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1993 Land Rover Range Rover

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Our Take on the 1993 Land Rover Range Rover

Something has been nagging at me since I first test drove a Range Rover almost two years ago.

At that time, I felt $42,000 was far too much to pay for a sport-utility vehicle.

Since then I realized that I overlooked a thing or two.

The Range Rover is not just a sport-utility vehicle. It happens to be the very best off-roader money can buy.

Then it struck me: If you want the best - be it a Rolex watch or an Armani suit - you are going to pay something extra for the privilege of owning and flaunting it.

That's the way it is with luxury items, and the Range Rover is no exception.

Yes, you could very easily gad about town in a Ford Explorer or a Jeep Grand Cherokee, but those two vehicles don't... Read More