2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid consumer reviews

$34,645 starting MSRP
side view of 2011 MKZ Hybrid Lincoln
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.8
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Loved mine for 6 years

Over the last 6 years the only things I've had to do was put gas in it and change the oil. I was a little worried about buying a hybrid because I'd never owned one. But it was a great decision. I love the gas mileage, I average 31 miles to the gallon, with most of that being city driving.


Heartbroken it was totaled. 220K orig miles STRONG

Even in high school, I wanted a LINCOLN. Finally after several Buick’s, Cadillac’s, an Audi, a Benz, and a boatload of Volvo’s, I bought an MkZ hybrid. WHAT A GREAT CAR!!!!!! Besides oil changes and tires, I honestly never even had that car tuned up. It was averaging 32 mpg with a lot of extra weight in the trunk from all the samples I carry. Even in the summer with a/c running in the entire cabin AND THRU MY SEAT, the mpg was spectacular. Maroon outside, light tan inside, burled maple trim...it was beautiful. Maybe best if all: between all the airbags and the engineering of the crumple zones, I basically walked away from a car accident in which I could have been killed. The other driver was cited for pulling out in front of me (WHEN SHE COULDN’T SEE ME COMING BECAUSE A TRUCK BLOCKED HER LINE OF SIGHT) causing me to T-bone her car. She actually made it thru the crash, too. Now I’ve replaced it with another MkZ hybrid and I’m averaging 37mpg’s. The Certified Lincoln’s carry a wonderful peace of mind warranty.


Greatest economy of any car I have ever owned

Bought it to tow behind a big 44' RV. Great tow vehicle, now have a smaller 27' RV and the weight is too much for it to tow.


elegant and efficient

Great around town or on the road, hybrid kicks in to aid gas engine acceleration. Gets great gas mileage. comfortable and quiet interior. heated and cooled front seats are a plus


Okay but not luxury

The cabin is quite loud for being considered a "Luxury" car. I have put more money into maintaining this car than my prior 3 Lexus cars combined.


Best Car I Have Ever Owned

When I bought this car back in 2011 I thought "finally an American car that makes me excited. After driving for 7 years, 80 k miles, still makes me smile and I rave about the car. I drive other cars and they don't compare. Quiet, pretty peppy, handles road great, plenty of electronic things that have not broken. Gets between 42 to 65 mpg driving under 45 mph, were you drive on cruise control it drops into battery mode quicker than me playing with gas pedal. This happens driving around town and Iv'e done it up to 25 miles. Shorter drives, 2 to 3 miles I have gotten greater than 99mpg. Highway 60 to 65 mph = 40 to 42mpg, 70 -75 about 39 mpg, greater than 75 about 37 mpg.


Works nice so far

All the bells and whistles are taking some getting used to. However we are getting the hang of it and finding new features about every day. We pay too much attetion about electric Vs Gas modes and what caused it to go from one to the other. As an engineer it is a very studyable car. Looking forward to longer trips in it.


This is the first luxury car I have ever owned.

It was not even a thought about owning such a car. Kudos to LUIS..(?) for offering me such a wonderful car and deal. Thank you! This car makes me feel so special!!!


great car

This is an unpretentious beautiful luxury car. It rides and handles smoothly. Plenty of room for 5 adults and 4 sets of golf clubs. Great economy! This makes 2 MKZ's in our garage. The other one is a 2009 AWD which I drive, my wife drives the 2011 Hybrid.


Amazed by the high MPG!

I bought my silver 2011 MKZ hybrid new in June of 2011. I love the looks, interior comfort, and great technical features of my highly optioned MKZ hybrid. The ride is great! As is the excellent handling. It's as good as any of my perviously owned and higher priced European cars. The car has been extremely reliable and totally problem free. With a bit over 14,000 miles driven, it has never been in the shop for anything other than normal oil changes, etc. The gas milage is fantastic! Now that I know how to drive it in the most economical manner, I routinely get 45 or more MPG. I'm very proud to see the 4 full white flower blooms on my dashboard. On long stretches of flat roads, I've actually gotten as much as 52 MPG if I can keep it on EV under 46 MPH. One tip I use to accomplish those milage figures is keeping an extra 2-3 pounds of air pressure in the tires. The ride does not suffer from the added tire pressure. About the only thing I miss from my former cars is a push button starter rather than using the key. I paid sticker and I can assure you I got my money's worth. Especially when I only have to fill up about once a month. With, regular!