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2008 Mercury Milan consumer reviews

$19,095 starting MSRP
side view of 2008 Milan Mercury
96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value 4.7
  • Exterior 4.8
  • Reliability 4.7
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Best starter car

This car has been with my family for over 6 years. Not only is it a stable vehicle, but it is reliable and very safe.


Fun to drive!

Love the car. It's so easy to drive, quick steering and pick up. Mine is a 4 cylinder! HUGE trunk but could have used more back seat room instead.


Long Term Owner

Purchased a new Premier V6 in October 2007 pushing 70k trouble free miles (except for needing a replacement battery and gas cap) with the original brakes and tires! Averaging 21.5mpg combined. Regularly achieve 26 - 26 mpg highway! Can exceed 28+ Highway if one stays below 68 mph. Leather seats still look new. Still drives, looks and handles like a new car. Handles great while provide a very comfortable ride. The only thing it's lacking is a powered passenger seat. It was a great buy new and it would be a great choice used


Happy Milan Owners.

My wife and I were in the market for a Focus, 2007 or older, to keep the price and payments low. We stumbled on a Milan Premier with 80K miles. We test-drove it and fell in love. My wife loved the leather, heated seats, etc., and I liked the performance of the 4-cylinder engine, and the body styling, as well as the LED tail lights. We've had the car for several months, and it now has 90K miles. This car has gone 10K miles since its last oil change, and upon checking it, has not lost or burned 1 drop of oil, and the oil isn't that dark! The car even started life as a rental! We average 26MPG overall. This 4-cylinder out-accelerates our older Taurus, and gets much better mileage! We plan on driving this car well past 200K miles! The interior is plenty comfortable, and the only gripe is with the 1st generation Sync system. You can tell by the interface with the regular radio that it's an afterthought. When it doesn't drop the bluetooth connection to my wife's phone, it works well. The menus are less than intuitive.


A Well Kept Secret

I've been driving a base Milan for the past year now, and though there are some things I would change, It's a very rewarding car to own. The ride is fantastic. It's softly sprung, but you still get decent road feel, and great cornering. My only complaint is excessive roll in sharp turns. The steering is very light, but also numb. The 2.3L I4 feels underpowered, but much of this is due to a lazy shift program. Kind of disappointing for a Mazda-sourced powertrain. I would opt for the V6 if you are an enthusiastic driver. The fuel economy is average, so expect low to mid 20s. The interior isn't very flashy, but I admire its minimalism. The base comes with the most comfortable cloth seats in any car-they feel like suede, and the wood trim is very classy (especially with the analog clock). Ambient lighting is an option that looks cool and I wish I had, but it's not that important. The stock stereo is very good, but i wish that it had Sync, and some better speakers. As the title implies, this is FoMoCo's best kept secret. Yeah, it's a Fusion with different bumpers and lights, but they make the difference (I get so many compliments on how good this car looks). Also, they can be had for a few grand less than a comparable Fusion of the same year.



I bought this car new in 2008. It has been the most reliable car I've ever owned; I've not had ANY problems with it and I'm at 55,000 miles! I love the way it drives, it's comfortable and has every feature I was looking for. Love it! They really had a winner here...


great buy!

Recently bought for $13,850, and later found the added bonus of automatic car starter and heated seats that the dealership did not advertise. The inside is beautiful with all leather seat, when shopping around watch out for duel fabric leather seats online, many models have this as a premium but man are they ugly! The car gets great gas mileage, being a fulltime student and part time employee I only fill up about twice a month. The worst part of this car is probably the back window that sits at an angle that collects rain, dew and snow and has no windshield wipers. Besides that this car is perfect, its too bad they discontinued the model in 2010.


One of the Most reliable vehicles I've owned

I have had this vehicle for almost three months and the driveability of this vehicle is great. I only have on downside. The downside is when driving at night and a vehicle is close to the back of the vehicle the Auto Dimming Mirror sensor is blocked by the third break light. So, that means the light is right in your eyeballs and very unsafe if you're the leader of the pack and no vehicles in front of your vehicle. Other than that the vehicle is great so far.


Best Second Car!

I picked up my 08 Milan last weekend and loved it! It's a complete day & night difference from my first car, a 2002 Subaru Legacy GT. Very comfortable, stylish, and has great acceleration! I am planning to keep it for a long time until time comes to get another new car! I highly recommend this car to anyone in a market for a reliable and affordable entry-level luxury sedan!


Best car I've ever owned thus far...

This has got to be the best car I've ever owned! Talk about an eye opener! I was really into a company that started with a "C" guy but this car has TOTALLY changed my mind. I bought the Milan V6 Premier used and you wouldn't think that it was because it looked and ran like NEW! Heated leather seats, great sound system, great power under the hood, excellent design and looks, and talk about a comfortable! It gets good gas mileage...about 18/27. I was suprised how much room I had in the front(I'm 6'2"). I feel very much at home in this car. I would FOR SURE get this kind of car again! I love it!