2009 Saab 9-7X consumer reviews

$42,615 starting MSRP
side view of 2009 9-7X Saab
81% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.3
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Great SUV for the snow

Great vehicle for a single family.... Good on n off road n in snow as well.... Towing is great......... N in car cargo is large


When will something finally go wrong?

So I've had a fully loaded, every single option, 5.3 liter 9-7x for two years now. It is a 2007. I drive it every day as a commuter and once in a while tow my 5000lb boat when my main tow vehicle is not available. Here's the thing about this car. I have 75,000 miles on it now and nothing, I repeat nothing has needed to be fixed or broken or worn or anything. I'm talking weld the hood shut reliable. I still can't believe I haven't spent a penny on it except gas and oil changes. It will finally need tires soon and that's going to be the extent of my ownership costs. Here's the bad parts however. It corners like it is on rails...literally pull up the skid pad tests and you aren't going to find another body on frame suv with this kind of road gripping performance. It is so amazing it will easily out perform the tires and I have high end tires on it. Even the Chevy Trailblazer SS (that copied the SAAB technology as it is a later released GM) is not quite as good. That's great but how often do you need that level of performance. I can tell you not that often and so the down side of that level of cornering ability is a really bumpy ride. You feel the bumps and cracks in the road and that gets a bit old. The nav unit has a nice big screen but so many times it can't locate an address in the data base and that is even with the most updated nav disc and with old addresses. I hate when I have to break down and use the nav. That's about the extent of the bad that I can come up with after driving 30,000 miles in my 9-7. Other things that I like are: Factory xenon headlights with washers: Torque of the V8 especially when towing a lot of weight Tan and Black interior with French stitching Relatively modern dash for what really is an old platform I surprisingly get a lot of compliments on it as though it is a much more expensive vehicle. I like that the nav disc has it's own dedicated slot as well so you don't have to choose whether you want to use the nav disc or a cd. Since this car doesn't have an ipod connection (which can be done for literally $5 if you care to) you can connect the ipod or whatever device you want to up to the rear entertainment system as a sort of boot leg work around and hear the music or watch a movie from the device. As for mileage, it is a nearly 5000lb vehicle with an 8 cylinder engine. Who would buy this then complain as though somehow they thought that was a winning combination for fuel efficiency?


One ot the best car I have ever owned.

I have owned a GMC Envoy and a Buick Rainer which are very similar . This car is much nicer in style luxury and options. It has better handling and ride. I am very happy with this car. It is mostly a GM product but a like the Saab touchs.


OK, could be a lot better

We bought this car during the GM bankruptcy so we got a pretty good deal on it. Exterior look alright, nothing that great, but still have luxury aspects to it. Interior is pretty nice, seats are comfortable, and the center console area is fairly clean, a lot of the functions are accessed through the touch screen, the touch screen is a little too pixelated, I personally feel cheated when a company cannot spring the extra few dollars to put in a nice screen, but its not that big of a deal. My armrest started to fall apart, and because of the current issues with GM and Saab the replacement part is not available. Performance, its loud and slow. Gas mileage isn't that great. Its comfortable to drive, but still not luxury. Overall its a decent SUV, it still leaves me wondering if Saab was supposed to be a luxury brand or a normal brand. It seems a mix of both and I think that might be one of the biggest reasons they are not doing that great. I probably will never get another Saab again, but like I said its decent....


best value

purchased this car used with 23000 miles have owned it for 3 months now and couldnt be happier with the car for the money with all the options standard so far so good


The first Saab SUV and it's AMAZING!

All of the critics say it's a GM truck trying to be fancy, NO WAY! It doesn't look or feel anything like a GM product. I have a 2009 5.3i, fully loaded with touchscreen nav/xm/cd/dvd/mp3. It has separate driver/passenger/backseat temperature control. When you leave it on "auto" it will actually blow heat/air on the section of your side that's getting hot/cold, not just your whole side. (ie: blows heat only on your feet if the floorboard is cooler than your headrest area) The aero has more hp but the 5.3i V8 has some serious pickup for an SUV. The ride is smooth and if you're trying to get on the interstate or merge, hit the gas and you'll know you have a V8 under the hood. My previous truck was a 5.3 V8 and had no where near the pickup this thing does. Several people complain about the gas mileage. I live in a college town, basically all stop and go. The Saab keeps track of gas mileage, I reset it often just to see what I'm getting around town, it's never been lower than 16 for me. Basically, these days, if your buying a V8 you're ready to deal with gas prices. Maybe the only issue is that new it cost 49,900, but seriously, test drive a fully load 9-7x it's truly an amazing vehicle.


A Simply Stunning Vehicle.

I purchased my Saab 9-7X new towards the end of 2009 and have absolutely no regrets. This is the vehicle I have always known I wanted, but could never find. The exterior of the 9-7X is breath taking in Desert Tan Metallic. The interior is plush, comfortable, and very quiet. The Saab 9-7X is truly an upscale vehicle with its styling, comfort, advanced technology and smooth ride. I highly recommend it to anyone.


What a sleeper!

I own a 2009 9-7x Aero and this is one awesome SUV! People always ask me, "Is that a SAAB?" Yes it is! Know one knows what is coming! 390hp stock is insane! This is a very stylish and safe vehicle! I get second-looks wherever I go. Performance: well, yeah, it is there. AWD + 390hp + 400lb/ft torque + SAAB = A HIT! I love this SUV and want nothing more. For all the people that say this is a re-badge: you don't know anything! SAAB completely re-worked this SUV and made it their own! The only thing it shares with GM is the steering wheel, powertrain and frame! All the body panels, interior, etc is truly SAAB! Get an Aero while you can! There aren't many out there! Especially in Diamond Silver Metallic!


Interior Design great...

Interior Design is second to no one. Great value for the money. all the bells and then some.. You don't have to spend 30,000 to 40,000 to feel lke you did...


almost,not quite

the vehicle is a stunning looker from the front, but it catches itself trying to look like a Saab. It's a chevy truck. the experts don't even mention the Buick Rainier because for some unknown reason that is a better car. I wanted to like this car, and it was black and powereful looking and I'm black and powerful looking, but now I'm, well kinda of ashamed. Its like buying a Hyundai and telling yourself it looks like a Mercedes. why didn't sfomeone stop me before it was too late.