1999 Saab 9-5 consumer reviews

$31,025 starting MSRP
side view of 1999 9-5 Saab
77% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 3.6
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Great car for the year and price

This vehicle is a great purchase. It had just had some work done to the engine which will make it last even longer. Very happy with the experience.


Great highway car. Fantastic in snow

Has many neat features: Front and rear fog lights Headlamp wash/wipe Front cornering lights Side guidance reversing lights Double, dividable sun visors Refrigerated glove box, illuminated and lockable Dashboard "Night Panel" feature turns of all but speedometer Audio system, radio with WEATHER BAND /CD/cassette Sun Roof


1999 4 door sedan 9-5 in Cayenne - nicely loaded

Bought the car used with 46K on it. Now have 242K on it and it purrs like a kitten! Every year I can count on an $800-$1500 repair bill to keep her going. Still loads cheaper than a new car payment, higher insurance rates and luxury/car tax in the state of Rhode Island. Still has original transmission and engine. Very happy with this purchase and plan on taking it to 400K.With proper maintenance and religiously scheduled oil changes who knows where how far she'll go!


Best used car for the money

I recently purchased this car,used, and for the price I paid, I couldnt have made a better choice. The styling is exceptional, interior appointments are on the luxury level, performance and braking are far better than any other car Ive own, and MPGs are consistently in the low 30s, I was shopping for a Nissan,Toyota, Honda market, and all the cars interiors in my price range were plastic, and the mileage on them, in my price range, were 170,xxx, that doesnt matter much with those cars, but the creature comforts that came with my Saab 9-5 sold me, and it also had 110,000 miles on it. Check these out, they are a quality built machine.


Best car ever for me.

This is one of the best cars I have ever owned. Have had little trouble with car and have been oh so pleased with the car overall. Will purchase another when and if this one passes on.


Totally awesome car

This is a great car. This car is worth buying. It's got a great reputation and ti comes in a whole bunch of colors.


This car may look nice, but you'd regret buying it

My brother bought his Saab in 2007, Yeah, It looked nice, and it was nice, then after 2 years of driving it, everything went wrong. The transmission blew like 3 times, and everything started to break! Then winter of 2009, He tried to stop, but his brand new brakes didn't work, and he backed into a friggin tree. He definately regrets paying 5000 for this car. It was nice for the first 100,000 miles, and then it ALL goes down hill. I noticed, they use sucky material for this car. It dents very easily, and the alarm is trigger too easy. In style and nice looks, I would rate it a 5 but when it comes to realiability I would rate it a 0


Unique and Fun

I bought my 9-5 used from the original owner. It's in prisitne condition, well-maintianed and enjoyable to drive. I was aware of the service issues with the car. Especially when you live in a town where no one services them and the nearest dealer is 60 miles away. I looked at an Audi A4, really wanted one but the cost was a little much. This car has lots of great features and was affordable to purchase. Good thing I know a good mechanic.


Cool Hot Saab Lover

My Saab has 194000 miles on the odometer. Each time there is a mechanical problem with the car, I spend $150. On it and it keeps on running, so I cant get rid of it. Every time that I decide to sell it and buy another car, I wash it, change the oil and keep rollin'. The paint has held up the interior is great and it still gives me 26-28 mpg. I now live in N.C. and drive it back to Connecticut (80-90 mph),about 4 times per year. For repairs the dealer rips you off expensively, so if you plan to own a Saab, find a small garage with former Saab mechanics working there. I love my SAAB.


Cheapman's Beamer

About 6 years ago, being a dedicated Honda man but wanting a better ride and unwilling to pay the price for a used BMW, I bought a used 9-5 with about 99k on it. I had the some major issues right away with the tubo going out and other things. For a car with 99k on it, I had expected that. But I bought the car for the way it rode and the low up front price. I probably put half the cost of the car in repairing the vehicle to where I wanted it to be for a daily ride. For the first couple of years of ownership, the 9-5 was in the shop on pretty much a bi-monthly basis that the repair shop had me on speed dial and I got on their Christmas card list. (Just kidding about the last two things.) Right now the car has over 200k on it and running great. I love it. I plan on running it to 300k. I recommend buying the car because you can usually buy them cheap but (always a "but") plan on putting a few bucks (initially) into car to keep it (or get it) running good. And make sure you get a good mechanic that is practical and understands what you want. My 9-5 maxims are: Sometimes used parts are better than new, don't let anyone else (especially teenagers) drive your car and the occasional repair bill is better than a regular car payment.