2012 Suzuki SX4 consumer reviews

$13,849 starting MSRP
side view of 2012 SX4 Suzuki
96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior 4.2
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value 4.7
  • Exterior 4.3
  • Reliability 4.7
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a car is no good if you cannot use it as a car

after being burnt by Audi i wasnt looking for another expensive classy luxury car id drive that q5 500 miles and it would start breaking down finally i got sick of being stranded and gave it away at 100k miles it needs about 7000 in work easily ! a suzuki was the last car on my mind but after driving it i was hooked the suzuki i bought was in an accident with a deer so the guy wanted it gone his insurance totaled it because the deer damaged the hood the front bumper and a headlight assembled all of which are easily replaced by anyone with mechanical aptitude! the insurance company loss my gain this suzuki has already been a million times better than my audi q5 not stylish or classy but runs circles around my audi in dependability and fuel milage ! a car isnt much good if its always breaking down suzuki is no longer in america because they ran forever and dont break down ! my only regret is that i didn't purchase 3 of them for the price of one audi and im sure there are many like myself whom wish they had shown more support for suzuki !


Fantastic little car.

@197,000 miles this little beast keeps trucking. It's as reliable as a Corolla and the AWD works great. My average MPG is 29 . This car has exceeded every expectation and I'm sad that it has been discontinued.


My Best Friend

Alright, I was not expecting to fall in love with this Suzuki. My beauty isn’t much when it comes to looks, but she’s fast as I need her to be, handles the ice well even though I only have front wheel drive, and has never given me any issues that weren’t considered routine maintenance. She’s taken me on some of my most meaningful journeys in life and I’m excited to experience the world in this vehicle. I’ve never seen a front-wheel two-wheel drive sedan make it so well off-roasting. She’s inconspicuous enough to get me around places without getting shot or pulled over n fast enough to get me out of places darn quick.


Excellent workhorse!

Meets all needs you can possibly think of. Super compact design with ample space on the inside. This care made incredible sense and was ahead of its time. Fits any parking spot. Smallest AWD to date on the US market. Wish the US customers would've appreciated it more!



Suzie and I have a deal. For a tiny bit of space in our driveway, she is my lifeline. She has never failed to do her duty -- not once in six years. Those have been tough years. My husband passed in 2016. Shortly thereafter, my cancer returned. Many long, hot trips to doctor appointments, radiation, and chemotherapy through one of nation's worse traffic systems, and not once did good old Suzie fail me. She kept me cool and composed when nothing else in my life was. OUR DEAL . From the beginning, I promised to change her oil on a regular basis. I confess. I've not been as reliable as she has been, but I've never neglected her needs overlong. THAT'S OUR DEAL. I change her oil. She does her part with style and grace. My children came to HELP out this summer, and sadly left Suzie's exterior a little banged up. I feel badly about that, but my gal Suzie doesn't let it slow her down. She never quits, and we'll be taking care of her cosmetics as soon as possible. Thank you for this opportunity to express my appreciation publicly. Suzie deserves the acknowledgement. It's my small way of showing my appreciation for six years of loyal, dependable service. I LOVE MY SUZUKI.


The Orange Bubble

I bought this car because at the time I needed something to get to and from work at the price of what could I afford. I wasn't looking for fancy I was looking for reliable. and I found that in the orange bubble. She got me through 4 Colorado winters like a rock star. it wasn't fancy but it was solid. I wish they made them still so I could buy my daughter one when she turns 16.


Great car

This car gave me a consistent 31mpg. I never had any problems with it except it started to shake if you went over 70. I don't think it was wheels as they were balanced, but the car was 6 years old so maybe something else.


In very good condition. Good on gas.

It is very good on gas, a great little running car. Easy maintenance. Great price for the value. Drives smooth. Engine is quite and A/C works well.


Good value for the money

Good, inexpensive car that has a lot of features for the money. Great little car that you can see out of easily, and has a lot of room for its size.


Most reliable car I have own

Very reliable, no issues just a battery replacement and basic routine maintenance. I bought it brand new in 2012 and currently has 70000 miles. Very economical.