2001 Pontiac Aztek consumer reviews

$21,445–$23,960 MSRP range
side view of 2001 Aztek Pontiac
84% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 3.9
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I own two of them

We purchased our first Aztek new in 2000. Everyone thought it was ugly...but look around now and see how many have copied that body shape to some degree. It now has almost 270000 miles on it. We love the design, comfort and space. Bought our 2nd a 2003 model used in 2007. Almost 200000 miles on it now. Some repairs due to high milage but overall a great car that runs and runs and runs!


Aztek forever

Undoubtably the Pontiac Aztek is the best overall car I've ever owned. I intend to keep this until 250,000 miles are on it. It now has 70,000


Aztek GT personal review of available options

My 2001 Aztek GT is loaded with nearly every feature available with the exception of AWD and heated seats. The factory in-dash 6 disc changer is really nice especially with the radio controls on the steering wheel, over the rear seats and near the tail gate. I liked the Onstar option but as of Feb 2008 all vehicles equipped with an analog Onstar stopped working. I love the factory Pioneer 10 speaker sound system. My Aztek came with two tone leather and I found the seats firm and yet comfortable. The rear 50/50 split seating was ample for three adults or 3 car seats. Trust me I?ve had all back there. The HUD (Head up Display) is very cool. It displayed the current speed, turn signals, high beam indicator and radio or CD player information onto the windshield. The DIC (Driver Information Center) is a handy feature allowing the driver to monitor the outside temp, average MPG, current MPG, fuel used, distance till empty and engine oil life. The console cooler is a pretty convenient feature for those long road trips although it would have been better to have a powered cooler but ice holds for quite a while. The storage tray in the back was a great idea. You can place large or heavy items on it. When you?re ready to unload you just pull the storage tray out over the tailgate and start unloading. This saves you from having to lean into the vehicle. The tray and bracket can be easily removed if needed. My only complaint is items slide around very easily while driving. It would be better to have some type of rubber surface on top of the tray to hold things in place while driving. I like the tent option although I haven?t ever set it up. The rear of the Aztek has an air compressor to pump up an air mattress and has a long enough air hose to pump up all of the tires if they are low. I have made a few long trips along the turn pike and have stopped to rest at the rest areas. It does take a little more time than I?d like to pump up the factory air mattress but it all pays off when you?re staring up at the night sky through the angled back glass. It seems to handle well and drives more like a car. The biggest complaint I have against the Aztek is the engine feels a little underpowered for its size. But that is somewhat offset by the fact that I average about 24mpg (I?d say 70/30 highway/back roads) and 27.5 all highway.


A future classic

I have been very pleased with my 2001 Aztek AWD. It was built for outdoor people and I camp 25 nights a year. With my Yakima Rack and I can haul 2 canoes on top and the 3.4 v-6 allows me to pull a trailer with 2 more canoes on 4 kayaks on it. I love the look inside and out. I think that it really stands out in a world were most cars look the same. I know that many thought they were ugly but not me. I love the texture of the inside door handles and the removeable center council that doubles as a cooler. It is much roomier and more powerful than a Subaru Outback for much less money. With AWD it is great in the snow. It handles better than a Montana or other minivan and is fun to drive. Yes I have had the normal Aztek maintenance items. I have replaced a wheel bearing at 70 K. I had the Manifold gasket done at 30 K but that was under a warranty. I just had the air conditioning condensor go along with the radiator but now I am good for many summers to come. These problems also exist with the Montana and Venture so it is not just the Aztek. The overall design and concept is great and these vehicles are unique. 20 years from now they will be collectable because of thier uniqueness and their rarity since they were only made for 4 years. The new GM cars look so boring.


Loved My Green Meanie

I had leased a green Aztek new back in 2001. I absolutely loved and adored this thing. Not one problem, always reliable, and all weather. Sure it might be a little fugly, but that's what drew me to it in the first place. The green was probably the most offensive of the colors but it stood out and gave it character(it was the only one in the county). It was the most comfortable vehicle I had ever had the pleasure of driving. I had to give it up because the lease was up and I was unemployed at the time and nearly 5 years later, I still pine over that beast. But in the next few weeks, I will be buying another outright--hopefully another greenie.


I love my aztek!!

This is the most comfortable and reliable I have every owned! Can fit 3 carseats in the back and gets great gas mileage. I have had no problems at all with this car.


A love/hate relationship

I cant tell you how much I really loved this car. I bought mine used with 47,000 miles on it. It was such a pleasure to drive whether on the highway or a rough mountain road. Loaded with exiting features the air compressor, auto-load level, driver info center, and a tent that comes right out of the back end, it was truly a rugged luxury vehicle even for my outdoors lifestyle. I really liked the look of the car, the styling of the interior, the great gas milage (28mph on the highway), and the amazing amount of room in the cab. I cant tell you how much I hated this car. It seemed that every couple of months I had to take it in for work. The problems it had were to numerous to mention, but i will say very few or them were little ones. I did buy an extended warranty with the car, but it had a $200 deductable wich I had to pay ten times in two years. After much thought I realized that the extra expense of the warrant deductable could be used to by a more reliable vehicle that may not end up in the shop as often. The last time that I took it to the dealership shop for major work, I left it there for good and drove home in a Jeep wrangler unlimited. If Pontiac would have just built the car alot better, made with parts that last and cleaned up the electrical mess that seems to plague these vehicles, I wouldn't want to drive any thing else. But as it is, I would not wish this car on anyone especially anyone with a family.


The perfect Lemon

I bought this car used. I loved the look of it and it had lots of room in the cab. With a 7 year old and a new baby, I wanted safety, lots of room, and a stylish look. The color is a brilliant yellow---people either love the look or hate it. I loved it. Until day two. That's when the problems started. The tyrod end was gone when I bought it, as were the a/c condensor, wheel bearing and rear knuckles. I bought an extended warrenty and between that and the dealer, those issues were covered (after a bit of fighting). Since then an evap sensor has gone causing an engine light to display, and now the electronic brake control module is gone---these repairs will be about $1,000. Pontiac should be embarrassed to sell these vehicles to unsuspecting victims!


Ugly Duckling or Swan (w/ a bad heart)

Is the Pontiac Aztek a VERY UGLY DUCKLING or a BEAUTIFUL SWAN w/ a real bad heart?? Hard call... The first time I saw this vehicle I was unimpressed with its exterior, but when I climbed in one to take it for a test drive I was amazed at the interior design. Turn the ignition and the whole dashboard lights up with a red glow and you suddenly see speed, radio station and volume, and more displayed on the windshield in front of you. Once you get the car out on the road is when the real beauty shines through. This car is a wonder to drive. It feels like you are in a giant SUV its so roomy, the cargo space is like a mini-van, but this sucker drives like a luxury car and turns like a compact. Now, I have never ran into a more problematic engine compartment in my life. From, after researching, I have found that these are all 1-time problems. Meaning that GM should of done it right the first time. Within the first 20k miles expect to replace the pass. rear wheel bearing(the replacement part seems to last for over 100k miles without problems), then you will loose AC due to a condenser that sits right up against a sidewall and gets worn through(when you order the new cond. they send you an adapter that moves it 2 inches away from the sidewall), right after this it will run hot ... your intake manifold gasket is leaking, the factory ordered replacement gasket lasts just about forever. Now, at about 35,000 miles your gas milage drops, this is due to a bad gas cap that is suddenly letting air into the gas tank and somehow affects you milage ...(the new one that you order is much better and will last a lifetime). I have to say, I wish that GM would just do it right the first time. BUT after you FIX IT, it is a great running vehicle and it drives like a dream. Overall, my hair DID go gray within a 5,000 mile period. But, before and after that , the vehicle has been very very reliable and the drive is such a pleasure that it is sure to help you let go of your work stress by the time you get home. I would buy one again but I would either A.) buy one that has at least 50,000 miles on it to make sure the kinks were worked out, OR B.) buy one with very few miles and send it immediately to a shop to have ALL of the above listed problems fixed before they ever show up.