2007 Mazda CX-7 consumer reviews

$23,750–$25,450 MSRP range
side view of 2007 CX-7 Mazda
70% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.1
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 3.9
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 3.6
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i purchased my 7 about 2 weeks ago... almost three. its already got 1100 miles on it! its such a blast to drive. my 19 year old and 14 year old love it. thats where all that mileage comes from. i looked at the edge and it decked out at 36,---. i figured this was the better buy. and i like this a lot more. especially the xenon headlights and the fact that this comes with the backup cam.. this car is a Grand Touring with the tech. package.. it includes nav/ back up/ bose/ and smart key (allows you to start and unlock car without key).. i didnt want the package at first but my 14 year old ended up convincing me. and im glad he did. the NAV really does come in handy. This car's galaxy gray mica is really a head turner. no matter what color, it turns heads. i absolutely love it. the power is unbelieveable. its quick, nimble, basically everything you look for in a car without paying the price.. and this 32700 wasnt too bad at all. Everyone tells me that it looks like that infiniti FX. i take that as a compliment. especially seeing as how the infiniti is about 10-20 grand more.


Worst first car buying experience

I purchased a new 2007 Mazda CX-7 in October of 2006. It was my first "new" car purchased on my own. I have been back to the dealership 13 times and have had Mazda headquarters out to look at my vehicle twice. I have driven 10 rental cars; one for a month-and-a-half. I would not recommend buying the Mazda CX-7 to first time buyers. You don't get your bang for your dollar.



I had a bad experience with Mazda before. I used to own a 93MX-6 and the transmission needed to replace at 180K. but that was 1993, i did a lot of research before i finally decided to buy a CX-7. And i can see the consumer report shows the Mazda become more dependable since 2000. Great ride, not bad on gas, and it really depends how you drive. Good looking inside and out...the only thing i dont get it, why it has some burning smell when i turn off the A/C?...dealer said is normal on 1st tank of gas. Overall my wife and i love it....lt looks a lot better then CRV and Rav4.


I loved this car when I first purchased it

After a while, I found very poor blind spots too we have an adjustable mirror for blind spots and still have problems sometimes. The gas mileage is horrible in town especially for Phx AZ. The GPS is horribly out of date. I have had this car for 11 months, with 16,000 miles on it the front (windshield and hood) are horribly pitted from rocks and sand. I have never had a car do that so quickly. Also, I need new tires at 16K miles!? Overall, I find this to be a poor quality vehicle.


Novelty wears off quick

CX7 is a fun car to drive but the novelty wears off quick. The interior looks great when you take delivery but it soils far too easily, the carpeting is poor at best and space and blind spots are a problem. For a small cyl engine the mileage particularly in the city is also poor. Electrical and mechanical glitches seem to carry from one Mazda design to the other. My advice rent one for a couple of months have some fun then buy something you may want to hang onto for a while."



I owned my last vehicle for 11years so for my next vehicle I wanted something I would never get tried of driving! This is it; I can never see myself get tried of driving this CUV. It?s fast and nimble like a car but the storage and height like an SUV. I have two kids 11 and 6 and they love it plus they have plenty of room in the rear. Here are some facts ? If you live in the NYC area expects to pay for the Grand Touring model fully equipped. I maxed out my purchase and topped it off with a rear DVD so my purchase went well over 30 grand easy. NYC car prices tend to be higher than other states anyway. Fuel hurts since its only premium. I also notice that it?s a slight blind spot so adjust your side view mirrors carefully. There is slight turbo lag at lower speeds but I can live with it. The interior other than the dashboard is a little plain for a Grand Touring model but again that?s all subjective to the owner. All my friends and family loves this CUV!!!! It?s my BEST BUY!


Excellent Cross between Sports Car & SUV!

Not perfect- but brings the boredom of driving around town to a dead stop. The extra $130-$140 a year for premium fuel is well worth it for the driving satisfaction this car delivers (with a bit of utility to boot).


New Mazda

Just replaced my Mazda Tribute (2003 with 80K miles) with a GT AWD CX-7. Only had the 7 about a week and am loving it. Drives well, rides nice, and looks great. A lot of car(?) for the money. I may be a Mazda owner for life.


Great Car for the money but expect high fuel bill

Purchased the AWD Grand Touring model after shopped around and for the value the CX-7 is really hard to beat. One of the more comfortable rides of all the models we tested in the price range. Unlike many of the crossovers you feel like your driving a sports car instead of a truck. Just love the exterior look and interior feel of the vehicle. Biggest knock against the car for me is the transmission's sixth gear. When driving on a slightly hilly terrian the transmission can't make up it's mind if it wants to be in 5th or 6th gear, so it is constantly down shifting when it doesn't need to. I actually shifted into manual mode because the down shifts were completely unrequired on the road I was driving. The other big knock for this car is the gas mileage and the fact you must use high octane fuel. We took that into account before purchase and decided we were still money ahead for the features we were getting verses buying a much higher priced crossover. But for our vehicle, the mileage is even worse than projected. The CX-7 only runs 2100 RPM at 65 MPH, so there is no way the highway mileage should be as poor as it is.



My husband and I have been looking for just the "right" vehicle to replace the old mini van (Quest). The CX7 seemed the perfect answer. We purchased it 2 months ago. I love the looks, handling and spunk, but and it's a big problem.. Blind spot ... I actually changed lanes and had an accident due to the blind spot... I have been driving for 40 years and was accident free .. I truthfully could not see the other car. The mileage is lucky to get 19 on the highway with cruise. In town closer to 15.. and it does require premium. Threse two things have given us serious thoughts of taking a hit and trading it with only 2,000 miles. I totally agree with Dave Thomas's review ... the blind spot MUST be addressed and I hope it's as a recall.