Vehicle Overview
Shoppers who like the Chevrolet Tracker and Suzuki Vitara, but prefer a V-6-powered vehicle, will do well by checking out the Grand Vitara. This Japanese-brand sport utility vehicle is built in Canada at a plant Suzuki shares with General Motors.

While the Grand Vitara holds five, that is possible only if each rear-seat occupant can withstand the minimal leg space. Folding the split rear seat can expand the otherwise modest cargo space in the rear.

The four-door Grand Vitara is about 11 inches longer in wheelbase and overall length than the convertible Vitara, but the convertible is as wide and tall. As on the Vitara, the Grand Vitara's spare tire is mounted on the tailgate, which opens to the right.

Under the Hood
The Grand Vitara wagon comes with a 155-horsepower V-6 engine. It's available with either manual or automatic transmissions, and with either 2WD or 4WD.

Though it is in the same size and price range as the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4, the Grand Vitara has a truck-like body-on-frame design. This gives it true off-road capability, but the car-based CR-V and RAV4 have better on-road manners.

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From the 2000 Buying Guide