2015 Kia Soul consumer reviews

$15,190–$17,190 MSRP range
side view of 2015 Soul Kia
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.7
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I have a 2015 Kia soul Ex bought it a 2 years ago. Within the first 3 months the engine blew had a short box replacement with fuel and oil pump along with a full system flush (125,000 kms). 2 weeks after that I had to do an exhaust valve replacement. 10 months later a full engine replacement curtesy of Kia (a brand new 2021 engine). I have spent over $1,000.00 on just the decodables alone for the warranty I bought (Thank Goodness i got the best one). I DO NOT RECOMEND THIS CAR FOR ANYONE! Now it very well could be that I just happened to get a lemon but I would not risk it. This is not a car/suv that I would want any of my family to own. The style and comfort is very appealing but please they fall apart after 120,000 kms!!


I did love this car, before it reached 60k miles.

60k miles and have had 2 episodes of the engine light on and checked oil level and found no oil of dip stick. Had it serviced for this and they did not have an answer to why. They changed oil checked on 1k miles and stated ok. Then it happened again. Now I have to wait 3 weeks to get in, for what. Pay hundreds of dollars for them to tell me nothing's wrong. Theres a clattering sound a few days before the light goes on. Not enough to think it's something. Like a spudder.


2015 Good as New!!

Bigger than it looks. Very comfortable. Very durable. I have had zero problems. I am diligent about oil changes and tire rotations and it performs wonderfully. If I ever buy another new car, I am getting a KIA for sure and most likely the Soul. It is so fun to drive.


Motor made it to 52,000 the blew 3 times

I used to love the car until I reached 52 thousand miles. Found out the Kia is made up of a culture of criminals. I was sold on the car because of the 100 thousand bumper to pumper warranty. Lies, all lies! I would probably buy another but I could never trust the company. Never! They have gone so far that they even stole my new battery and replaced it with some cheep lime green crap. They will steal your money and your car parts. Just don’t do it. Say no to Kia


My second Kia (1st one was Spectra.)

I like most things about this car. I bought this used 2015 model in 2017 with about 20 K miles. I now have just under 57K. Easier to get in and out of than other cars i've owned. Has good seating room - both leg room and head room. I'm 5'10''. If you have the front and back seats occupied, the cargo room in back is very limited. However with the back seats down there's a lot of storage. So if the family is all going to Costco, you can't haul too much stuff home. For that reason in my opinion it is not a good family car. However, I never have anyone else in the car but me except on rare occasions. It has been very reliable so far except 2 things: this week an engine warning light came on with P050A code. It has to do with an air flow problem on cold start up but blogs and forums I've read say it's usually fixed by reprogramming the computer. I have an appointment with Kia in 3 days. If indeed that is the problem (computer) it's way too few miles for computer problems. We'll see. I believe it's out of warranty so that's not good. Secondly I read an article in the news today (2-13-21) that Kia-Hyundai has recalled a large number of cars for engine problems/possible fires. This car has had 3 or 4 recalls now with this one. When it was under warranty I wasn't to bothered but even if the repair is free it still takes time out of one's busy day to get to the dealer. If out of warranty, Not good. Since I bought the car used, and I didn't do enough research, I didn't know it was offered with2 different engines. The 1.6 and the 2.0. I unfortunately got the 1.6. I feel it's underpowered. But I didn't buy it to compete with the jerk speeders and drag racers in their pickups and muscle cars. It's just fine for most things. On the highway you can get around slow pokes it does have enough power for that. The gas mileage is not best in its class, actually near the bottom. However for me, it's so much better than my other car I own (an old Durango) it's like I died and went to Heaven gas mileage-wise. I get around 28 on a highway trip, with a cargo basket on top with stuff in it, but the Durango can barely squeak out 15. Obviously here in AZ if I want to go on a rough back road, I take the Durango. But there are a lot of back dirt roads counties maintain and a regular vehicle like the Kia can handle those kind of roads no problem.


Most reliable car I’ve owned I’m in love with my c

This car meets all my needs and I’m very satisfied with it I wouldn’t give nothing for my car I love it and it’s awesome


Good value for money

I love this vehicle. It is a big upgrade from my 1997 Honda Civic. I love my Kia Soul. Good gas mileage. It has a comfortable interior


A very reliable car, even after all that went on.

This car is a very reliable working car, once it was repaired properly at Kia Concord. Although and everything that we went through with Mr. Monentum, I was blessed by the efficiency of the staff and mechanics team at Concord, who fix my car to maximum performance. This is a working car.


Inherited it!

I inherited this car 4 years ago and I hate it!!! Plenty of leg room in front 0 in back. Has motor issues. Overheats. Wish I never got it


Best car I have ever owed after about 15 or so.

I love my Kia Soul it’s the best car I have ever owned and fulfills every need. Super tight on turns and fantastic on the highway