on the safety of myself and my children. I wish I could post pics here so you can see the damages of both my cars and each time I was able to walk away. This car is truly truly amazing.


One of the top suv for family

Safety features are best, reliable , comfortable, spacious, and it worth having a suv to commute for self use and with family. The QX60 has good road grip, if you like driving good size suv (truck engine) you will feel the difference an will enjoy your infinity Qx60


My 3rd QX 60

Love this car! After 6 months of researching cars in this category I decided on the QX60. Performance satisfies the sports car enthusiast in me. The roomy cabin with the generous 3rd row is the only car in this class that legitimately seats 7 adults comfortably. Winter driving is a breeeze. The QX60 cuts through snow and bad weather like a hot knife through butter. I just bought my third one and my enthusiasm has not diminished.


Good vehicle, with some minor flaws and quirks.

I leased a brand new 2019 QX60 LUXE AWD in August. The sticker shows the Limited, Sensory, Proactive, Theatre and Essential packages. So, this particular QX60 is about as loaded as you can get. It's a good, albeit quirky, vehicle. THING I LIKE - Luxurious interior, especially the quilted LIMITED leather - ALL the safety bells and whistles - Attractive exterior - Ride and handling are good - It's fairly quiet at highway speeds - Acceleration and braking are adequate THING I DON'T LIKE - On an 800 mile trip in October, one of the sonar sensors on the front bumper came loose and fell back into the bumper. I had to disable the sonar until I could get it into a dealership. - It has heated and cooled seats, which are nice. But the controls for the seats are manual knobs. If you don't remember to turn the heating or cooling off, it stays on indefinitely... even when you exit the vehicle and get back in. Not a huge issue, but it's quirky. - Headlights are just ok. Not great. My previous car was a 2016 Acura RDX with the LED headlamps. Those are awesome lights. The QX60 pales in comparison. I expected better from a $68,000 vehicle. - The Intelligent Cruise Control worked very well. One minor problem is that in ECO drive mode, it took forever for the vehicle to get back up to the set speed. So long, in fact, that other cars would come around me. - The Infotainment system seems solid, but there are a few important features it's missing. When playing audio from an iPod/iPhone, there's no easy way to jump to a new spot on a track. In the Dodge/Ram/Chrysler uConnect system, you see a progress bar for the track. You can "grab" the current position and drag it wherever you want. The only way to do that in the Infiniti is to hit and hold the NEXT/PREV TRACK button and it will progressively speed through the track, which is far more cumbersome. - The BOSE sound system is ok, but not near the quality I expected. - There are some general contradictions. The power windows are the quietest I've ever seen, but the relay for the rear wiper makes an incredibly loud clicking sound just under the steering wheel. - The overall roominess is nice, but the front seats are a little narrow, especially for larger drivers. This is more of an observation than a complaint: The CVT transmission works extremely well, but it sounds a bit disturbing at first. I grew up with both manual and auto transmissions, and enjoy hearing the motor rev through the gear changes. The CVT does rev under hard acceleration, but it's not linear. Functionally, it's great. But to an old car guy like me, it sounds like something's wrong with the transmission. It just takes some getting used to. Overall, it's a great vehicle. However, at the higher end of the range, the QX60 is competing against some stiff competition like the MB GL350, Audi Q7, BMW X5, Acura MDX, etc. Having owned both BMWs and Acuras, and also having done extensive test drives in MBs, I can say the Infiniti is a bit of a step down. Not far, but noticeable. If you can get a good deal on one, do it. But don't pay sticker for it. -


Most luxurious car I’ve ever owned.

This car is very comfortable and smooth driving. Very spacious and quiet. Lots of leg room and love the interior color. The seats are very comfortable and form fitting to your body. The mats are not the cheap mats that other dealerships have in new cars. The vehicle has many features that are for your safety.


Roomy vehicle

This car met our needs for an all purpose vehicle. It has great legroom in both front and back and with the third row seating it is great for our grandkids. Great ride.


Ahead of all others in this class

The QX60 feels great, drives great and looks great. More features and comfort than we expected. We had a QX50 and like this one much more. A luxury SUV that is affordable and has all the features we wanted and more. Didn't expect the heated steering wheel.