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1992 Mitsubishi Montero

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Our Take on the 1992 Mitsubishi Montero

The popularity of sport utility vehicles has produced some interesting compromises of playfulness, workmanly purpose and commuter comfort.

At the entry end of the category are inexpensive Wranglers, Amigos, Trackers, Sidekicks and other bug-cutesy kidney crushers.

They offer mechanical simplicity and raw nimbleness, attractions that have continued from Omaha Beach to Malibu Beach. In the hands of the young and the feckless, however, these stubby-wheelbase, all-terrain terriers have an unfortunate affinity for tipping over.

At the plush-bottomed top of the market is the redoubtable Range Rover, which has been seen lifting a pinkie while trading heavily on its leather and walnut heritage... Read More