2004 Pontiac Aztek consumer reviews

$21,275–$24,190 MSRP range
side view of 2004 Aztek Pontiac
87% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 4.4
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Perfect car for me

With more than 200K miles still running good; definitely a very good car for me and my family. Sadly they stop making it.



I have always wondered about the Aztek when they first came out in 2001, but to be honest I really thought the car was ugly! I finally put my mind to rest 3 weeks ago and bought a 2004 it was almost in new condition and only has 98 thousand miles on it. when I started the car for a test drive it was so quite ! I was not sure it was on. I took it for the test drive it was the smoothest ride I ever had! you cant even feel the car go over the bumps in the road. it saves on gas so much as well. I filled up my tank the day I bought it, 3 weeks later i'm still on 1/2 a tank all it took was $30.00 to fill up the tank. it so comfortable nice size for a family of 6 or less. I would recommend this car to anybody who's thinking of buying a car to look into finding a Aztek out there some where. I really love my car. I wish Pontiac would bring them back!!


You won't regret it.

Having a vehicle like this is the best of both worlds. It has the tailgate that comes down like a truck with two seats and two cupholders. That's what I loved about this SUV first. Handling is great. I've gone on many off-road trails with it in Idaho, and never had a complaint. This is a great car for literally any occasion. Driv-in movie date, camping, fishing, hunting, hauling, and a good'ol road-trip.


2004 Pontiac Aztec Rally Edition

I bought my Aztec in May of 2005. It was the dealership's showroom model and had 26 miles on it when I purchased it. Today I have a little over 75,100 miles on it. When I went to the dealership it was not the vehicle I was leaning towards. After taking it for a test ride and getting familiar with all of the options on it I was more impressed with the vehicle. When I looked at financing the deal was sealed. I was able to get the Rally edition fully loaded for less than what the stripped down 2005 models were going for. I've had my Aztec for over 9 years now and it has been an extremely reliable, safe and comfortable ride. They get a lot of grief from the appearance but it's become a badge of honor for those who own and appreciate the overall package of ride and performance.


I feel safe in this car

This is my first car, and it is EXACTLY what I wanted. Some people online say they think it is ugly, but I think the car is just too classy for them. It has a huge cargo area, great for tailgating. It has a sunroof, a spoiled (both things were on my wish list), and best of all drivers side airbags. My biggest driving phobia (this is my first car) is being sideswiped, so I specifically wanted a van, SUV, or crossover. I wanted to be high off the ground, in case of a driver-side collision with another large vehicle. I love this car and I feel so safe driving it. It has a 6 cylinder engine so I can get out of trouble quickly and is built to keep you safe.


Aztek Rally 2004

I got this car because of the price and interior look. The outside.....not what I wanted at all. I thought it looked ugly. The car received regular maintenance and was well taken care of. I haven't had any issues with the car. Other than something getting out of alignment, a dash light going out or stuff caused by street craters. It has been solid for over 10 years and over 142,000 miles. It still purrs like a kitten. It doesn't lag, acceleration is great. My only issue is the stiffness when going over poor, bumpy roads and street craters, I don't know if its shocks or struts. If GM could bring back the Aztek....make the look of it more appealing. The body and mechanics of the car were fantastic!


Bring back the Azteks!!!!

My Aztek is awesome! When I first saw them in 2001 I liked them. Then they were redesigned, I liked it more. Then I needed a new ride, and drove one and fell in love. I love the unique design and comfy seats. I will not purchase another SUV as they all look the same and are either small or big, no perfect size like the Aztek. BRING BACK THE AZTEKS!!!!


Gets me around fine

Gets me around just fine, but I had to replace a few windshields...Oh and the stereo really sounds great too.


GM shouldn't have cut Pontiac!

I have had my aztek for a few years now and absolutely love everything about it. I commute about 30 minutes a day to work and love the feel and flexibility of this car. I run a two summer camps in the summer and constantly am hauling program supplies, not a problem in my aztek! Have not had any major issues besides regular up keep, treat your car well and it will treat you well! To the guy who said that parts are hard to find...do you not have an auto parts store near you? All GM parts are easy to get and cost less that cars from across the ocean! I hope to have this car until I sadly have to drive it to the junk yard in many many years!


Second car i have owned and i love it

i really love this car it has lots of room and is great for kids and sports equipment i love the add on it has like the tent is is nice for long drives and is a great everyday car