2007 MINI Cooper consumer reviews

$18,050 starting MSRP
side view of 2007 Cooper MINI
77% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.1
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.0
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 3.9
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Woo-Hoo! Fun Car to Drive

Wide body, sits low to the ground, and a 6 speed manual transmission make this one fun car to drive. It handles the road very well and was hard to give up! The car is roomier than it looks. The front is quite comfortable for adult seating and overall the car can actually fit some larger items once the back seats are down. The back seats are not as roomy for adult seating. German car company means that it is expensive to fix. I've been told there are a few problem areas that need fixing over time and once they have been done, you're good to go. That was not my experience (it needed more consistent fixing), but I still loved this car nonetheless and would have bought a newer model if it made sense in my life at the time.


Favorite city car

This car is so fun to drive. Push to start and keyless entry- never had to take the keys out of my bag!! Speakers are really good, A/C is really cold, sport button is my favorite and very easy to park anywhere at anytime! It is the only car I see that looks good in many colors. Panoramic sliding Sun/moonroof is also one of my favorite features. One thing you have to check daily in order to keep it for a good 10 years is maintenance. Oil change, transmission fuel (even if they say they don't need it changed) , any fuel to avoid blockage. I don't ever want to replace it!!!


Repair and Maintenance Cost exceeds Fun and Look

I own a MINI Cooper S and recommend before purchasing a MINI to perform extensive research, as based on my Cooper S, the fun and look will fade once reliability along with repair and maintenance cost start to creep to the purchase price. You should discuss with actual owners of a MINI S that had the car for 5 year for their experience / reliability / cost. Research MINI's prior issues such as timing chain, turbo charger, exhaust valves, cylinder, etc. In addition, look into dealership cost for brakes, rotors, battery replacement, sensor replacement, clearing engine lights. After you do your research and you still are ready to make the purchase, ensure you obtain the extended, extended warranty. It may be small and fun; however, it will cost you big year after year, more than the fun and look.


My Go to Car next to my Porsche 911 - Dependable

The 2007 performs while delivering great responsive steering and acceleration. The bullet proof transmission has a geer for every demanding corner and straight-away. I look forward to the Mini driving experience and iconic feel each time I drive this vehicle.


Beware the CVT transmission

This car has the CVT automatic that is notoriously unreliable. Look at MINIs with either a manual or the steptronic 6 speed automatic on the "S" version....


MC 2007 sport turbo

So i just bought this car used and this was its deal: water pump and timing chain were replaced recently (currently at 88k miles), sunroof doesn't open unless you do some weird SOS type tapping on the switch, a little slow to get into 2nd gear (this is an automatic with the tiptronic), speakers aren't that great (maybe I'm half deaf), good roaring engine similar to a BMW, blue compatibility with iphone 4 has yet TBD but there are phonecall buttons on the steering wheel. Also, no MP3 hookup yet so I'm rolling with the radio and a single CD changer. not to mention, street cred street cred street cred. I've saved about $2000 after the purchase for anything else that could go wrong but I'm pretty sure that getting this year at 88k miles with a new water pump and timing chain already installed is a good idea. otherwise, from what i've read, you'll have to get these things at around that many miles...


from truck to mini

last year I bought an 2006 chevy truck,,,which I still believe is the best truck on the road,,,,however,,,I needed and wanted a vehical tat gave me more than 16 miles per gallon,,,so I started my search,,,after looking at honda's ,,,nissians,,and all of the sort,,,for the joy of driving and the expieriance I chose a mini cooper,,,it's fun,,,good on gas and dependable,,,was told BMW makes the cooper,,but at this point,,,don't really care,,,it's a blast to drive and give me all the experiance of driving I could ask for,,,so for me,,,the mini cooper is the best cdhoice I could find after driving all the others.


A Pleasant Surprise

I bought a pre-owned 2007 MINI Cooper Hatchback two months ago to replace my beloved--and somewhat rare--2005 Subaru Forester XT STI. The Forester provided utility, comfort and exhilarating performance on call, and all at a reasonable price. Its only drawback was the tradeoff of good fuel economy for the performance aspect I so much enjoyed. In replacing my Forester, I was hoping to find a car that was just as much fun to drive, just as reliable to maintain, and more economical at the gas pump. The MINI Cooper I purchased to replace my Forester has provided all three! Anyone who buys a sporty car like this, expecting to enjoy a cushy ride, needs a reality check. The MINI, on this score, is the perfect compromise of sporty, responsive handling with a compliant suspension that delivers a surprisingly acceptable ride without being too harsh. The electrically-assisted power steering provides excellent road feel, and the body and suspension provide controlled response in hard cornering. The normally-aspirated, fuel-injected, BMW-designed 4-cylinder 1.6 liter engine, coupled with a six-speed step-tronic transmission, provides more than adequate acceleration while demanding very little at the gas pump. I recently averaged 45.5 mpg in steady highway driving at 65 mph on a 3-hour road trip. I don't think there is any car available, save perhaps an anemic hybrid, that can deliver that kind of economy. My experience over two months for highway driving averages a little less: about 41 mpg. Around town, I enjoy a more spirited ride, operating in Sport Mode most of the time, and yet still averaging around 35 mpg. All this is delivered by "the little engine that could," never embarrassing me on freeway on-ramps. Both exterior styling and interior design are very unique to MINI, and BMW has, in spite of challenges posed by government highway safety laws that demanded hood and bodywork changes, managed to maintain the "look" of the original MINI that has captured the hearts and won the affections of so many owners. Body fit and trim, as well as interior features, while characteristically MINI, reflect the refinements that BMW brings to the table. Front seats easily accommodate tall drivers and passengers, and, as can be expected, the back seat is shy on leg room, but hey, this IS a sporty car, not the family taxi. Owners' complaints about complicated controls and misplaced volume knobs have been addressed by MINI in later models, but I have never found any of these complaints to be bothersome to me. The few niggling bugs that needed to be worked out of my pre-owned car were covered by the warranty the dealer offered me, so I have had no out-of-pocket expenses so far. Perhaps it is too early to judge my car on reliability, but to date, it hasn't even hinted of a problem, save the warranted bugs I mentioned. Can one find a car that comes close to the MINI in terms of performance, comfort and design, but at lower cost? The answer to this question is yes, but I know of no other car that can deliver "a smile every mile" as the MINI does. Anyone remotely interested in buying a MINI should take one for a test ride. The ride is what it's all about, after all. While the MINI may not be suitable for everyone, you'll find few, if any, MINI owners who aren't fiercely loyal, appreciative of, and enamored by their car.


wife loves it

Rides worst than any car I've ever had. Run flat tires are part of the reason. Changed tires after 32,000 better but still rough as a wagon. Runs great but service is expensive. I like to do my own service but anything past an oil change is hard. service engine light takes a computer geek to reset. So small you feel like a clown getting in and out of it.


Luxury compact car

I bought preowned mini cooper type s a few months ago with 49k miles on it and now already driven for about 12K miles, everything really good and work good, just only the problem is this car doesn't have spare tire, but the tires it self can run on flat. I got problem with this tires twice when suddenly the tires flat in the night, and second when it happen on the weekend, will be really become problem. And another is this car for the first you drive will be very bumpy. And the last if you want to buy a luxury compact car choose MINI, every body will know who you are.