2016 Kia Sedona consumer reviews

$26,400 starting MSRP
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92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.7
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Overall, not really satisfied.

Bought our minivan used with 99k miles on it. It’s comfortable, and aside from the battery dying and needing to be replaced, (which is understandable), it’s been reliable. Biggest issue is this van burns oil very quickly. The dip stick goes from “full”to “Low” after two trips to the gas station (~1000 miles). It requires me to add 6-7 quarts of oil between changes. Absolutely insane. And according to the dealership that’s an acceptable level of oil loss with the engine. First car I’ve had that’s burned oil. Other issues: The power sliding door wouldn’t shut but thankfully that was covered by a recall otherwise that was a ~$1000 fix. Our SX came with the entertainment center, but because we bought it used it didn’t come with the remote. The remote is no longer made and even with the part number I can’t track it down, kinda disappointing.


2016 Sedona tranny issues

(2016 Kia Sedona EX) I had to have the transmission replaced at 45k. After numerous visits to Kia dealership…they finally heard what I was hearing..the transmission not shifting correctly/and awful noise. I was fortunate that the transmission was still under warranty. (After the work was complete the engine/transmission is still very noisy..until you drive for an hour or more then the engine seems to calm down) I really like the concept of a van. Would I buy Kia again? …probably not. I think the 2016 model had some problems….if I bought a Kia again I would really pay attention to the engine (noise/and tranny)…I would never buy a used Kia without kia’s warranty it’s too risky.


Nice van

This van does not meet all the amenities I hoped to have in such a high-ranking van. It's a very nice van but prefer Chrysler Town and Country


Nicest Mini-van I have owned

A very comfortable, quiet, nice riding mini van. This is my fourth, used primarily as a cargo hauler, and is the nicest one I have owned so far.


Transmission needing replaced 44k miles

I enjoy my 2016 sedona but I've just recently had to replace the throttle body with 44k miles. I've also had to have the wiper fluid tank replaced under warranty for leaking. I started to hear grinding noises out if my car since around 37k miles. I brought it to the dealership multiple times and they couldn't find anything wrong even after my own mechanic heard it and said it was the transmission. Now at 44k miles I live in a different state and my car broke down and threw codes for the throttle body. My new mechanic when he was replacing the throttle body heard the grinding noise in my transmission also and told me it probably needs to be replaced and to take it to Kia. I brought it into this new kia dealership and sure enough they say my transmission needs to be replaced and had burnt fluid and metal shavings in it. They want $4300 for it. I had opened a corporate kia complaint when my car was still just inside the warrant period as I figured my Trans would blow up on my cross country drive and I wanted it documented. Now with 44k miles and my previous issues documented kia corporate denied my "good will claim" and so now I'm looking at paying $4300. I decided to fight it and sent up all my documentation showing I've been complaining for a long time about it as well as proof I own additional Kia cars. After escalating my case they have come back and offered to pay for half which still sucks that I will have to pay around $2200 out of pocket to replace my transmission with only 44,000 miles on it. I thought kia was dependable because they offer a longer full warranty period than others but I guess I was wrong. It would be nice if they at least stood by their product a bit. No transmission should go out at 44k miles unless it's been abused and mine has not, it's a minivan. Lol


A few build corrections would help

I've owned mine nearly 4 years, and overall love it. I can only think of two errors Kia made in building it: 1)mine is the LX, and the red LED instrument panel lights are unbelievably HORRIBLE...can't read them, they're nearly useless. Surely someone noticed that before selling it ? and, 2)the center seats cannot be removed. How ridiculous...wasted space, unbelievable ! But, again I say OVERALL, it's one of "detroit's" best kept secrets.


Best vehicle I have owned

This is a great mini van, very comfortable ride, nice looking vehicle, lots of storage space or space for up to 7 people, highly recommend


Great Family Van, especially for Road Trips

This Van met all of our needs for traveling and commuting. It has USB port and bluetooth to connect your cell phone for hands free driving. A lot of room in the front seats as well as the back seats. It has a 3rd rown of seating for larger families and fits a ton of luggage.


Very good used car price

Although this van does not have as many bells and whistles as lets say a Honda Odyssey, for the price and for what you get it definetly checks the boxes for nice to haves.


I like my Sedona EX even though...

Overall I would rate as a pretty fine machine in and out. I felt like a good buyer making a good choice when comparing price and features to the Toyota and Honda vans. Comfortable, quiet, smooth. Handles pretty good for a van. It will jump on the freeway and be over the speed limit easily. Have had one little mysterious problem with it not holding a charge on the battery even after as little as a week of non op but I really like it otherwise. Other thing noticed is front suspension going over an abrupt bump or raised area in the road even at slow safe speeds it feels like front suspension 'bottoms out' sort of. Love camping and road trips though, and it is great for that!