2010 Suzuki SX4 consumer reviews

$13,359 starting MSRP
side view of 2010 SX4 Suzuki
83% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.1
  • Interior design 3.9
  • Performance 3.8
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 4.4
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Completely Happy with this purchase

This is a great little car and it's safe! I was hit head on when the car was only 2 months old. The car took all of the impact. They should have totalled the car, but it was too new, so they repaired it (costing more than what I paid for the car.) I have never had a problem. It handles well...holds the road, nice tight steering and smooth breaking. Ok gas mileage but it is heavier than its competitors. Slightly sluggish for quick acceleration, but you can adjust your driving habits for that


Looking for comfort, look elsewhere...

I purchased the 2010 AWD for very specific reasons: I needed AWD for the winter, I wanted 30+ MPG for commuting, the vehicle had to be less than 15' long, for parking ease in the city and I wanted to spend around 15K; I also wanted a vehicle that had a 5 year ownership cost that was reasonable. The SX4 CrossOver met all of these criteria. I've owned the SX4 for about 8 months; the car handles well but, there are some (major) short-comings: #1: comfort - I drive 80 miles a day round-trip, an 1 1/2 each way and by 20 minutes into the commute, I miss by X-Terra Seat; there is a level of comfort, that lasts for all of 20 minutes, after that, you are numb and in pain; I've discovered by the end of my commute, I can hardly wait to get out of the seat; if comfort is important, please look elsewhere, or expect to need a lumbar and seat cushion; this was something that I didn't discover in my 15-minute test drive. It would also be nice if the seat would extend back another 2-3 inches and if it was more adjustable. I am 5'9" and have maxed-out the leg room. #2: Pick-up - the car handles well but, it does have a sluggish pick-up/acceleration; which is taxing when you are trying to merge into on-coming traffic on the turnpike; #3: Dial Visiblitiy - When I set the steering wheel to a comfort level, which for me is fully lowered, you can not see the odometer; so unless you are using cruise-control, you have to constantly dip your head to see how fast you are going, which is to say the least, annoying; #4: Interior Quality -I do wish that the interior trunk panels were thicker, and of a higer quality. But overall, for the price and the options, the SX4 is a good car, I would recommend it as long as you are under 5'9", and not looking to spend a lot of time behind the wheel for long trips or commuting. Overall, I have been happy with the SX4- I am just struggling with the comfort level. Would I recommend the car?, depends - For an around the town driver? - Yes; for commuters? No.


the worst car ever met

The worst car have ever bought, not reliable at all, only after 11 month since purchased it had major problem with it, water pump was leaking, 3 recalls, what a rip off! dealership is nasty people, hate everything about that car, especially with car reliability itself! send complain letter to the company, guess what no answer from them, but at your own risk!


I like it, but...

I leased this SX4 Crossover in November 2010. As of April 2011, I have a little over 3000 miles on it. I chose it because I wanted an AWD vehicle for our Minnesota winters, and everything I researched was much more expensive. I love being able to go through practically any snowfall, when my friends are spinning their tires. I like the looks of the car, the handling, the ride, and the roominess. My wife needs a wheelchair occasionally, and I can just drop the rear seats and throw her chair in the back, no problem. The only negative so far is the mileage. I only have to drive about 2 miles to work, and I very seldom drive more than 20 miles at highway speed, so I'm only getting 20 mpg. If I could get closer to 30 around town, I'd never buy/lease a different vehicle, but I guess that's the trade-off I'll have to live with for having AWD. Overall a very fun vehicle to drive.


good mileage for an AWD, good price,

I live in a rural location, and have to drive a lot to airports in winter for work. This requires crossing a mountain range no matter which way I go. After sliding off the road a couple of times in my previous front wheel drive car-- despite four snow tires-- I wanted AWD and stability control, but I hated to give up my 38-40 mpg. So I bought an SX4 and it seems a pretty good compromise so far. Handling is excellent, including in one emergency swerve to avoid a porcupine. Despite a relatively high center of gravity, it holds the road well and has a sporty feel to the steering. Seat comfort is good and the controls are exceptionally easy to use. The manual transmission is well geared, but stiff. Power-wise, the car is a little lacking, but not to the point of pokiness. And the fuel economy is pretty darn good for an AWD-- 30 around town, 33 on the highway (in a hilly area in both cases, but with the AWD turned off). On the styling front a number of women friends have called it cute and one called it adorable. I'd rather have sporty or sexy or some more manly adjective, but cute is a lot better than hideous! And the price was low enough that in a few years I can think about one of the new electrics that will effectively have AWD with close to no carbon footprint.


Great Car!

I really love the performance of this car! It is a lot better than i expected. It handles well and feels comfortable to drive. The interior is great too! I love it!


good car

I have a 2008 with 50,000 miles on it. i have replaced the radiator and tires and always have the service done at the dealership. The only complant I have is that the car does not pick up speed well. It takes off like a turtle.


Smart purchase

fantastic car. The 2010 SX4 sport (4 dr sedan) GTS, rides, handles and feels like a much more expensive vehicle. I shopped around for almost a year, the SX4 was the last vehicle I test drove, and I was sold! Comared to all its competition, the car was the smartest purchase. Its not a generic compact sedan, its unique in a good way, great styling designed in Italy, and japanese engineering for reliability, I couldnt go wrong. Its been the best car, not one issue and I get so many compliments on it. Its comfortable and the standard navigation, aero kit and 17 inch wheels are awesome, as is the 100k mile warranty.