2006 Subaru Outback consumer reviews

$22,695–$27,295 MSRP range
side view of 2006 Outback Subaru
89% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.2
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Reliable Car

Great car. Love the way it handles and drives. I've owned 3 Subaru foresters and this is our first outback. I think I like it better!


Super Reliable and Easy to Fix when issues

Owned this car for 4 years and it is a work horse. All wheel drive is really safe with hugging the road. Low tire wear. As with any 14 year old car, some maintenance but all easy to perform. Easy to replace alternator, leaking power stearing with a new top oring. Never shy away from owning a Subaru!!


Love it and also HATE it!

This was a good car for me living in the mountains in Colorado, but I'm writing this to warn everyone DO NOT BUY THIS CAR!! It is a maintenance nightmare. At first, I liked that the turbo gave it extra pep when passing semi trucks on the interstate. However the turbo lag as the engine revs up past 3000 RPM is annoying. In other words, don't try to pull out into traffic quickly or make a quick left turn, it is very slow off of a dead stop. The AWD was great and I never once in 11 years of ownership slid into the ditch or got in an accident. On the other hand, the transmission dropped out completely while I was turning left and I was nearly hit head on as the car stalled in incoming traffic. The list of repairs this car needed is so long I can't name them all here, but notable is that the CV boots are constantly cracking and dirt gets in and ruins them. The oil leaked out of the valve covers, and the power steering pump went out. There was a tiny short in the stereo that kept draining the battery, but to fix it the entire center console had to be replaced at over $700. The final nail in the coffin was that the turbo just blew up sending shards of metal into the engine, and it's dead. Only worth about $500 trade in value. The turbo isn't worth the tiny boost you get. Just buy a v6 engine instead. Otherwise you are committing to buying 91 octane gas and every oil change is around $80. I tried to be very proactive in keeping the car well maintained and the interior and exterior are in great condition. But I must have not babied it enough, because things were breaking all the time. I pains me to say it after owning other Subarus, but this car is a LEMON. Just walk away.


A true lemon

Purchased new, we expected a car that would hold up. Now it has just over 85K. Also, two clutches, doors that will not stay open when parked on any incline, headlights that burn our every 6 months, a nasty body raddle that no one can fix, a new central control system to control AC an audio, and now a major oil leak from a warped block and a $3,400 estimate for repair. .... What a mess!


Subaru - drives amazing but falls apart

These cars are made to break. Head gaskets leak, timing belts snap, engines burn oil, they're just money pits. I wish I could rate higher because they're absolute monsters in the snow, i love the AWD system in subaru cars.


Most RELIABLE Car I owned

This car met all of I need. Comfortable , easy to drive. Look like new. New tires , new brakes. Bluetooth audio system. Headphone free


My favorite car I've owned

Great car for camping trips, road trips, etc. With the amount of space in the trunk and the roof rack. Despite the repairs I've put in over the years, it's been a cost effective car with the amount of commuting I've done in it. There is just something about Subarus that make you feel safe when driving them


Very reliable car

This car met all of my needs. Has plenty of leg room In the front and back. Safe and reliable. Room for your family and friends


Best car ever

Best car ever, does thing my 94 Nissan D21 truck couldn't do. Finally have my dream car, and in time it will be my Rally Wagon.


Fantastic value for the money

There is only one thing to be said about a Subaru. If you never driven one you should! Because when you do you will buy one! And you will keep it for at least 200,000 miles. before you buy another Subaru. Unless you have a "Vanity" issue.