1999 Mercedes-Benz E-Class consumer reviews

$42,400 starting MSRP
side view of 1999 E-Class Mercedes-Benz
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.5
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1999 mercedes e320

most dependable car ever owned, never breaks down motor is just incredable. strong quality made comfortable and really affordable to own, a classy car.


Bought for safety rating...

I purchased this car years ago (used - 3 years old) after intensely reviewing just about every vehicle out there because I wanted a vehicle that was safe when driving my grandchildren. My priority was SAFETY and the MB E320 wagon was highest on the list and delivered. I've never felt so safe in a vehicle in my life! This is one sweet, reliable, beautiful, comfortable and classy car, lots more than I expected from a wagon. Also purchased the extended warranty and had the most incredibly ideal experience with the MB service you can ever hope for!


The Best Car Ever

I bought my 1999 E320 used in 2001 and it had 33,000 miles on it. It was a leased car that was returned at the end of the lease. From the first time I sat in it, and drove it, I loved it. And I still love it today. The car is now 17years old and has 320,000 miles on it. It is the original engine, original transmission, original shocks, and original paint. I am a stickler for routine maintenance. If you maintain a car, it will last a long time. It is identical to the car pictured above. I hope to keep it for another 18 months and then I plan on getting a new E350. By then the car will have close to 375,000 miles on it. The paint is just now beginning to start fading. The interior has held up extremely well too. People get in the car and when they see the mileage they can't believe it. Everything on/in the car is original and still works. The only annoying negative of the car is the relentless "bulb out". Light bulbs burn out very often. But I can deal with that. The best car ever!!


1999 Benz e320 Mercedes

In General, the best car I've ever owned. Most roomy for size. Comnfortable to drive. "I love my car" factor high now as it was in 1999 when I got it.


Great car for my wife

The car looked as great as the ad, drove better than we thought and was in great shape. We looked at several other vehicles and settled on the one we went looking for. Great body style, performance and handling. My wife was already happy with her previous E320 and was equally happy we bought the second one. I feel very safe with her driving it and with carrying our kids. I feel safe knowing she is in a safe, reliable vehicle and she looks great in the car. Very stylish.


Benzy 99

Bought with 80kmiles in 2011. For the price you cant touch this car. Still very tight and quiet. Changing out the receiver (by Becker) as it is crackly. Bose speakers seem fine. Overall a sweet ride.


Exceptional Build Quality, Safety, and Reliability

We purchased a 1999 Mercedes Benz E320 4Matic for 23-year-old my nephew. While shopping for the perfect example, I noticed most of them had great service histories and (assuming reasonably well cared for) superior exterior and interior condition. I credit MB for an excellent base product. We chose this model because it met our safety requirements, had 4-wheel drive, and was within our budget (we bought the car for $6K). This example was in pretty much perfect condition -- the only thing we would need to fix are the catalytic converters (car had 127K at the time of purchase). The original cats were giving out. To replace these is expensive -- roughly $1500-2K total for one left and one right side and labor. There are cheaper alternatives but we selected the MB factory refurbished units. Other than this expected problem, the car has been flawless. For a 12-year-old car with 127K miles, it runs beautifully, has a smooth-shifting transmission and tight yet forgiving suspension that always feels spot on. It rides on the highway better than most new cars. My nephew definitely appreciates the looks and all of the comforts of the Benz (heated seats, large sunroof, various electric conveniences, and the air conditioned glove box). We feel good because he is SAFE. Most examples included the optional side-impact airbags and, of course, this car is solidly built with good German steel. You can feel its durability when shutting the door. It is SOLID. We would recommend this to anyone. While parts and skilled labor may cost more, they last a very long time and the car retains value well (at least at this age). We feel we would have no problem selling this car for more than we paid for it. Personally, I recommend avoiding any examples with a tan interior -- this always seems to look dirty and stained. Stick with the grey or black -- much more durable. Also, GOLD versions seemed plentiful -- but not many buyers for this icky (my opinion) color. Many of these will have sun damaged headlights -- don't worry too much. These can be buffed out (professionally) to remove the sun damage and they'll look great again.


It could be worse I guess...

Being only seventeen I could have a worse car, but after giving my 2010 E350 to my sister (Her BMW had an engine failure...) I got this from my dad as it was a car we kept at our vacation home. It is a nice looking car, but Mercedes-Benz could have been a bit more generous in the quality department. Things like the passenger mirror break without any notice, Bulbs burn out every week, and my personal favorite, the car like to make up faults that don't exist via the information screen. The good points do outweigh the cons, however. For somebody like me that drives hundreds of miles a day in rural PA, the car has more than enough power, I see no need to buy a bigger engine. It is also so smooth and comfortable on the highway, and to top that off, I frequently get about 28-32 MPG on the highway. To finalize my review, if you can afford the upkeep on one of these, then get the best one you can find, I can assure you that you will enjoy it for many miles to come.


Plush, safe vehicle

I purchased a 1999 E320 for my wife to drive. This vehicle is vey well built. The ride is comfortabe and quiet, power is good. Reliability is good. Cost to maintain is higher than less expensive cars, however you expect that because the car has more features and cost more than may cars. Safety is very good. Appreance is stylish and clasic. This car is more of a comfort ride than high performance. That was fine for us. If you want a sportier car, the E500 class was designed for that. I purchased an other E class in 2006 and have a 2011 E350 on order now. The E 350 is what the current model is called. I believe that you can buy cheaper cars, but you get what you pay for.


Most unreliable Car I've ever owned

My Mercedes-Benz E300-TD drove beautifully, was very comfortable, and cost me a fortune in repairs. I loved the car when nothing was wrong with it, but then again there always seemed to be something that required taking it to a mechanic. I've never owned a car that had as many mechanical problems as this car had.