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2018 Lexus RX 450h consumer reviews

$45,895 starting MSRP
side view of 2018 RX 450h Lexus
88% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior 4.8
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value 4.6
  • Exterior 4.9
  • Reliability 4.8
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Very beautiful and elegant car. I love it.

The car satisfies all my needs, it is a dream come true. I just love it. I got it for my wife’s graduating from her Master’s degree.


Good and Steady

Owned 4 different cars of the RX series. All had outstanding reliability. This is the first car that I encountered having a brake system issue before 140K miles - this car had a brake booster issue at 45K miles.


New Purchase

I just bought a certified Lexus RX450. The car is outstanding. It’s a great car ,looks good, good performance,good mileage. It has an excellent ride even on the bumpy roads of the Midwest.


Great MPG and Acceleration

I have owned 3 RX Hybrids. Comfortable, quiet and solid performance. I am always amazed at how long the regenerative brakes last - the first two lasted over 120K miles and probably went longer but I traded in these cars ~120 mile mark for a new RX. The only issue I have had was with my last RX - the suspension started scrunching after 40K. The regional Lexus rep was of ZERO help - basic response to my concern was "is there any detrimental impact to the car's driving? If not, it is your problem". The dealership (Lexus of Bellevue) stood behind the car and replaced the entire suspension for minimal cost. My new Lexus RX450h has just crossed over the 40K mile mark and all is going well. I highly recommend the car and the dealership.



We actually have leased this vehicle. We are two thirds through the lease. We are on the third brake accuator (a problem Lexus has known about, but not solved, for at least 6 years...check out the Lexus owner's forums). They cost about $1500 each plus installation. Just had to have the right triple beam self-leveling headlight assembly replaced at $3800. One of the heater vents just fell apart and had to be replaced. The radio was replaced, because it would shut off and would not play again until I stopped and restarted the car. Granted, all was fixed under warranty, but I'll not be buying this vehicle after the lease is up. Got only 20k miles out of cheap, no milage warranty Bridgestone tires. The car has the F Sport package. The seats are like rocks and at 30k miles, you bottom out all the time. Not good for long drives. MPG is about 2-3 mpg less than advertised. On the positive side, the car is very quick, handles absolutely perfectly, interior and exterior stylng is awesome, HUD is way cool, interior fit and finish is perfect. Atomic silver paint has self-repairing clear coat and is perfect. The Mark Levinson sound system is far and away the best I've ever heard. The imaging, clarity and depth of the sound system is something to hear. The stereo itself is worth a test drive!!! Did I mention the Mark Levinson stereo is wonderful??? The car is more than reasonably quiet. Almost no side window traffic noise, but too much road noise from underneath - and I replaced the cheap factory Bridgestones with some nice Pirelli tires. I don't know...I guess I'm just disappointed. The car costs $63,000. I expected more. I have a2012 Highlander Hybrid that I like driving more...except, of course, no Mark Levinson stereo. I wonder how much you have to spend?


Top Shelf Automobile

Excellent vehicle, my ONLY complaint is upon entry of the vehicle! The curvature of the front seat windows, make it impossible to enter without scraping the top of your head, areal pain! I am 5'11" tall and this is a problem, my wife's only complaint also, no matter which way you adjust the front seats! Yes my ONLY complaint, but a real one!!!


My Lexus

We purchased this car for a comfortable road car and for around town errands. I am a retired fleet manager and particularly picky about the vehicles I drive. The Lexus RX450H has met or exceeded my expectations. We


Most impressive car I?ve every owned

This car is the perfect car for my lifestyle. It has all the bells and whistles, heads up display, huge Nav Screen and great interior colors. It dresses up well to drive clients around, while having space to have l the kids as well. Probably the best car I?ve ever owned.


Almost Perfect

It is almost perfect. Only the handling is less than perfect - blas� rather than performance-based. Other than that, its comfort and reliability are second to none.


The car I've been looking for

I've been looking for a car that is beautiful on the outside and inside, a hybrid, SUV, and is dependable/reliable. This car covers all those areas. I love driving this car. It's comfortable, smooth, and fun to ride in/drive. The MPG is also great because it's a hybrid. I drive a 30 mile round trip for work and this car is great when it comes to saving gas money and being good for the environment.