1999 Lincoln Town Car consumer reviews

$38,525 starting MSRP
side view of 1999 Town Car Lincoln
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.7
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1999 Lincoln town car! My favorite car to drive,

Brought my 1999 Town car with 75,000 miles on it, Have driven it 135,000 miles on it. Only problems are with the window motors, fuel pump went out and replaced alternator. Love the ride, good gas milage for size. Winter driving goes well with good winter tires'



I own a 1999 CARTIER, TOWN CAR, 109,700 miles! It was in a hit and run accident and the air suspension went out. Replaced with coils and the car still drives/rides like a dream. My forever car!


Great car runs and drives amazing

Inherited mine but, it runs and drives great. Needs some tlc from sitting but, so far it’s an amazing car! Good in the snow with all terrain tires and it’s an all around super comfortable enjoyable ride!


What A Luxury Car Will Always Be

If you want a classy, comfortable, and reliable car please consider the Lincoln Town Car. They aren’t expensive to buy or maintain and will make every trip a pleasure. I am a car collector and also have a Cadillac DeVille. They are both nice but I recommend the Town Car as far as reliability. It really is a shame that Lincoln stopped producing this luxury cruiser.


American Luxury

I currently own a 1999 Lincoln Town car. The interior is plush and full of amenities. The cup holder can interfere with the AC controls when being used. However, you do have wheel mounted Temp controls. The 4.6L V8 is strong and reliable. Be weary of heater core issues. Its an inexpensive part but a costly repair. Parts are readily available for this body car.


Best Car to won.

Best Car to drive in the City or On Trips. The seating is comfortable front and back. I have had about 24 cars and the Mark VIII and Town Car have been the best.


Most reliable car I've driven, at years 18!

This vehicle has done it all, out of town trips, 45 minute commutes on the daily and has held up very, very well. After 18 years this car has had no hiccups as I have kept up the maintenance as any normal car owner would do. I have had to the alignment one time, but that was just recently. I would totally recommend for comfort, performance, and reliability.


One of the great ones

I love this car. It's big ,roomy and comfortable inside, gets great gas mileage for a big car. I average 18 mpg city, I have a rather heavy foot, but don't spend a lot of time Idling in lines at fast food joints and the ATM at the bank. It has plenty of power and the ride is nice with the air suspension. Traction control is nice in the winter and on wet roads. I think the body styling is absolutely beautiful. Another thing I like about it is the huge trunk. I bought this car because of it's reliability, which, so far is true to what I've heard. The only thing major I've had to replace was the heater core, not bad for an 18 year old car. They use these cars for taxi cabs and limos for a reason...It's average for this car to last over 400,000 miles! If your in the market for a used car, I highly recommend this beautiful, comfortable, elegant, reliable car...Did I mention how much I like this car?


271 thousand miles and still goes 120mph everyday

In 2009 I fell 32 feet broke a ton of bones they said I would never walk again,... I spent 8 months in the hospital and therapy and got walking again.. And I needed a car that was comfortable, and this is like sitting in a recliner, And with so many doctor visits and living here in nebraska . Its 180 miles to the closest walmart and other store's and dr.s offices... I bought the car with a little over 60 thousand miles and I put close to 40 thousand miles a year on it. Running to doctors and getting fitted for my new leg several road trips... Now it has 271,000 and im 28 years old and im still very hard on cars this thing was god sent to take the abuse. . I go 120 mph every day with it and it still runs like a top... The only thing i've ever done to it, was change the oil every 3k miles and tires. Thats why its only car . I would ever buy again.... If it ever decides to die, If it does im even thinkin of putting a race motor in it... LOVE MY TOWN CAR ...


It really is the most reliable car I've owned

I bought this '99 Town Car in june of 2005 it had 69,000 miles. I honestly didnt want this car, I was driving a '94 camry that went out. And I found this at a local dealership & I had read about their great reliability, the guy let me take it home because I was reluctant to buy it. It is very comfortable, But taking a curve is like riding in a boat on a choppy lake, and if you want to turn around you need at least an acre of space. It should have big truck mirrors on this thing, when I back up I'm afraid I will back over a small child or a very large child you cant see anything out of the tiny but stylish window. I remember taking it home & my wife had to listen to me complain. She said this will probably be the best car you have ever owned & she was right, over the last 9 years I havent had one problem with the engine, never been stranded like I have in some cars. My major complaints are (beside it being too big for my taste) the motors in the electric windows must have been made by a moron,every one of them has broken,(half way down) & one has went out twice, so I got them to stay up & just left them, the driver side still works barely, but all in all I would recommend one of these cars, you can probably find a good deal since they quit making them. I know it has spoiled me. I dont want anything but a luxury car. Even though people bug me to buy a new car, it may look horrible its been thru 2 major hailstorms, it looks like someone took a ball peen hammer to it, but honestly I probably couldnt find another used car that would be this reliable.......