2013 Kia Forte consumer reviews

$15,400–$16,400 MSRP range
side view of 2013 Forte Kia
76% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior 4.2
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value 4.1
  • Exterior 4.2
  • Reliability 4.3
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Glad I bought it

Because of a job relocation, I had to get a car for the daily commute. I had to no idea what to buy, except I wanted something compact and reliable. Very happy with my Kia Forte EX. The gas mileage isn't as good as it was purported to be, and living in Chicago, when it got cold, the windows didn't roll down instantly, but once the car got warmed up, they worked fine. That's a small drawback for me, as the car always started right up, is very easy to handle, comfortable, and after 6 months, i love it more than when I first bought it.



just bought a 2013 kia forte from byers kia in lewis center. best car ive ever owned! drives smooth, lots of space, nice interior,large trunk space, great gas mileage, they even thru in a free ipod hookup/charger for the car!.luke from byers helped me..best car buying experience ive ever had..i told him what i wanted, didnt want, and price range. he gave me exactly what i wanted,didnt push anything and went over how to use everything in the car and set up my bluetooth for me.he was very personalable and helpful! thanks luke!


2013 Kia Forte EX Hatchback

Bought this car new in October 2012, and I now have nearly 8k on the clock. I commute 100 miles/day mostly highway, and the rest is local driving. I average 31.5 mpg, with the best being 36 for pure hwy trips. I am a big buy, 5'11" and 265, and it fit's me well. No issues to report, If I had to complain I would like to see the mpg go up a bit. I have the tech package, and all of the features work reliably, and are easy to use. Also I drove in a heavy snowstorm recently and found the stock Hancook tires to be pretty bad in snow and ice. I am installing a set of snow tires/wheels soon. The dealer experience has been excellent.


I love it!

I just bought a 2013 Kia Forte 5 door and I love it! I have put 6,000 miles on it in just 3 months now with no problems or complaints. It is reliable and drives great. It does take some self training to get the best gas milage out of the vehicle. I recomend keeping the view of average mpg up at all times to see what kind of driving brings your average down. If I use cruise control and keep my lead foot under control I average 37 mpg on my road trips!


poor gas milage

my daughter has a 2012 bought new. she originally got 17mpg. then after only going up to 20mpg. we took it back and complained to the dealer for the 2nd time, and was told nothing was wrong, we told them that she was lied to, because she had a Kia before this one, and it road great, great gas mialage. she was told that this car would be much better than her last esp. on gas mil. told 38 -40, and told that when it hits 5,000 miles, that it should inprove, she is almost at that, and only gets 21-22 tops. also, we have so many leg bruises from the doors, all them coming back and hitting us, and they told us their was nothing wrong with the doors and that we must be parking on a slant. they do it even on flat ground. you have to work and work to get them to stay open. i think that the kia forte should be allowed in the lies about gas mil. that kia has against them! would not recogmend this particular car to anyone, run don't walk from our lying local dealership. she is constantly putting gas in and can't really afford this. she drives alot and thought she was getting an very economical car. she now wishes that she never traded.


Best car I have owned

We bought our Kia Forte 2012 ex a week ago and i can tell you it is worth the money!!!!!!! It had 15 miles on it when purchased and it runs smooth. Seats are a bit low but once you are in they are very comfortable. The driver side door tends to close on me when i open it up so they may havge missed an adjustment when they put on the door. Interior is amazing especially for what is considered a low end car. I am very happy i went with the forte and after all who can beat that warranty besides hyundai.


Best Handling compact for the money

This car has more than enough power for a compact, and handles curves nicely here in Tn. Macpherson struts make the difference! I average 31.5 miles per gallon with an average speed of 40 mph. One thing Kia could do different is redesign the radiator resevior lid design. Someone has to have a funnel to fill it up.


Went to buy a base nissan got this for $1500 more.

Base LX with floor mats, 13500 & tt&l. 6 spd shifts great, 35.41 mpg first tank, all around driving.


Most economical car I have ever driven

I bought my 2013 Kia Forte 2 months ago. Fell in love with it. For the price paid it is a great little car. I travel all around Houston for my job and I get 28 or more miles to the gallon depending on traffic. I had it for two weeks and was rear ended. Very little damage to the bumper, the car that hit me didn't fare so well. Very impressive. What a great little car. I was accustomed to driving a bigger sized vehicle and I am just as comfortable in the Forte as I was in my larger car. Love the XM radio for cruising. Couldn't ask for more.


A bit under powered but mostly good

I was really happy with it until a trip to the Sierras on vacation. Pulling up the steep grades at 7-8,000 feet that little 2.0 was spinning at 5,000 rpms. Did make it but really winding up. The price you pay for 36 MPG with AC on the whole time I guess. My only other complaint is the door trying to close on your leg when getting in. We have learned to avoid that problem. The seats seem low when getting in but are quite comfortable on 2-4 hour drives.