2006 Pontiac Vibe consumer reviews

$16,430–$20,105 MSRP range
side view of 2006 Vibe Pontiac
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.8
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Best car ever

The car was an all time best value for both money and time. Coming for someone in west African country Abuja Nigeria. With the bad road network my vibe 2006 with stood all pot holes and gallops you can find. And I will go for it again if I get a second chance. It’s highly recommended for both ladies and gents. Very economical.


The best vehicle I've ever owned!

I bought this car used and it never failed me. I have put almost 300,000 miles on it and stayed up to date on everything oil changes, tires, etc... The only expensive thing I had to get fixed was some issues with my tires but that was because of whoever put them on messed up with the lugnuts bad. I have taken this vehicle up mountain roads that were beyond sketchy. I do not recommended doing that but the little pontiac did handle it well for anyone wondering.. If you are looking for reliable, this is your car. I will forever recommended this to anyone. I also find it super comfortable. I have a son and it fit the carseat just fine for me. I am short though so if you're tall and have to push the seat back it's not ideal for a carseat to be behind you. This car is all wheel drive which has its benefits but it also has cons. When I popped a tire they had to replace all 4 tires, because they said it would offset it if I didn't, since it was all wheel drive. But if you find a reliable mechanic none of the things I got fixed on this vehicle ever exceeded $1000. I think my highest bill was maybe $400. I hope this helps 😊



Very Reliable vehicle, outside of Tires, brakes and batteries have not had any repairs. Very practical small vehicle, with adequate cargo space for such a small car


Rides well, gas usage great

General maintenance and careful driving can get you and this car go a long way without problems. Can charge 2 devices inside, sunroof nice during summer, cruise control nice


Best car I could ever have!

Got mine in 2016 at 128K miles, now has 193K and still going strong! This car has taken me across the country and back several times over. At the beginning of my career I had to move several times chasing seasonal jobs before I landed a long-term position. Now that I have more time staying in one place I take it on a lot of weekend adventures to nearby natural areas, although it doesn't have high enough clearance to handle much more than an well-maintained gravel road and has a little trouble getting up long hills at highway speed. I absolutely adore the sporty look of the exterior and the way the back seats fold down flush with the rest of the cargo space; whether moving cross-country or buying a piece of furniture, it makes hauling a breeze. I'm 5'9" and can sleep solo diagonally in the back with the seats folded down and was able to squeeze three in the back on one occasion. The hatch glass makes it possible to haul longer things like 10' boards and possibly even a sit-on-top kayak if you choose not to put it up on the rack. I haven't bought any cargo accessories for the rack, so I couldn't say how sturdy it is, although it appears insubstantial enough that I wouldn't trust it with something big on top. I've seen other Vibe owners use the rack, but it looks less practical and more like a stylish afterthought.


This car meets our needs

Runs well appearance is acceptable this my husband favorite color I would recommend this car to anyone the reliablity is wonderful. The car is roomy and able to hold our large dog comfortably


Has NEVER let me down

this car gets great gas mileage and has never let me down. upkeep is cheap and the MPG is amazing. I have driven this car all over the eastern seaboard. If my family had stayed small i would never tried to sell it.


Reliable. Great on gas. 36MPG

I have loved this car for almost 12 years. I usually trade after 8-10 years. I did not want to give up this car. I would like to sell to someone who needs a reliable car to get to work or school.


Totally suprised at the quality

I think it will serve our need very well and for several years to come. I am very impressed with the quality of the car


Well built economical and versatile.

Really a great car. Showing my faith in Toyota engines,I bought mine as a one owner car with 250,000 miles on it, the only dissapointment was the starter failing within the first month. Aside from the normal front brakes and shocks,it has needed nothing.Drives well,peppy enough with the 5speed,30 to 36 mpg overall,and I love the room when the seats are folded down.I would highly recommend this car to anyone.