2012 Lincoln MKT consumer reviews

$44,300 starting MSRP
side view of 2012 MKT Lincoln
83% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.7
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Most beautiful car I have owned

This car says prestige. From the exterior to the interior the car was designed with class. Everyone I know has complimented me about this car.


wonderful suv/wagon wonderful crafted in and out

this vehicle was wonderful made nice inside and out and its probably the nicest car I've ever owned and it is a head turner ever where we go


Lincoln used to makeLincoln used to make better ca

This car is very smart and very powerful and look good but very delicate and expensive to fix compare to the town car which was very reliable


The best of the best !

The MKT's interior design does little to inspire or impress. The materials quality is really good, leather, beautiful color,, commonplace look of the center control layout are far from luxurious. love the white pearl color.. run so nice. love it !


VERY impressed

I've had this car about 1 1/2 months now and continue to get compliments on it daily... I am a ride share driver and so have many passengers. The only problems I have encountered so far is the rain sensing intermittent wipers seem to have a short in them in that they only intermittently work... Also the auto dimming headlights don't always dim when approaching cars from behind. I purchased as a pre-owned from a dealer but it appears as nice as a new one even tho it had 73k miles. 3rd-row seating could be roomier ... love the a/c seats!


Nice Car

I have owned this vehicle for just two weeks, and so far, I am happy with it. Lots of bells and whistles that I am still trying to figure out. There are a couple observations I have. The ride is very quiet and smooth. The very back seat is not well designed for adults at all. Not only because of leg space, but mostly because of the head space. Extremely limited. Great for small grandchildren, though, which is one reason we wanted the extra seating capacity. I was apprised of that fact by a dealer, and he was absolutely right! It is, however, fairly easy for my elderly mother-in-law to get in and out of, which is the main reason we wanted this vehicle. It's not too low to the ground, and not too high either. Second row seating is very roomy. I was disappointed that it did not come with remote start, which I assumed would be standard equipment on a vehicle of this caliber, and I didn't even ask when looking at buying it. Living in the area of the country that I do, it would be nice to have that feature at times. As in any of these type of vehicles with a console, there's never an adequate place to put your purse. Wish that was something that would be figured out some day to accommodate the female drivers. I'm not thrilled with the way the door lock system works. Why have the keypad locking system if you still have to have the key fob in your possession to lock or unlock it? What good does that do? I like to leave the key fob in the vehicle and use the keypad to unlock it, but that doesn't work at all. One thing that I am very impressed with is we had a snow storm the week after I purchased this vehicle, and only 4WD were allowed on the streets. This being an AWD, it performed beautifully! I felt very much in control as I came up to stop signs and had several inches of snow and ice to traverse through. As the snow continued, 20 inches, I feel I would have been able to still get around except for the fact there wasn't enough clearance. But I was definitely impressed with its performance with about six inches of snow on the ground. It's a nice vehicle, has some things that will take getting used to, but over all, I am happy in making the purchase.


A very safe car, a wonderful cruiser. Luxury

We had a 2010 MKT that we absolutely loved. My wife was t-boned-at a 4 way stop sign by a woman going 55.+ she was hit just behind the drivers door.. they had to cut the door off to get her out but my wife survived. I am convinced the structure of that car saved her life. We just purchased another MKT 2012 and love it as much as the 2010, everything about it except third row seating is a little tight but we never use it other than that its perfect for us.


Not very comfortable

I like the styling and the performance. It parks well and the gadgets are great. However, after driving the car for about 15 minutes, my back hurts. I have tried to adjust the seat in many ways, but cannot seem to find a setting that doesn't give me a back ache. I never had that problem in my now extinct town car, even when it was new. My husband doesn't have a problem, but I find my self constantly shifting in my seat trying to find a comfortable spot. If you find any discomfort at all when test driving, go to the ford flex. My boss has one of those and it's seats are much more comfortable. It also has a better console arrangement. I also agree with another reviewer that the 3rd row seat is difficult to use and you need to be short.


Exceeds All Expectations

We returned to Lincoln after a disappointing experience with another luxury car manufacturer. And we can honestly; there's nothing like a Lincoln. This MKT is far beyond what we expected. The body style is sleek and refined. And the same can be said for the luxurious leather interior and wood grain appointments. The back up camera feature is wonderful and we are appreciative of the signal alert when people are near or pass behind the vehicle when in reverse. We thought not have a retractable sun roof would be a negative, but it's not with our dual panoramic glass roof. Every drive is like we "have the top down". Try it , you'll more than like it!


Meets my expectations

This the second crossover I have owned.It has met my expectations in nearly every area. The "Ecoboost" engine has ample torque for highway driving, handling the 80 mph toll roads in my home state with aplomb. The transmission is perfectly matched with the engine. The paddle switches on the steering wheel, used in the manual transmission mode, make mountain driving a snap. Averages 21.8 mpg on 2000 mile roundtrip, including mountain, plain and city terrain. The electronics are outstanding including radar enhanced cruise control, Sync system for GPS navigation, hands free cell capability, etc. On the down side, rear visibility is extremely limited. This is helped by blind side alert lights on rear side mirrors. The passenger space in third row seats is poor. At 5'10" my head hits the roof. The refrigerator/freezer option is a unique idea. However it is poorly placed and cannot be accessed by the passenger in the right front seat making it virtually useless if there are no 2nd row passengers. All in all, I highly recommend this vehicle