2013 Porsche Boxster consumer reviews

$49,500 starting MSRP
side view of 2013 Boxster Porsche
97% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.6
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Great Sports Car

This thing is hugs the road in all conditions and is quick out the gate - 2013 boxster S, 6-speed manual


Beautiful car for the money

Excellent car for the price. Took a while to get used to everyone doing double takes at my new car. I recommend the manual transmission. Has been a long time since I have just gone out driving for fun.


2013 Boxster S

We have owned a number of high performance autos over the years including a 2002 Boxster S, but this car is head and shoulders above anything else I've driven when it comes to overall driving experience. This thing is simply superb in every aspect. Definitely makes you want to take "the long way home"!!


Porsche Boxster S

The only reason to have any other sports car is for exclusivity purposes. This car is blazingly fast and handles like a dream. The car is also a beautiful design and the difference between night and day from its original styling.


Two words -UN, and Believable

I can't afford two cars, so I need both comfort and handling in the same package. Soft tops are required. And I am a driver -- always looking for twistees to downshift and accelerate into. I have owned sport cars all my life, from Triumphs as a kid to, more recently, BMWs (3, 6 and Z4 series) and Mercedes (SL's and E Class Cabriolets). At one time I even owned an Acura NSX, which sat in the garage next to my wife's Nissan 300 ZX. Nothing compares to the 2013-15 Boxster S. The words that come to mind include: "nimble", "quick", and "fun". Surprisingly, "comfortable" does as well. Before the 2013 Boxster S, my favorite car was my BMW 645 Ci. Although that car is in its own "sports car" class when it comes to creature comforts, it pales in comparison to the Porsche in terms of the "fun" factor. [The Boxster S is a LOT more comfortable than the BMW Z4, and as comfortable as the Mercedes SL]. But in terms of the driving experience, nothing I have owned -- or driven -- comes close. The "closest" was the mid-engine Acura NSX -- but it's roof didn't retract into the boot (and comfort was not its strong suit.) Couple thoughts on options: I have always been a "three pedal" guy. It's one of the reasons Mercedes don't really excite me. But -- after reading the literature and test driving both transmissions -- I opted for the PDK. I have not been disappointed. The double clutch makes shifts impossibly seamless, and I still get to the use the stick to flip through the seven speeds. iT's an amazing piece of technology. Also -- although sometimes hard to find -- get the sport exhaust. Do not waiver on this option. Get it. When activated, the sounds emanating from the exhaust ware reason enough to buy the car. If you are looking for an affordable, two-seater, open-air sports car, I think a "driver" has two choices: The Corvette or the Boxster S. Two different types of vehicles though, for two different types of owners. I'm a "twistee's/back road" guy, so Porsche would be my choice. My 2913 Boxster S is still "new" to me, but every single time I get behind the wheel, I smile. Going forward, Porsche will be my brand of choice. I just wish I hadn't waited so long to discover that fact


2013 Boxster

This is my fourth Porsche, its one of the finest cars on the market. My only concern is, no spare. Having twenty inch wheel there are on run flat tires available, and the availability of tires for in the size is very limited. .


Boxster S - Fantastic Car!

I purchased a 2013 Boxster S with 4,100 miles on it. It has a manual transmission (I am old school, although I read great things about the PDK option), sports exhaust, 20" wheels, and adaptive headlights. I owned a 2012 BMW M3 and Audi RS5 cabriolet prior to purchasing the Boxster. I was initially concerned about the reduction in BHP compared to the M3 (414 HP) and RS5 (450 HP). Trust me - there is no reason to be. The 315 HP and 265 lbs of torque provide plenty of excitement. This car feels more lively and responsive compared to the hefty Audi RS5 (4,400 lbs). The Boxster weighs almost 1,500 lbs less - so the Boxster is actually quicker than the RS5 with it's V8 engine . The Audi felt front heavy and driving feedback was muted, while the Boxster is so balanced and planted with it's mid engine design. My M3 was an awfully good car with great exhaust sound, handling, acceleration, and performance. Yet, IMHO, the Boxster S offers a more satisfying overall driving experience. The sound with the sport exhaust is awesome and I highly recommend this option. There is no added performance, but it sure sounds terrific. Finally, the interior and exterior styling are really well done. I get compliments on this car every time I take it out. I am almost embarrassed and find myself saying "it's just a Boxster", while deep down feeling like I am keeping a secret that this car is so much more than just a "Boxster".



Boxster used to be a car to improve Porsche sales,to welcome those who cant afford the 911.Not anymore.Porsche is getting serious with Boxster and Cayman,with its perfect weight balance,exotic mid-engine proportions and killer sexy looks that easily rivals the 911.The PDK is one of the best "auto" transmissions I have ever experienced,it's fast,responsive,smart and economical. The shifts are smooth, and the car knows when u need power or when u just need to cruise around town. Even the base model exhaust sounds wonderful and the engine is sweet sounding, revs to a nice 7800 rpm. Power delivery is very predictable and smooth, unlike the guessing games of the modern turbos. The ride is firm but comfortable for a sports car.I have never driven anything which conquers the winding mountains roads with such ease with its weight at under 3000lb.The 2013 received major upgrades: inside now has updated LED instrument panels that show tire pressures, gps, bluetooth phone, various sensors etc. making the previous version looking very outdated.The braking is incredible.This is a sports car, and as long as u know u want an incredibly looking and feeling sports car with a lot of weekend fun within wallet's reach, then this is it. Expect it to be something else and u will be disappointed It's a sports car,so downsides are to be expected. It has wind noise and rattles, it sits low so it's difficult to get in and out even for young guys.Rear visibility is bad with the top up.The car is small and low so it's very easy for other cars to not see u in blind spots or when they are making right into ur lane if their vision is blocked by cars parked on the streets.There is no place to set down your iphone, and the cup holders only hold shallow cups or bottles, tall ones u are going to spill.U get no backseats, but thankfully you have two trunks which allows small luggage for a short vacation (forget about going on a trip with the Jaguar F-Type).Cabin storage is very limited.For women with handbags this is tough if u have a passenger, or a dog, impossible with a kid.There are many small buttons on the dash which can be tricky to access when you are driving.U have to continuously HOLD the top down button for it to complete unfolding, why not 1 touch?Suspension is firm and jittery, but pretty bearable for a sports car.Even for a base model, Porsche give you fat tires and nice sized wheels. And it is PRICEY, despite being the cheapest Porsche u can buy.Every option is extra, and it's very easy to see the purchase price double when you add a few "supposedly standard" pieces. Power seats, keyless entry,leather interior,HID headlights,Bluetooth,GPS,steering wheel controls DOES NOT come standard. Even the mirror light when you flip down the sun visor is optional, for a car priced above 60k.I bought this car for my wife,but regretfully it is not really a lady's car, not unless it's fully loaded anyways.If u want comfort and a lot of luxury standard options, the Lexus ISC or BMW Z4 fits better. In terms of reliability,I do get my share of faulty German electronics.My car is 2 years old with 10k miles,and it has bad window switches twice,stuck rear spoiler,wipers mis-behaving and blown speakers.Such things never happened to my lexus, like ever. The labor costs to repair or maintain such a car is higher too, because most parts are difficult to access in the middle,not to mention pricier parts. So this car might not be for everyone as a daily driver, but if u are looking for fun this car does it so exceptionally well. It takes just 9 seconds to put the top up and down, up to 31 miles.The engine and exhaust sound is so sweet, and at full throttle u feel connected with the car with the engine a foot behind ur back, with absolutely no lag in ur instructions.It's fun because it's fast and corners so easily, but it's not dangerously fast like it will kill u .It looks awesome, sounds awesome, and u feel special.It has retractable spoilers for a clean design,alum doors to cut down the weight,and still has enough practicality and convenience to get you through a fun weekend. This is German engineers? version of the Honda S2000 in sexy lingerie.Does not expect mind blowing acceleration like some of the other turbo or NA 4-6 cylinders, but you get a ton of fun working through the corners in a lightweight body, lively engine, responsive gearbox, perfect balance and a dramatic top down experience that send giggles through your face.


2013 Boxter S

Amazing handling and road manners. It always turns heads. This car is reasonably comfortable, as sports cars go. It is not for a cross country trip, but it is a pleasure for a weekend jaunt., with just enough room for two overnight bags. Sorry, no golf bags. Everything about this car says quality and engineering excellence. It is highly recommended.


Outstanding car

The car is a Porsche, what else can you say? I would definitely consider only the 2013 model and newer, as Porsche completely redesigned the vehicle. It borrowed many interior features from the 911. The performance is unparalleled for the money. Kind of like a 911 on a budget...don't have 100K for a 911 Carrera S? Get this boxster, you won't regret it! Oh, and for the manual transmission snobs, the Porsche PDK is faster and gets better gas milage than the manual transmission. Pay the extra money and get the PDK.