2009 Nissan GT-R consumer reviews

$76,840 starting MSRP
side view of 2009 GT-R Nissan
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.0
  • Interior 4.3
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value 4.6
  • Exterior 4.5
  • Reliability 4.5
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simply the best handelling, take off, comfort, good looking sports coupe out there. forget porsche..


Hennessey GTR 600

Explosive! That's the best way to describe this car. This is a true drivers car and it was always a car I lusted over as soon as I started reading about them. The fact that it's a Hennessey GTR makes it even better. The seats are the best Iv'e ever sat in, super dual clutch transmission, good brakes and a nice layout of instruments. There have been some teething problems with this particular vehicle but the fact that it was used as the set up mule for their line of GTR packages probably has something to do with the minor issues the car has experianced. If you like explosive power with control then this is the car for you.


World Class Performance, not a daily driver

The Nissan GT-R (a.k.a. Skyline) has long been a dream car of mine. When I found out they were finally releasing one to the US, I started saving. I had the car for almost a year. Tuned w/ a Cobb Accessport, it was doing 0-60 in almost 3 flat, with no launch control, and the 1/4 mile in just over 11 flat. Brutally fast, in every gear. But, I was driving it 70 miles/day to work and back as my daily driver. Oil changes are $200 each, and tires cost $2K/10K miles. Oil diff change is $2K, and brakes are $2K. It all starts to add up quickly. It became very costly to own this car and drive it regularly. And, even with all-seasons, don't think about moving in any kind of snowfall. It became impractical in evey way very quickly. This car is for someone who has tons of cash to put in a car, and can afford a second nice car for a daily driver. But, hands down, the best performance the money will buy. Be prepared for attention eveywhere you go; it really turns heads and spurs a lot of questions.



Just a quick review here but if you are considering a purchase of a car like this, you are on the right track. I've owned multiple Vette's and BMWs and they are in the shadow of this car. Very hard to describe the performance of a car like this unless you have been in it and felt it first-hand. The GTR is really in a class of its own especially at this price point. There are many Ferraris that can't reach this performance level and they are priced in the mid 150s and higher. Porsche is also having difficulties hanging with this beast so if you want a sports car and you have about $80K, then this is a no-brainer. Also, the looks you get in this car are crazy simply b/c you don't see many of these around. Hope that help those that are thinking about the purchase.


Holy S##T!!

The performance of this car is incredible. I've had Avantis, Corvettes, an NSX, Prowler, and many other cars, but nothing compares. Absolutely no problems, everything works. Wherever I go, people stop me to take pictures. The brakes make a little noise due to their design, the interior could be roomier, and I'd really like to see some Nismo body enhancements for more individuality (Don't like what I've seen so far from after-market vendors). It is the best car I've owned.


Supercar performance at a fraction of the price

The ledgend is real and the numbers don't lie! This car outperforms in every aspect (0-60, 1/4 mile, skidpad, braking, top speed, etc...) almost every production sports car available to the US, even vastly more expensive ones. The car handles like a dream - 100mph in the rain is no problem. Going through an S-curve at 80, no problem. Power is available at any speed, and any RPM. My driving skills and/or the road gives out before the car does. This much fun should be illegal!


Bang for your buck then BANG goes your buck

This is hands down a race car. The GT-R is exotic in nature with great performance in speed and handling. It is by far no slouch and very affordable for this type of performance ? at first. To turn around and take this vehicle and use it as a daily driver will melt your pocket quicker than ice in Egypt. Every 12k miles equals $2k+ in service just for fluid and filter changes. Add to that a transaxle that cost $22k just in parts to replace if becomes damaged. I would suggest a lot of research and forward planning if you decide on purchasing this car, otherwise it could sneak up and then GT-R would send you to the bank as fast as it does from 0 ? 100. Food for thought, what happens if Nissan decides to back out of the ultra-high performance vehicle business, how much for the maintenance then?


Fast comfort

The car is a blast to drive in race mode, but still able to putter around town in auto mode, listening to cds, talking on phone via bluetooth, or vegging out after a hard day's work. No way you can explore this car's potential unless you're on the track, or you're just plain stupid and drive it fast on public hways! Have had Porsche's, Ferraris, several Z06's vettes, and BMW's - this is the best car all-around! Would recommend it highly!!


Dream car

Everything about this car is just beyond all expectations I had for the new gtr. Recalling the boxy structure of the oldies, this new body style is just a great change. The only things I would like different about this super car is that the interior would be totally sporty and its own. It is eerily similar to Mazdas cars such as the RX8. Also I would hope in the next few months more Nissan dealers will find a way to get more trained mechanics for this car. Driving 75mi to have a car inspected properly is not fun. Great car though. Lives up to its expectations. Great job Nissan :D


great, but pricy

BEST CAR NISSAN MADE SO FAR... awsome looking exterior, really fast and lots of features that it has to offer, but the only problem is that its a little too expensive for a tuner, and they could've done better in the interior, but overall, great car!!