2011 Porsche Panamera consumer reviews

$74,400 starting MSRP
side view of 2011 Panamera Porsche
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.8
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.7
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Panamera 4

Love this car! I got the 4 insted of the 4S as I heard the 4 was better for snow and I live in Calgary where I need a great winter car. This is great in the snow but I might be inclined to look at the 4S next time for the extra power. The 4 is good but 300 hp (even with the impressive engine design) is still a bit lacking. Super car all around though, love it!!!


Well engineered car

Very few flaws in the car. Comments on styling on the web are subjective, if you factor in the functional benefits (more head room in the back seat than the front) you understand the styling compromises. It certainly get looks. I think it is sharp. This is a drivers car. You have to like driving as it is a lot of car. Handles like a sports car, is quick and is quite fast. I'm getting combined 24 mpg in the first 2,000 miles. Very comfortable, my family fights to sit in the BACK seat, so the rear seating is great. This function contributes to the odd shape to the back end. Give me the room and function. Electronics are good. There are to many functions in cars today, so the reviewers that complain have never tried to engineer so many functions into a single interface. Stereo is excellent, I have the upgraded Bose. Map display in the instrument panel is great for forward looking driving. Great storage room and the folding rear seats are great. Again form over function, this storage contributes to the style compromise. Now the bad. Wind noise when sunroof is opened fully, only around 45 mph. Locking is a pain and the key is big. Glove box is small and general storage is lacking for this size car. I am a Mercedes guy and this is far better than any car I have previously owned. Excellent vehicle in every respect.



Very Expensive to buy, more expensive to maintain. Previous 911 Owner, previous Boxter S owner. Yhis is a big car! 8 Cylinder power adequate to good. All wheel drive exceptional. Interior - like flying your very own private Gulfstream. A far cry from the 928 iterations of the past. Luxurious and quiet. A joy to drive!


Best Car I've Ever Owned

I've owned the Porsche Panamera for only 2 months but it is by far the best car I've owned. It drives great at 35mph and at 100mph. Very comfortable and great layout. Plus I get compliments every day on the look of the car.


Perfect & Satisfying

This is a great car.....The Panamera is the perfect touring/sports car for a person who needs to carry four people.. It is even more perfect for a tall person, such as myself, because the interior is spacious and wonderfully comfortable. At 6'3" I can even find comfort in the back seats. I also like the ability to fold down the rear seats for more cargo or luggage space. This is a very flexible and unique vehicle...It also drives really well. It feels like a Porsche when you push it, even though it is a larger front engine car. The performance is excellent. In city driving or under cruising conditions, the Panamera feels like a substantial luxury sedan when set for Comfort ride. The suspension and driving dynamics can also be set up for sport and super sport, which gives you a lowered stance, and more aggressive settings. I have pushed this car around on some twisty roads in the hills, and it sticks like glue. My only initial concern about the Panamera was its significant blind spot, but I have already gotten used to this. This is a function of the size and shape of the hatchback. Not a big deal. Despite the detractors who dismiss the looks of the Panamera, my experience has shown that this car is liked and admired by just about everybody who takes time to look at it. Those who dismissed the Panamera as an ugly loser last year have suddenly become somewhat silent, as Porsche Panamera sales have exceeded all initial estimates, and Porsche continues to broaden the availability of the Panamera in various configurations.


Panamera 4

We live in the mountains, traded in my 911 C4 for this car. It is just an outstanding ride. Very comfortable, logical layout in dash, great electronics (we were underwhelmed in our 06 Cayenne) V6 is surprisingly peppy, PDK is awesome, cornering great, the auto stop start is quite interesting. I am at 9000 elevation and even in 30%less air than sea level I push 30 mpg on flat driving and am regularly at 27-28 mpg so that is a nice bonus...no complaints. Experienced a false engine warning light which is a nuisance but the locals are working with factory so I am pleased with the effort to date. Just love the ar, a smile everytime I start it up.