2000 Pontiac Grand Prix consumer reviews

$19,935–$19,985 MSRP range
side view of 2000 Grand Prix Pontiac
97% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.4
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great looking car with power of a v8 !

what a fun car to drive you can drive it fast and just chill out and cruise on cruise night either way this gtp turns heads ! the heads up display is something even a more expensive car does'nt have ! very cool feature ! even with 123k on the clock it still runs and looks awesome ! if you have a chance to get one thats extra clean get it ! you won't be disappointed !



I traded this car in for a used 2006 GXP. The V-8 GXP is more powerful, but I actually miss my GTP. When the supercharger would kick in, my head would be blasted back in the seat, which doesn't happen with the V=8. I bought the GTP with 36000 miles and drove it to 186000 in 5.5 years. The engine (always used pure synthetic oil) and transmission were near flawless, but I traded it in cause the transmission seemed to shift awkward and was leaking. I still feel the tranny got it's life, even if it was going. The unreliability was in the heater blower motor (went through 2, water was leaking in that area too), and heating system. Constantly put money into that. Also, rack and pinion leaked at 90k, and had to be replaced. Went through 2 sets of wheel bearings. Mass air flow sensor went at 105k, and around 130k my anti-freeze leaked slowly (didn't bother having it looked at). Outside of all that I loved my GTP, and would recommend it to be bought. I would have your mechanic thoroughly examine all the areas I pointed out first though, so you don't have to drop 2-3k in it once you get it.


2000 Grand Prix GTP

To start off, my Pontiac Grand Prix GTP has just over 203,xxx miles as of today. I've had this car for a few years and spent a lot of time breaking in the drivers seat. I have a few modified components but the supercharger, engine, and transmission are still the same ones installed at the factory. I've never needed a rebuild, nor do I see it happening any time soon. I run the supercharger overclocked forcing more air into the engine than was intended at the factory. I do have exhaust work and the computer tuned to properly utilize the added boost. Factory braking is just about average (this is easily fixed by upgrading). Taking it into the corners reveals just how heavy it is, but amazingly for a front wheel drive the tires still manage enough grip to keep the car poised in the corners. The car was cheap to buy, responds very well to power modifications, has been astoundingly reliable, gets excellent mileage that many 4 cylinders can't even achieve(28mpg highway with ~300 bhp). (Scion TC only gets 26mpg highway and only has 160bhp with 400 less pounds) Bottom line, take care of the car and perform the maintenance when it's due. This Grand Prix will suprise you.


must get

you must get one when u get the chance because it is that good,if you wait it will probally go. I have been working around cars all my life and you need to get one!!!!! very reliable and great for a first car.


quick 4 door

I have had it for 5 years and it is the only car i have had that long. Lots of power,ride is good,great car and looks


Favorite Car Ever

Traded in a Volvo for this car and love it more than the Volvo. It was brand new and it now has 123,000 miles and have had very little work done on it over the 9 years that I've had it. I do have a recent problem that they can't seem to figure out...water is getting into the air pump hoses and blowing the fuse...setting off the Service Engine Soon indicator. It's been back several times and they just can't seem to keep the water out of the lines. Other than that...it's been great and I would buy another or recommend it to anyone!


Please don't buy this car!!!!

I bought this car used with 82,000 miles on it. I have had it for 2 months and have actually been able to drive it for maybe 2 weeks. This car is horrible on gas. You will be asking yourself where the 15 bucks you put in went every day after work. The interior is really bad. EVERYTHING has either popped off or doesn't even work anymore. Some kind of gaskets needed to be replaced because the engine was leaking oil and anti freeze-$1300 to get fixed. Rims cracked and caused tires to rip-cost for new rims and tires-$1200(which I'm not paying because I'm scrapping this car and buying a Cadillac Eldorado. This car was extremely fast off the line and could easily over take cars with more power, but I paid 5 grand for this car and I'm not about to dump 3,500 more dollars into it after the first 2 months. The handling was very good for a car this size, it really made you feel like you where driving a much smaller car. Sometimes though while shifting lanes at 30mph or more you will notice a good amount of torque steer which can actually over take the car if you aren?t quick enough to respond. Also this car shakes badly on the highway, and it is very difficult to keep the car in a straight line at highway speeds. It feels like your driving a civic over every single pot hole on earth going 65mph. That?s the only way I can explain it. The motor for the power windows broke and the window won?t shut properly now, causing a small crack when you roll the window up which allows rain and snow to enter the car. $400 for a new motor which I?m not going to pay. The wind noise at high speeds is also really loud and irritating. Maybe I just got a lemon or maybe it?s the GM quality but please seriously inspect every inch of this car before you buy it and I would strongly advise against buying it.


After 8 years ownership and 88,600 miles

This has been and still is ONE FINE AUTOMOBILE! And the resale value was very good.. sold from our driveway in less than a week with many stopping to check it out. We bought the car used with 6,000 miles on it and sold it with 88,600 miles. Still looked and drove like new!


Great milage with sporty looks and power.

I consistantly get between 25-31 mpg while driving a mix of city and highway. Very dependable with plenty of power. Very comfortable seats and easy to drive on long trips.


Best Bang for your bucks

look at BMW's, mercedes, lexus and those high priced cars. you pay 60, 70, 140,000 for those cars. you can get almost all the same options and comfort from this car at a fraction of the cost. the grand prix GTP has a supercharged engine that really allows for the '"get up and go" the 3.8 engine is also to be known as a highly respectable engine due to the long life and low maintenince. when work does need to be done its VERY easy to find parts and feels like common sense to repair it the interior is actualy spacious. im 6'3 and my seats not even all the way back and im at a comfort stage. the lumbar support helps immencly for the long distant drives. the heads up display is one of the best features of the car the exterior has a very clean look yet looks very aggressive and sporty at the same time overall the grand prix has some of the best features and is very quick for the price you pay. this car cant be beat. bottom line