2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse consumer reviews

$17,697–$18,497 MSRP range
side view of 2000 Eclipse Mitsubishi
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.4
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My First Car!

I bought my eclipse in 2008 when I got my first job. I bought the V6 manual transmission and the color was silver. After five years of driving this car, I am very very happy with this car. I was considering the Toyota Celica, Acura RSX, but chose this car as when compared to the other cars, this is excellent value for money. I bought it with 133K miles on it and now I am at 204K.The engine and transmission is strong, I would even dare to say it feels almost like it is fresh out of the showroom. I get a combined 25-26MPG consistently but on highway driving alone have even got 30 once. The stock exhaust sounds really good, so good that some people thought it was an aftermarket muffler. I replaced the muffler anyway and it sounds even better. I think the car looks really good and with some light modifications(wheels, headlights, window tint) looks really cool.The exterior silver metallic paint job is amazing and even after this long still looks like its new(especially on gloomy days during or after rain). There is a little bit of rusting at the strut towers and the lower edge of the tailgate, but I guess with Michigan winters and salt and after 13 years, it is difficult to avoid. As others have said, it is noisy on the highway, but if you like listening to the sound of a nice exhaust, change it and enjoy the sound. I forgot to mention that I even use it to towe my motorcycle trailer around! I plan to drive the car as long as it still will. There have only been the occassional maintenace things I have had to do and not bad considering the high mileage( tie rod ends, wheel bearings, valve cover gasket , head gasket). All in all-very pleased with my choice.


1st car I have ever had, and the only one I want.

Well this is my first car, 2000 Mitsubishi RS and it has 148,000 miles on it and it runs like a charm, for the most part. It shakes a bit while driving. But this car is very reliable. I rain over a tree stump, a very large one at that, to where my whole car was tilted and lifted off the ground lol. I really wasnt paying attention I guess. Anyways, the stump was right on my transmission and I thought that was the last of my car. But It took 4 hours to get off the tree stump, and not a scratch, dent, or anything wrong with it. I still have it to this day, and I have avoided all tree stumps lol.


First Mitsubishi, First Coupe, Forever Love

I purchased this car used in February of '12 when my all original '90 New Yorker's transmission blew at some 500,000 miles. It is the RS model which has the 4G64 SOHC 16-Valve Inline 4 mated to the 5-speed. Overall, the car is my Daily Driver and so far I have no major complaints about the car. I purchased the car with 228,xxx miles on it and all it needed was an alternator and belt. It's a fun little sport hatch, that when you get on the winding roads will show it's true nature although it does have a bit of under-steer to it if you push it to hard. Space is ample in the front seats but, rear space is kinda... well small. Rear seats fold down for more space in the already roomy hatch area. Seat comfort is good, even after 13yrs. Transmission shifts smoothly, and has a good feel to it. Steering response is precise, and the engine is still as peppy as ever. PROS: Great Car, Everyday Drive-able, Comfortable(except the back), and very fun on a budget. CONS: Slightly noisy at highway speeds, C-pillar is a blind-spot, and the Hatch and Hood have some heft to them. Otherwise a great vehicle, fun toy, and blast to own.


Great car

Bought it used and has been great so far. Fun little car to drive. Love our little rice burner/ Great value for the money


Save your time and money.

I bought this car back in 2004 and it only had 26,600 miles on it. The first year was great. Then everything went downhill. Literally everything broke on this car. Transmission mounts, power steering, the sun roof leaked terribly (I live in FL), the driver's side door leaked, the entire audio system went out, everything electrical would go out for no reason then come back on, it had an oil leak, it had a gas leak, it had an exhaust leak, the front suspension was replaced, belts/pullys broke twice, A/C broke, the clutch safety switch went out (twice) which lead to the entire security system going in the car - that's when I sold it. It only had 85,000 miles when I got rid of it. Every time I got in the car there was a 50/50 chance it would start. I had the oil changed religiously, only put premium in the tank, and had all scheduled maintenance done. This car was babied, waxed monthly, and driven respectfully. Worst car ever. On a lighter note: I had the 5 speed GT; it was a quick car when it would start. That's about it. I will never buy a Mitsubishi again.


Best coupe owned so far!

I love this car. It is extremely fast and very very good at handling. I love the interior of the car is very nice. reving to max RPM pushes car to the limit and you can feel the engine way more than other car, this is what I think is better than any coupe I've own so far. Car is very strong, get good gas mileage. Just hope I would be smaller, car is not comfortable for tall ppl but I made adjustments to make it work, so it's all good. Otherwise I really love this car.


Very reliable, fun to drive, affordable

Bought a 2000 Eclipse GT used with 65,000 miles, now have 125,000 with no mechanical problems other than routine maintenance. This car has been extremely reliable, plus I love the sporty performance and styling. After 10 years, the car is starting to show some interior wear and tear but nothing too bad for it's age. If you're in the market for a sporty, reliable, fun, yet affordable car with good gas mileage, then this may be your ticket. I have the 4 cylinder 2.4L and like several things about it better than the V-6: - more room in the engine bay makes it very easy to work on at home - better gas mileage. I get about 28 in town, 34 on hwy, or about 30-32 in my typical mixed driving. - the lighter weight of the 4 cyl actually allows for more optimal (closer to 50/50) weight distribution and better handling. PROS: great value, very reliable, great gas mileage, very good performance and handling, excellent feel from the manual transmission, fun to drive, good looking car. Good interior room (except the back seat). And most surprising was that it does incredibly well in snow - I live in Colorado, just using standard all-season tires, and get through any snow as long as I'm not pushing deep snow with the front bumper! CONS: noisy on the highway, back seat is cramped for all but children, back hatch hard to open and gas struts have lost some of their charge so they won't hold open in winter, AC is starting to get a little weak. Again though, this is typical stuff to expect on a 10 yr old car. Buy this car, you won't regret it!


So Sporty

MY HIGHSCHOOL CAR!! this car always gets in the mid-high 20's for gas mileage and has lots of power. Sun roof and everything still works at 120k thousand miles and had only had maintenance work done on it. Though I am 19 now 6"2' and 399pounds i cannot find a position to drive it at all or even fit in it lol but my dad (about 200pounds lighter) and 5"9' loves to drive this car and says it is a blast


Best Used Auto

I bought my 2000 eclipse used with 89,000 miles and I haven't had a problem with it sense I bought it last year as of today it has 150,000 and the car is steal is going strong everyone in town loves my car....it keeps up with the new cars speed and look.


Best value and performance money can get!

I've owned three of the GT and there is not a better vehicle to tune and use for performance/show car. This vehicle has perfect handling and it starts with 210 horespower which gives a great advantage from the start, with a standard TD turbo kit this vehicle can pump as much as 480 horses to the wheel. Has great comfort and provides a kick without any upgrades, standard 6CD changer in dash, what more could you get?