2006 Saab 9-3 consumer reviews

$25,900 starting MSRP
side view of 2006 9-3 Saab
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.4
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My favorite so far

I've owned Saabs for years and never have had any major issues. I still own a 900T (250,000 miles ) along with my 9-3 Aero. The one problem with the Aero has been a " loose " front end. There is a TSB out on the fix and once done the cars ride is fantastic. The work was also covered under warrenty.There may be some reviews that are less impressed with the 9-3 but take it from a long time saab owner - this car is great.


awsome car

I just love to drive it. I got this car with 47k miles and now it has 54k. I still can't wait to get in it. Great gas milage with good acceleration. There is plenty of room in front. Stock sound system should be a lot better but you can always upgrade. I hear some interior rattles but nothing that would be annoying. This car isn't as relible as its japanese competitors but I think it's better then VW/Audi and many others. Overall it is a great car with unique styling and exceptional handling.


They look nice BUT think twice!

I bought the 93 Convertible in 2006 (new). The car looks nice BUT think twice! The car was recently in for 20K "bumper to bumper" maintenance service plan and already needs rear brakes and rotors which are "not covered". The glove compartment latch has been replaced 3 times. The interior dash noise is very annoying. Interior quality is poor at best...injection molded plastic. The seats are nice and comfortable but the car rattles and sounds like a ten year old car with 150,000 miles. I will trade this car very soon... I should have listened to my older brother who said...you will regret buying a Saab!


Electrical Problems

What started as a great deal and even better value for money has turned into a growing disappointment. In summary: Electrical Problems. I bought the car new on 9/06 and since then I?ve gone to the shop twice for regular maintenance and about 5 times for repair including once in a tow truck. Since the purchase I?ve had the following replaced: battery (after it exploded); alternator; some wiring related to both; fuse box (the car stalled several times including once in the open highway, and I got it to start again by physically jigging the box connected to the batter! What?!); A/C and Audio dash controls; and the fuel tank cap. All that in less than 1.5 years! I?m considering cutting my losses and trading it in for something more reliable. I?m lucky that all of these replacements are covered by the warranty. I fear what horrors loom beyond the warranty period! However, so far the people at the dealer have been able to get the car going again and remain courteous. Still, they could do a much better job returning phone calls. Some good points: great mileage, catchy design, smooth ride, expandable trunk space, good features. Summary: If it didn't leave me stranded so often, it would be an amazing buy. But who wants a car that will not go?


A car to look at... a different style

I bought my 2006 93 Aero in December 2005. I spent a while waiting for Saab vehicles to come to Puerto Rico again and when I finally saw the car at a dealer, I get there the next day and the car slept in my garage that night. I do have had some problems with the car specially in the front suspension. By a three months period, the car spent more time at the dealer than at home due to a significant noise every time I turned the wheel and a feeling of loose nuts in the front suspension. The rack and pinion and the power steering pump were changed. In a car with 23,000 miles, this worried me. However, I'm aware that a bad experience doesn't make a brand bad at all, and the Saab's style is so unique that actually it would be unfair to compare BMW 3 or even 4 series with this car. Even Audi A4 or Mercedes 2 series wouldn't compare. On the side, I think Saab should make a full make up to the interior of their cars because although is it rare enough to caught everyone's attention and the plane-cockpit feeling is ok, other cars like Acura and Audi are far ahead of the Saab plastic-noisy dash and instrument panel. If Saab remakes just the dash and the instrument panel, then there would be no need to look at their competitors.


Excellent car all around!

We leased the 9-3 last year and have fallen hard for the car. We are without question going to continue with Saab! This car is excellent on gas, excellent reliability, excellent features and looks impressive as well! We went with the 2.0t versus the Aero as we liked the look a little better and are extremely impressed with the power this 4-cyl has! I was a little skeptical going with this car versus a 4x4 as we live in Northern Michigan. My last car was a Durango and comparing the two on snow covered wintery roads isn't fair to the Durango! I have never felt more solid, more comfortable in an automobile on horrible roads! This little car far surpasses any other vehicle we have ever had. We are contemplating leasing the 9-3 sportcombi at lease renewal as we would like a little more room when we travel with our son and dog - either way, Saab has won our loyalty without question!



I've had this car a little over a year and I Love it! From the comfort of the ride to the luxury of the interior, everything is within reach and more! It's not only stylish, but functional, gets great gas mileage, handles like a dream and is the best overall value!


A great start

6000 km on the odometer so far, no issues with the car. Quite different than the last BMW product I had where I spent more time driving loaners than my own car for the first few months. Everything works well on the car, the interior is quirky with the buttons etc, but works well. The 2.8 Aero motor is fabulous, with excellent power for passing etc always available. You pay for this in fuel consumption, averaging 9.5 litres/100 km (4.5 litres per gallon, 62 miles per 100 km). Interior is very comfortable for 400 mile trips. The handling of the sport combi is excellent, ride is firm but not obtrusive, seats are very comfortable. The Saturn SAAB dealership is definately down market compared to BMW and Mercedes stores, but the service received was first class- pleasant, cheerful, and knowledgable. Highly recommended to anyone considering a 3 series BMW(more car for your money) or C Class Benz (our other car-a 2dr sport). Initial price of entry is high with the Aero SportCombi, but it comes with everything standard -sunroof, HID lights, power seats. 300 watt stereo, compass, trip computer, homelink, reverse sensors, and electronic traction/stability/brake controls.


Best car I've ever owned!

I love my 2006 Saab 93 Sport Sedan. I have never driven a car that handles incredibly on sharp turns. Here in Nova Scotia, I'm able to take sharp curves at 120 km/hr and this machine hugs the road and doesn't even float to the outside arc curve. It is the first car I've ever driven that you never hear the engine labour due to the turbo. You have to watch it though, I've been up as high as 160 km/hr on the xxx before without realizing it.


A very sweet surprise

I get more compliments and second looks with this vehicle than any I have ever owned. It is so much fun to drive, and hands down, the smoothest and quickest engine I have ever experienced. One test drive will demonstrate why Ward's Automotive rated this 6-cylinder turbo powerhouse one of the "10 best engines". This car rocks. I am getting 20 mpg around town!!! and 31 hwy. Unbelievable!!Comfortable seats, elegant interior, great stereo and one of my favorite features, the ipod jack hidden on the center console arm rest.