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2004 MINI Cooper consumer reviews

$16,449 starting MSRP
side view of 2004 Cooper MINI
83% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.8
  • Interior 4.2
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value 4.2
  • Exterior 4.8
  • Reliability 3.8
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Recent car purchase

I purchased a Mini Cooper and I was very satisfied, the service was quick and efficient.The sales representatives are very friendly and professional.


If you like small cars, you'll love this one

I can't say it's the most practical vehicle for everyone, but if it fits your lifestyle and the kind of driving you do, then the first-generation Mini Cooper is a solid pick. Obviously the great fuel mileage is a major reason to make this choice - I've averaged around 30-35 mpg in my two months of ownership, and up to 40 on a long vacation trip. The best part, though, is that it doesn't feel like you're driving some econo-commuter penalty box. It's got a great manual transmission that really gets you up to speed quickly, it's got enough power to keep you moving but not so much that you feel overwhelmed, and it's got enough luxury features to be comfortable for lots of miles of driving. Drawbacks? There are some quirky things in the interior that give the car its charm, and they need to be explained every time you get a new passenger in it. But that is part of the fun, too - along with instantly joining a community of Mini owners who are passionate about their cars and can readily supply answers for most questions or direct you appropriately. One major note: make sure to use what they call "Top Tier" gasoline (search about it online) in the proper 91 octane or the Service Engine Soon warning light will appear to remind you. Other than those small niggles, this Mini is an awesome car. Not for everyone, certainly, but an awesome car.


a large repair bill looking for a place to happen

S models supercharger placement is bad, no way to check the oil in the rear sump without removing the water pump! The rear sump only holds 2.8 oz. of oil which can be sucked thru the shaft seal. Mini doesn't have a s/c service policy and dosn't sell the corect oil for it. When the sump is dry, the rear gears (which are no longer available from Eaton) grind to dust. It would not have been hard to add a remote fill or dipstick whent the car was desgined.


Mini Me

I experienced some trepidation going from a full size truck down to a Mini Coop. My Silverado of 18 years will always have a place in heart but the Mini has definately carved out its own niche. Besides looking great the car handles beautifully and is so quick you never even know youre speeding! The front seats are comfortable for any average sized adult but i wouldnt recommend it for those with kids or large pets. The gas mileage is phenomenal and fill ups are no longer put a serious dent in my pocketbook. I got my Mini for an excellent price and its been worth every penny.


I love my Mini

I have had an 04 Mini Cooper for three years and positively love her. She's much more roomy than one would think, and in fact i almost find the driver's seat too big for me. Storage in the back is probably bigger than the average sedan when the seats are folded down flat. No, this is not a family car to pack up for a week long vacation, but otherwise should meet the daily driver's needs with an added bonus of fun. My mini handles great, is tight through turns, and has great pick up (and she's not an S!). A sunroof is a must have and it opens very wide (i'd estimate 15-18 inches). Mini has never left me stranded, and the only repairs she's needed have been general wear and tear (oil changes, breaks, new tires, windshield wipers). Any downsides? a few. but not deal breakers for me. the road noise is a bit loud, and she's a bit hard over bumps. Also, it can be a pain if you don't live near a dealer, which i don't. Luckily, she hasn't needed substantial work, so this hasn't been an issue.


Great Car

Best car I ever owned. More reliable than domestic cars and fun to drive. Great for travelling and parking in city.


costly operation

Although the Mini is great to drive, extremely easy to park, has great visibility, my experience on the reliability and cost of repairs is on the other side of the hill. With only 55K miles, warranty was up at 36K, I have spent close to 15K to repair this thing. On a car that cost 21K to purchase. Just the oil pan gasket replacement cost $700. It is literally falling apart before my eyes. Can't wait to find another car that is small and fun to drive.


Unreliable money pit

Bought my 04 mini in 2006, finally got it out of the shop long enough to trade it in for a Honda last weekend, what a nightmare of car ownership. I loved her when I first bought her but then I started having all of the other VERY WELL DOCUMENTED problems all other mini owners have and the BMW/Mini continues to deny: Transmission (CVT) went out on the freeway when I had about 60k miles on the car (tried to charge me $10,000 to fix but I finally dropped it to 'only' $4000, gas gauge broke causing me to run out of gas while it said I had a quarter of a tank left $1100, power steering motor ($1000), another $2200 last week...not such a cute car anymore.