2007 Mercedes-Benz R-Class consumer reviews

$43,000 starting MSRP
side view of 2007 R-Class Mercedes-Benz
91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.3
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Most amazing car ever!

We have a diesel and it gets amazing gas mileage, while providing lots of room inside. I got rid of my Suburban for this and love it! It will get up and go like a sporty car!!!


My 2011 R class

I have 2011 R class had small problems with the car would not recommend without warranty but overall it's smooth lots of room I love the car always wanted it when I first saw it .


Love the car but hate the reliability and repairs

We have owned this car since buying it new in 2007. We have the R320CDI, which is the diesel engine. First of all the positive - we love the handling of this vehicle as compared to any SUV out there. The interior is also very nice with tons of second row space. The A/C, stereo, navigation, etc are all excellent (when they work). Problems we have had with the car and approximate costs to fix have been: - Had to have engine gaskets replaced due to leaking oil (under warranty) - Command center (radio/navigation) failed (1200 dollars) - Sensors in exhaust (800 dollars) - Air suspension failed (1200 dollars) - Rattling noise in header (wanted 1500 to 2000 dollars to diagnose and fix) - still rattling because I refuse to pay for this - Molding falling off of car (wanted 500 dollars) - refused to fix - Rear seatbelt no longer locking (750 dollars) - Replace main battery, which is not easy to replace yourself because it is under the passenger seat (500 dollars!!!!) - roof rack lock - no longer functioning - 300 dollars - leak in front light assembly - 800 dollars - etc. etc. etc. Mercedes should fix a lot of these things beyond 50,000 miles but they do not.


Now a mercedes fan

Ok I had my R350 for 2 years now, I just recently got it out of the shop for a $10,000 repair. Cam shaft, transmission solenoid and intake replacement and some other stuff. Now I'm scared to death of seeing the check engine light come on!......all I can say about that is , don't even think about buying a mercedes without a warranty .....with that said"....the R350 is the most comfortable vehicle on the road. The fit and feel is way better than BMW or any other luxury car for that matter. It is very thirsty riding around town but for long trips I can't imagine riding in anything else. Bottom line ....the R350 is expensive , but worth it!


Great Car and Deal

I use Cars.com because of the easy to use format and the way I am always able to find what I'm searching for. I've wanted a Mercedes R Class since they came out. I don't understand why they have been discontinued, however, corporate decisions-they didn't ask me!! Thanks Cars.com for bringing car and me together!!!!!!


Awesome Car

My wife and I absolutely love this car, and would recommend it to anyone! I like the body style and the interior luxury.


Luxurious and no soccer mom status

I am not a huge fan of minivans or SUVs. Rather, I like some luxury in my ride & prefer cards like the CLS 550. The R350 has it all; lines and luxury. Oh, and the room! So much cargo space I can carry my twin stroller, groceries, and many other things. Perfect high end crossover without the "mommy car" feel.


Great value used buy

Based on GL platform, it is spacious and comfortable. Lower center of gravity helps around the corners compared to an average SUV. Unique in it's class. Depreciate too fast when purchased brand new...


Great ride hidden by an edgy look

Bought a 2007 R350 used, after getting rid of an ML 320 bought new in 2002. The ML was great but I sucumbed to a smaller vehicle (Nissan Rogue)because of the fuel mileage (14 city/ 19 hwy). Rogue was a big mistake. The tradeoff for the gas mileage didn't work because the Rogue was too small and uncomfortable to boot. The R class is definatly a sleeper. Great ride due to the long wheel base and rear air suspension, still handles well though. Gas mileage is an acceptable 17 city/ 23 hwy. If the repair record is as good or hopefully better than the ML, this is a keeper. The styling takes a little getting used to but it does grow on you especially if you need the room or want to be comfortable. You can drive this puppy for 16 - 20 hours and get out feeling like it was a trip around the block.


Family car with style and comfort

I love our R500, it is the best ride I have ever had, however the kids always falls asleep in the back because it is so comfy. We have been on long road trips and it seems like the driver doesn't get tired at all - no noise, no vibrations, the heater and aircon is perfect - and the 8 cyl engine is fantastic. It handles like a sports sedan and is easy in traffic, We all love the ride !!!