2007 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class consumer reviews

$52,400 starting MSRP
side view of 2007 GL-Class Mercedes-Benz
69% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 3.8
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 3.9
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I absolutely love this car! If you can think of an option, it is already in this car. It has to be the safest car I've ever owned. It is definitely the most beautiful. I don't advocate speeding but the faster you drive the better the car handles. I can't imagine that I will ever buy anything other than Mercedes from here on out.


great suv

I don't regret purchasing this suv. Looks great an handles great. Can't complain but only had it for 2wks.


Very cool ride

We have been looking for a vehicle for long family trips and this is it. Comfort, performance, towing, and luxury, has it all. Yes, I know, in a perfect world it would get 100 mpg and make me breakfast every morning. It's a big SUV with a big engine therefore the MPG is lacking. Other than that, I would have to say the perfect family ride.


Consider Another Luxury SUV

In the long run, you'll wish you chose a more reliable brand. The '07 GL is a beautiful, capable SUV that performs very well for what it is. The 7-speed transmission is always in exactly the right gear, and the 4.7-liter V-8 is powerful enough for anything from autobahn cruising speeds to off-roading (I've driven it through very deep snow, on the beach, through rocky fields, rough terrain, etc.). This thing is unstoppable thanks to the AIRMATIC suspension. It seats 7 comfortably, and has excellent cargo room. It even gets relatively good fuel economy for a big SUV: I've gotten an average of 17 mpg in city and highway driving, and I often get up to 19, even 20 on long trips. The caveat is that this SUV has quite a few quality and reliability issues. If you want to keep your luxury SUV for longer than 3-4 years, consider one of the Japanese or American competitors. In the first year of ownership, the AIRMATIC pump stopped working and was fixed under warranty, but it was eventually replaced after it stopped working again (it would not rise up and the pump was constantly groaning). The transmission would often get "stuck" in a certain gear and refused to shift, at which point you had to turn off the car and restart it for it be normal again (I figured this somehow "rebooted" the car's computer). This was also repaired under warranty. After this, it started shifting funny, and they had to replace the ENTIRE transmission (under warranty). This would have cost me a fortune. Let's see: $500 oil changes, electronic glitches in the moonroof, flaking chrome, a broken third-row seat motor, and now the latest surprise, a broken steering pump, and a faulty rear engine seal, the total of which will cost about $5000 to repair. The car only has 75k miles at this point. I've owned all kinds of cars over the years, from American to Japanese to German, but this is one of the worst cars I've ever experienced in reliability. But, but.....it's a MERCEDES!


Very unreliable car

I bought the 2007 GL450 brand at end of 2006. In the very first week, the '4matic' light went on and I had to take it back to dealer to fix it. 6 months later the same problem happened and the dealer fixed it again. Right after warrarnty expiry, the same problem happened again and the dealer said it's no longer under warranty and I had to pay for it. About 2 years after I bough it, the brake light went on, I took to the dealer and I was told not only the bake pads need to be replaced but also the rotary needs to be replaced, and they are not under warranty. Last year, the dirver side air suspension was broken and need to be replaced. This year, the passenger side air suspension had the same issue and need to be replaced, and the steering pump also had to be replaced. This is very bad. Every year costs about $2000 to repair it. The worst car ever made. I asked the dealer why the car had so many problems, I was told that this was relatively new model and do have a lot of problems. Shame on Mercedez!!!


A different suv

We were not looking for a luxury SUV, but rather an all wheel drive vehicule that combined safety, manageability , comfort for 7 including 2 growing teens ( this car is designed to seat 7 adults), and value. We knew we wanted a used with low mileage ( less than 25000) vehicule. We just could not find any popular suv that were comfortable enough for the kids sitting in the back row. In putting all our requirements and price maximum in the car finder, we eventually checked the Benz Gl 450. We did not even know Mercedes Made such bigger, but not soo big SUV ( it fits in our garage!). We were surprised to see that the Mercedes lease returns sold for about the same price as a basic new large Suv model and less than a new all wheel drive van ( the lease also usually include the original warranty). We are glad to have made the purchase on a 2007 12000 miles model, although it was hard to get other the " who do you think you are " feeling that we get from people who see us driving around in a Benz. But our kids are comfortable and with all the latest safety feature like parkotronic and full side curtain air bag, tire pressure monitor, on star like program ect.. we feel we got a good value for the money ( we keep our cars for the long run). Something else to expect though is the sounds the engine makes switching gear and traction and break ajustment. Supposed to be a Mercedes technology at work, we've been told by the Benz Engineer. The interior is well appointed and not too ritzy, just easy to manage with kids. The command center is easy to manage once you take the time to try out all the features ( about a 15 minute oriantation with the dealer or manual suffice). It is a nice vehicule but we do not feel bad driving it in the mud and snow and unpaved roads that we have where we leave. This car is worth checking out , at least as a certified pre own SUV.


Mom in the Car

I bought this vehicle in 2009. I loved the styling and the performance, but have been disappointed in the cost in upkeep. I could overlook that because I knew when I was buying a Mercedes that my oil changes weren't going to cost $30 , but $200? All that aside, unfortunately I have had to keep going back to the dealership for repairs. They have had to replace all the trim ( the coating was peeling). The suspension on both sides of the front have had to be replaced, the back door motor has gone out on me twice. There have been a few other minor repairs. Luckily, it was all covered under warranty, but I'm getting nervous because my warranty will be out soon and I'm afraid of what else is going to malfunction. I'm thinking of selling the car before the warranty goes out. Disappointed because I love everything else about the car, but afraid of the future repair bills.


Worst BENZ Experience

Very cheaply made for a Benz. Numerous minor problems with the car such as trim pieces falling off, radiator hose blowing, electrical gremlins, etc. Poor build quality nothing like my E430. All covered under warr but too much time wasted. The DLR knows me well now! Will be switching to BMW or Cadillac (never thought I would say that...). Horrible attitude from MBZ main customer service!


Fun Family SUV

Great vehicle for the family locally and road trips. Much more car than any amerian made car! This car does great on the Highway, local streets, back and forth to school, etc. The detail of the vehicle is much better than your average SUV and the reliability of it has been spot on. Only issue for me with the car was the service on the vehicle was a little on the high side. I'd recommend NOT going to the dealership for service. Hope this helps.