2007 Mazda CX-7 consumer reviews

$23,750–$25,450 MSRP range
side view of 2007 CX-7 Mazda
70% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.1
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 3.9
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 3.6
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Car is a Lemon

Have had the car 3 years and turbo failed and have to replace motor. It is the worst purchase of my life. Stay away from the CX7 its a complete lemon.


2007 mazda CX7 a piece of junk

I noticed this SUV about 2 years ago and decided I had to have it...Wrong move I traded my 2003 corolla for this junk...I bought in Febuary and in May i was at the dealer telling them there is a rattle noise in the tail pip at intervals upon acceleration I was told nothing was wrong, two months laters the check engine light comes on back to dealer, they fixed the problem cause it was still under warranty, 2 years, today my 2007 CX7 timing belt breaks, Yeah with only 68000 miles, then finding out that because of the break my engine is gone because it is a noninterfence engine and the cams or whatever broke the engine, out of warranty now, and 8900 worth of repairs needed and one year and half left to pay for it......A PIECE OF JUNK....Do not but this vechicle........


A Great Car for the Right Person

This isn't a car for everybody. The ride is a little stiff and the turbo kicks in with authority. Therefore, not everyone will get along well with it. Because the engine is relatively small, the transmissio sometimes hesitates a little long before downshifting (bringing in the turbo) on steep uphill climbs. All of the above having been said, it is a tremendous car. With almost 45,000 showing on the speedo, no problems. No squeaks, no rattles. The original tires lasted almost 35,000 despite aggressive driving. I would not hesitate to recommend it, especially once we learned from the Mazda rep that it will run just as well on regular gas.


looks doesn't cut it

wow what a car i thought at first -- the style the look was just what i wanted. Bought my CX-7 in nov. of 2006---having problems ever since then. The tires needed to be replaced at 18,000 miles never have been through a full set of tires in that amount of time and the engine started to make a pinging/clanking noise just out of the blue. Have taken it to the dealership and they are telling me that it (whatever it is) may not be covered under my bumper to bumper warranty. My 7 only has 20,000 miles on it have had it only an year and a half----have very been so poorly treated at a dealership ever and have owned many autos. As far as the 7 goes looks great---as we all know LOOKS AREN'T EVERYTHING.


Great Vehicle

I purchased a CX-7 for my wife for christmas. We did a lot of shopping between most of the CUV's and drove the Nissan, VW, Honda, Dodge and Saab. The Mazda was more vehicle for the money. This is my first imported car I have ever owned and with the performance and comfort of our new Mazda there will probably be many more in the future. The only thing you could really complain about is the fuel mileage. With only a 4 cylinder I would expect to get a little more than 20 - 24 miles a gallon. But with the turbo charger and the performance I guess we have to sacrafice something. All around this is a great car and would recomend this car to anyone.


good car for the money



Brakes, struts, features

This vehicle has been in the dealers shop 4 times now for sqeaking from the brakes. They cant fix it. Now the front end sqeaks and the dealership has basically told us we have to live with the noise. They have worked on many other CX-7's and they all just sqeak. This car is missing basic features available in many other models. No auto locking doors. NO MP-3 or IPOD hookup available if you have the navigation system, which unfortunatley we have. My suggestion is to look elsewhere. 9300 miles and we are going to dump this machine.


Fun Car to drive

I've had 3 Explorers in the past and I was looking for a car that was fun to drive, but could still handle taking 2 dogs, a kid and a bunch of equipment up north. We weren't sure when we looked at the car online, but once we took a look at it in the showroom, we knew we could make it work by adding the optional luggage rack. This car is a blast to drive day-to-day and I especially enjoy taking it on the curvy roads around the lakes. It also offers exceptional value with the standard options matching up to what I had on my Explorer XSLT. My only two complaints so far have been the paint on the bumper (which is plastic) is very susceptible to scratches (I was able to make most of them invisible except if you're close-up with their patch paint) and I wish it had better gas mileage under normal conditions. Mazda service (for oil changes, recalls and accessory installation) has been great. I would definitely buy this car again and recommend it to a friend.


A former Mazda Salesman

I used to sell Mazda so I had some familizaration with this vehicle. I drive a Miata and generally I like Mazda. Here's the scoop: I'm not qualified to discuss the long term durability of the CX7, but in selling them we did get to drive them around a bit. We did terrible things to these cars. Driving cars all day, we'd BLAST down all sorts of roads unlike the average driver. We had our own little "course" which went from city streets, to highway, to some great s curves to a service road, and we knew every inch. Put in a nutshell, I loved the CX7. This thing was fun to drive! Of course I didn't pay for the gas and these were all brand new cars, but overall, if you are a performance car type, this little crossover is FUN! Our general manager owned one as did many of the salespeople. If you like sports cars, and want a little extra room and good styling, check out the cx7.


Worst Vehicle Ever Owned

I'm driving my second CX-7. The first one was a lemon, this one isn't much better. The tires are cupping due to the vehicle not being able to stay in alignment. Mazda didn't have the specs for my first alignment, so the vehicle ended up ruining all 4 tires (only 2 of which Mazda will replace because according to them, I "drive too many miles"). I am dissapointed in the integrity of the vehicle, it squeaks, it rattles, and the carpet is starting to show serious wear. The navigation system lacks what many other systems are coming standard with, and the transmission could be much more performance minded. I am dissapointed with Mazda's backing of the vehicles as well. The first one was clearly a lemon, but it took them over a month to decide whether or not they wanted to replace it. The second time (with the alignment issues) it took them nearly two months to decide that they would even replace two tires. At first they just said no. I have been having problems with this vehicle since about 6,000 miles (1.5 months) and I currently have about 18,000 miles (5.5 months).