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2006 Jeep Liberty consumer reviews

$21,290–$22,800 MSRP range
side view of 2006 Liberty Jeep
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.0
  • Interior 3.9
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value 4.1
  • Exterior 4.3
  • Reliability 4.1
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200k and still going

My sister in-law gave me this car in 2021 for free because she got a new car. I have no idea how it was maintained before owning it myself. It had around 150k miles on it. I have driven it everyday since and it now has 200k miles. It has a significant amount of rust, so much so that part of the kick plate under the backseat passenger door fell off. I've had to replace brake pads, spark plugs, disc rotor, A/C compressor, muffler, water pump, tie rod, ball joint, thermostat, brake hose, calipers. Check engine light was on for O2 sensor, I had them both replaced and the check engine light is still on for the O2 sensor so it might be a loose wire. I've spent around $4,000 fixing it up in the last 3 years, being a used car and the okay condition it is now I would say it is reliable. I love it, I want to continue maintaining it until it dies.


a more comfortable wrangler

I have bought a 2006 jeep liberty limited a year ago. It is my daily commuter and toy car. In terms of reliability the drivetrain is solid. Better suited for off roading activities due to the solid rear axles as opposed to CV axles. The engine is lackluster. Boasting about 220 HP and 230 lb-ft of torque. Though in a lighter unibody car it is still punchy at lower gears. It is better geared for lower speeds but can do 130 kmh on the highway pretty comfortably. The engine is also a gas guzzler. Averaging about 16L/100km for me. It does have enough power for offroad activities and utility. I have towwed multiple cars with my liberty. The interior is mainly plastic but the limited trim does supply leather seats and added luxurious components such as heated seats, steering wheel radio buttons, a sun roof, and some extra chrome grille and trim and wheels for the exterior. Aftermarket support is definitely not as good as it used to be. Some of my after market modifications have been wrangler parts modified to fit the liberty or universally fitting parts such as, the after market 7 inch headlights. (Custom bracket needed) , roof rack and light bar, 2 inch boost kit, etc. (Cant think of anything else rn). The driveing experience overall is mixed. On one hand the seats are comfortable enough, there is a lack of foot room in the front. (Just a jeep thing) Switches and buttons are easy to access. And the wheel is responsive. Although without widening the vehicle stance it feels very tippy and high riding as you go to turn a tight corner. The throttle is very responsive, (old school throttle cable system), and given the lower geared 4 speed auto mine has. It does feel very punchy at lower speeds. Overall. The jeep liberty is a true sport utility vehicle. Unlike most nowadays. The car is capable of utility such as towwing and off road ventures. It does feel very ridgid but handles well for such a short chassis. It has just enough power to keep you happy and the classic styling it has really sets it apart from most cars on the road. It is a decent car for a decent price (practically a wrangler with a solid cab)



I have had my 2006 Liberty Sport for 7 years. I still absolutely love it! Such a cute SUV. I've had no issues. I do keep up on regular maintenance. My only complaint is that the seats stain easily and won't come out. Just bought covers. I really love the size, I can zoom in and out of a parking spot like nobody's business. If you put the backseat down it really holds a lot. Even furniture. I now have 110,000 miles on it and I hope it last for many more years to come. It's perfect for me. No car payments, very low personal property taxes. 4WD. What more could I ask for!


Love my jeep

I currently have 375,232 miles and drive 180 miles Mon-Fri. Would love to explain the condition further. My jeep is extremely tough, still drives awesome! I’m


8.2/10 Geat cars - get the window kit off eba y

Bought in 2008, it was a 2006 with 28k miles. So far besides standard brakes and oil changes.. Front upper arms, alternator, spark plugs, and weirdly a clock spring that was a bit tricky to track down cause it acted like a misfire. Currently 132,240 .. It burns about a quart over 3,000 miles so I just check and replace every other week - it doesn't smoke or leak it - so it must be a slow burn. Ended up with michelen LTX on the back (last forever) and softer Hankooks on the front cause the front doesn't hold an alignment perfectly. Only getting 16mpg, 87 oct no ethanol .. its a fine car - I love it and you can almost replace any part and save money vs buying a new or even used car nowadays. Having no car payments is such a blessing.


Jeep Liberty is a winner in my book

I bought the Liberty Limited model brand new in 2006. The only issue I've had was the defective window regulators, which we've replaced a few times. Still going strong with over 100K miles. This was a great buy for me.


2006 jeep liberty is junk

Bought my 2006 in June 2021. Paid about $300 more than KBB because of covid lack of inventory. Three months later it cost me about $2300 more because it started running horrible. All kinds of fixes. Now 2 window motors went out. Replaced them & 1 broke before it was done being fixed. Heard there was a recall that's expired for window motors. Doesn't help me!


Best car ever

This was my first car ever and I never want a new one. It is super reliable and amazing in the snow. I live in the Adirondacks and I'm never worried about driving to work in the morning despite the excess of snow. It's super comfortable and there's a lot of room. The single downside is the gas. Unfortunately this car takes a lot of gas to fill and goes through it quickly. Other than that, it truly is the best car ever and I plan on driving it until it dies.


I love my Liberty. Wouldn't take anything for.

As I said previously love it. I've had mine for 11 yrs. It meets all my needs in a 4wd vehicle. Roomy, good gas mileage for a 4wd., I've had no major issues, just the norm, oil changing, brakes etc.


Love my little liberty

Great little SUV 4wd plenty of room with the rear seats folded down. Get halfway decent gas mileage good as a daily driver and for light off road. Easy to work on and has upgrades available if you want them.