2011 Lexus RX 450h consumer reviews

$44,735–$46,325 MSRP range
side view of 2011 RX 450h Lexus
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.1
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.6
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5th SUV in 10 years

My final car. Have had 4 other Lexus SUV's and this one gets good gas mileage. After the breakin period of 6 months I fianlly get 27 miles per gallon average. My last car at age 65.


Lovin' my RX450h

I purchased my RX450h brand new at Stevinson Lexus. This car is awesome, very quiet, very smooth, very plush. I traded off my 2008 RX400h and can't believe how much BETTER this car is after the changes made in 2010. It is much quieter (as far as road noise goes) the power delivery is much more predictable and the mileage is better. The mileage isn't amazingly better but it is an improvement. I do a mix of highway and city and average about 29 MPG. I have to admit if my 2012 RX is this good... how much better will the NEXT generation be in a few years??? Hmmmmm. I am stoked. Lovin my Lexus!


Nice and quiet ride

I got my 450h AWD for about 3 weeks now. There were couple trips I averaged up to 32 MPG, but overall, I am getting 26 MPG, because I live on a stiff hill, and this up-and-down driving is not very suitable for hybrid fuel efficiency. The interior and all the nice features are just awesome. I got the AWD so I can take my kids to skiing in the mountains in the winter. The ride is so nice and smoother, I feel like I can drive this car for 10 years.



Great car! Gas milage is about 28mpg which is great. This is is my 3rd lexus, but 1st brand new car. I love it!


Fun to drive again

First of all, this car makes driving fun again. It comes with so many bells and whistles that every time in the car seems like a new adventure. So many things run through the navigation system that it seems like I've bought a computer with four wheels. Safety is paramount, however, and this vehicle is top-notch for safety. We recently drove from Washington State to California, and just loved the car. Headlights, winshield wipers, seat positions, Bluetooth phone connections just happen without touching anything. The guidance system was incredibly accurate and user-friendly, especially since I could load all the destinations from my desktop computer into the car's system. The heated seats were nice on chilly mornings. Lots of space for luggage. Around home, we can carry two complete sets of golf clubs and carts comfortably. Gas mileage averaged right around 28 mpg for the California trip, although on the last leg we finished at 29.7 mpg. Just a terrific car, I'm delighted I bought it.


Blazing Glare

We have been Lexus owners since 1992 and have always been impressed with their interiors. This year we decided to go "green" and bought this car. While test driving it I noticed there were a few things I didn't like about the front seat area, mainly lack of room for my purse and no place to put trash. After we bought the car, we noticed that the console between the seats, which has a small space underneath, has slight grooves and is only good to hold bottles of water. Anything else placed down there slips and slides out creating a dangerous situation on the driver's side and overall is a big annoyance. Now there is even less room for books, small pakages, etc. The biggest problem, and one that everyone should be aware of, is the strong glare that comes off the center console, which is part of the dashboard. We test drove the car after work a few times and never had a glare problem. We decided to go on a short road trip the first weekend we had our new car and discovered that the sun shining through the front window created a blazing glare on the center console. It was so bad that within an hour I got a very bad headache. Really too bad as I had 2 more hours of driving ahead of me. A few days later, while running errands around noon, the glare was even worse. I would say it was blinding. We now have a towel on the console to cut the glare - not a satisfactory nor a "classy" fix in our brand new $60,000+ Lexus but we don't know what else to do. We tried to talk to someone at the dealership about the glare problem and were told he'd heard of the problem and would pass it on, however, we noted that he didn't take our names. Not a very satisfactory nor "classy" response to a serious problem. What has happened to Lexus?


So impressed

Although I was looking at Mercedes MLs, Porsche Cayennes, Audi Q7s, Volvo XCs, etc and Lexus was actually at the botttom of my list, I am totally won over. We were looking at both hybrid and non-hybrid models and I will admit, were looking at the Mercedes and Porsche for the cache they carry. The Porsche would have been probably been my favorite, but for the bump in price for the hybrid, it was ruled out. We were looking for something that was a SUV crossover and ideally fuel-efficient, but considering that our other car is an Escalade, we weren't exactly earth cookies. The car feels so so so luxurious. LOVE the way it drives, the plentiful technology (the Remote Touch), the way it looks and feels. Actually, even though I like the way it looks, once I drove it, I was hooked! Plenty of space for cargo and 6 foot teenaged boys, plush for me (mom) and I am strangely thrilled to be driving something "green".


expensive vehicle with cheap features

I bought this SUV so called luxury SUV on 3/11/11. Hoping to have at least few basic features found on any ordinary vehicle. To my disappointment it does not have any place for a trash. Under console storage space is worthless. Garage opener has its own mind; sometimes it would open one garage with same switch and another time it would open two garages with push of the same button. It also lacks any light on the switches for garage and roof openers, so you have to just guess these switches at night. Good thing is it 29 city gas mileage .


Great car. Too expensive.

Everything has been working great. Saves a lot of gas. It is just too expensive. Thinks could be improve for the interior - 1. need a trash can for small trash items. 2. The lower compartment between the two front seats may cause problem - items could fall out of it and block you brake and gas padles - Don't put anything unsafe there.


Quality a thing of the past

This car has been a problem since I bought it. It has been in the shop 20 of the 50 days I have owned it and I bought it brand new. Apparently quality is a thing of the past for Lexus.