2008 Saturn Astra consumer reviews

$15,875 starting MSRP
side view of 2008 Astra Saturn
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.6
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Best car for the money, drives amazing

The dealership treated me with great hospitality and helped me out in every way they could. Very pleased with this car.


08 astra

What a great little car. Mine is the XR 3 dr coupe and I can tell you that this is no Saturn. It's made by Opel and unlike its only competition, the VW GTI and Audi A3, it is 100% made in Germany. Handleing is superb and it has many features you either pay extra for or can't get on the competion. It is not as powerful as the other 2 but I average just under 30 mpg and have seen 38+ on the highway.At $3.50 gal, I'll take less power. GTI & A3 both require premium gas so there is more savings than just mpg's. By the way, the best mpg I ever got with my GTI was 27 hwy. The Astra 3 dr hatchback looks better, rides and handles just as nice and demands respect. For those who are brand name snobs, go by a VW or Audi. If you know and want a better quality car, check ou the Astra


A European Gem!

The 2008 Saturn Astra XR, besides having cool, sleek European style, is a blast to drive. The handling is tight and the power just right. Manufactured in Belgium, this is not your Father's Saturn. Sporty and fun, this little car zips around town. Forget the four-door (b-o-r-i-n-g) you'll be surprised at the roominess inside this hatchback, the back seat is amazingly functional. Sad to see Saturn out of business but happy to get an incredible deal on a sporty 2008 vehicle with 36,000 miles. If you drive this car you will understand why this is one of the best selling cars in Europe.


Wonderful Car!

I love my Saturn Astra coupe. I am getting better than advertised mileage between 32 and 39 MPG! I enjoy have a rather unique car and am sorry that the Astra has such a short run in the US.


Buying another one!

We initially purchased a Honda Civic for our teenage son. It was a money pit, and instantly needed a replacement. After months of driving the ailing Civic around we found the Astra for 9,990. I was skeptical, but hopeful it was not another cheap peice of junk. Went to dealership, and test drove and was surprised by it's old school VW like drive. We purchased it, and never looked back. Right now, the teen and I share it. I use it during the day for a small maid service and average 27 miles to gallon in mixed driving. On road trips I have averaged 32 on the automatic tranmission. I will be permantely handing it over to son in May and I really wish I did not have to. The car note is cheap, and it drives better than my "luxury" kia borrego. The interior is basic, but the seats are top notch. I have back issues and have driven long trips without an issue. If you are reading this review b/c you are unsure if you should buy one, do not hesitate. This car runs like a luxury german car, without the high price tag. How many cars will you find with traction control in this price range??? I am searching for one now, so that when I hand the keys over to him I have my own set for my new Astra. That's saying something. I am very hard to please, after all I am a woman. ;)


thrifty fun

This car has been good so far. I must admit, the reviews I read prior to purchase all said the car could use another gear, and they're right. 3400 rpm @ 70 mph is not excessive, but not needed. GM should bring this car back to the states again, but this time make the six speed an option. The turrbo' d and cooled 2.0 would be icing on the cake. The car handles very well and pulls strong to redline. The seats are very supportive with lots of side bolstering for support when things get twisty. As far as winter traction is concerned, I don't have experience there yet. The car has uniroyals on it and dry and wet traction are very good. And for fuel economy, it hasn't disappointed either. The last six fillups have netted 31.3-33.7 m.p.g. my one complaint is the base sound system. There is no bass response @ lower listening levels. Even at higher levels, although it improves, there's still no thump. Overall, if someone I knew were loooking for a small, fun car, under $15000; I would suggest they look at the Saturn Astray 2 door.


Fun car for the money

I bought a 3 door Astra XR, it has unbelievable handling with the 18" summer tires, could use a little more power, but with the 5 speed manual, it's pretty fun to drive anyways. Enough cargo room to make it versatile as well!


impressed with fuel economy

I've owned 3/4 ton 4x4 trucks for 30 years, with the fuel prices up to $4, I had to invest in a commuter car, and chose the 08 Saturn Astra 3 door automatic. It has all the bell and whistles of the more expensive cars, leather , heated seats, anti-skid, computer, etc. The Astra, with the 1.8 ltr engine, lacks some power and has a flat spot when passing another vehicle. Its faster than the trucks I've driven and I'm very impressed with the fuel economy of 27-34 mpg of mix use driving.


A perfect commuter car

Been driving my Astra for a couple of years now and I'm still impressed with the handling and how much fun it is to drive. Gets good mileage and it looks good. It could use a little more power and should have a 6 speed manual. Torque steer comes into play when you get on it hard but it's not a major issue. Build quality is good despite some rattles that the dealer had to fix. It's too bad they have been discontinued but due to it's Opel heritage parts should be readily available for some time to come.


Fantastic little car!

I recieved my black '08 Saturn Astra XR Coupe as a pre-graduation gift from high school. From the moment I drove it off of the showroom floor, I was recieving glances and compliments left and right. The Saturn Astra is a hidden gem, and it's a shame that it was only produced for one model year. It's sharp, quick, and very different from all of the mundane Civics, Corollas, Cobalts and Accents that crowd the road ways. From the sporty appearance of the two door, to the very comfy seats (that are heated, might I add) to the road-hugging handling that it has demonstrated for me time & time again, the Astra never fails to dissapoint (performance & appearance-wise). However, I have had a few minor problems in the two years that I have had it, but luckily they were covered under the powertrain warranty and serviced in a timely manner (driver side power window came off of the track, and a minor engine snafoo). All in all, the Astra is a fantastic car that I wish was still in production!