2000 Pontiac Grand Prix consumer reviews

$19,935–$19,985 MSRP range
side view of 2000 Grand Prix Pontiac
97% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.4
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Very Reliable First Car

This is a very dependable first car and has given me very little to no trouble. I used this car to commute to high school and various sports practices and have it at college now with a short commute and a hour drive home on weekends. A very spacious car with plenty of trunk space. I enjoyed the power the V6 offers while still getting fair gas mileage for such a large car. Sits low to the ground to give that sporty feel while still riding comfortably. A cheaper option for a well made vehicle. Paint is starting to wear in some places but not noticeable, especially for a 17 year old car that sits outside year round in the Midwest. Overall a great vehicle!


The Ultimate Beater!!!

Let me start off by saying two things: 1. I'm not suggesting you don't take care of this car. It has nice performance, features, and appearance for the used price, and deserves proper maintenance. Many people get 300,000 mi + with this particular engine, and you could, too. 2. I'm a broke college student in a rural area, who must commute 30 miles to either work or school every day of the week. I was given this car by my dad at 130,000 mi in 2010 with the expectation that it was on its last legs (ironically, he's gone through two lemons since handing this over to me). Due to my economic situation and unfamiliarity with cars, I am unable to maintain it ideally, aside from essential repairs and oil changes. That being said, this car takes a beating exceptionally well. Four years later (now at 250,000 mi), it's still running perfectly. Aside from when the 12-year-old battery finally died, it has NEVER left me stranded. I've taken it from Maryland to Michigan and to Florida on over 10 occasions, and it scoffs at the occasional 2 hour commutes to DC, Baltimore, and Annapolis. It's also built like a TANK. It's survived two deer collisions with a busted headlight and a scratch to show for it. Unessential/minor things have a tendency to fail. I've had to replace the back speakers, head unit, two window regulators (another has failed, but I've resorted to duct tape for now), front axles, tires and brake-stuff when needed, battery, and MAF sensor twice (first replacement was defective). Something causes a large puddle to appear on the front-passenger floor if I park nose-up in the rain. Also it had a problem where the keys wouldn't come out of the ignition and it wouldn't shift out of park unless I used the corresponding releases. A common problem-- get under the shifter thing. The wires that are connected to the unit that informs the car of the shifter-thing position should be snapped! Re-establish and lengthen the connections with bits of wire and a soldering iron (it appears the manufacturer made the connections too short and unable to handle stress). It's a free fix that I did three years ago, requiring no other maintenance, in case anyone runs into that issue. These little things seem to be common with this model. The good thing about that is it tends to impact the value of this car--making it cheap, cheap, cheap! This is my first and so far only car, and I've found it super-easy to work on. Under the hood, it's spacious and well laid-out, unlike most newer cars/imports. I've done many repairs myself with no prior knowledge. Parts are cheap and plentiful, as well as how-tos and diagrams. For that reason, despite its issues, I would definitely recommend this car to someone in my situation. Someone without a lot of money, who needs reliable transportation for little effort. Someone who wants to learn the ins-and-outs of car ownership and repair with minimal repercussion. Additionally, it handles fantastically for its size, and has quite a lot of pick-up, too. It's braved Michigan winters and Maryland coastal floods without loss of control (thanks, trac control!!). It's a very safe and easy car for a new driver, and also happens to be pretty fun! If you can handle the small issues, you'll get a lot of mileage out of this drivetrain!


Sum up

The 2000 grand prix is a quick and fun car to own. I have 290,000 miles on mine 240,000 on the first engine and trany. The car requires a lot of maintenance. For example: break lines rusted through, engine blew up, 2nd gear went out, replaced 5 wheel bearings, 3 shocks (2 front 1 back), multiple breaks and rotors, back right brake caliper, and rust on the body. The car runs good when it is on the road, and would be great for a first time driver because it is easy to repair and cheap to do so. Lets the kids learn how to do their own repairs.


2000 Pontiac se

I purchased this car 10+ years ago with 40,000 miles. It now has 180,000 miles and i have never had any major problems. This car still has the original exhaust system,valve cover gaskets,and thermostat. I have about $600 in repairs not including tires and brakes in 10+ years.


Great car with electrical bugs later in life

Eleven years after being new, with 120K, great fun car to drive. However too many minor electrical bugs. Gas tank evaporative emissions issues -check engine light, broken fuel gauge, vent blower. However still runs and handles well.


2000 Grand Prix GT - GREAT CAR

My wife originally bought our 2000 GT in 2002 with 28k miles. She wanted an SUV, so I inherited the 2000 GT over 4 years ago when we traded in my 2004 Grand Prix GTP. (at 55k the supercharger was starting to give me issues anyways). The 2000 GT now has 176,000 miles and counting. It still looks good and runs great. We've religiously maintained it and the car has repayed us many times over. Besides a couple wheel bearings, power window motors and a few other things, it's only required regular maintenance over the last 10 years. Mechanically it is a gem and GM got it right with this car. If I had to say anything bad, it's a little loud on the highway (cabin noise) and sensitive to potholes. But it has plenty of pickup, and still gets decent gas mileage (23.5 mpg avg) even with the high mileage. And even though it's almost 12 years old, it is still a pretty sweet looking car. I'm thinking about trading it in for a newer upgrade, but it will be tough to let this car go. I really wanted to see 200,000 miles, but I might sell while it's still worth a couple grand. Overall, in terms of quality and cost to own and maintain, the 2000 Grand Prix rivals the Nissan Maxima as the best overall car I've ever owned. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE 2000 GRAND PRIX GT.


most reliable car i have

i bought a Pontiac grand Prix from cars .com this is a very good website where you get a car of your choice


best car!!!

3.8V6 is the best engine GM ever made!I've got 327000 on mine,still vorking just fine,I just wonder how much more will it take?!!


I bought Brand New in 2000

It is by far the best car I have ever bought so far and for the price!. I was actually looking at buying a new car, BUT after looking at the prices, and thinking about how much I enjoy this car... I think I will put a little money into this one and make it even better than it was when I bought it ! I don't know how I can do that other than buy the newer technology stuff!. Honest to God, I have had people knock on my door, and my parents door (when I am over there) and ask me 3 different times if I was interested in selling my car! . True story! Anyway, I just love my car and am so happy every time I drive it! It is bright red w/ Gray leather interior. Just a beautiful car. I really think Pontiac had it together when they designed this one! I have a beautiful photo of my car, but not with me, I hope I can add it a later time, you will see why I love my car so much! If you get a chance to buy one a 2000 Grand Prix GT ...BUY IT!!


My 2nd pontiac

I paid just under 8k for this vehicle in 2004 at 90k mi, its the GT so it has the leather seats, sunroof, electric seats, and seat warmers, digital msg board, hologram gages that display on windshield, i mean the works of a luxury car. which i am still driving today. Right now im searching for another vehicle. my GP has 190k mi, it still gets up runs with the best of em. however there are some problems. Ive had to replace nearly every part of my power steering and am to the point now where im not fixing it again, and it leaks whenever theres a drastic temp change. frequent radiator problems, constant anti freeze leaks, my power windows stopped working in the front, which the first time i got them replaced it was under a warranty claim, but to get them fixed out of warranty is a $8-$900 repair. Those are some things to look at when purchasing, i feel like for my money it was an alright deal, i mean it was my college car.