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2018 Tesla Model 3 consumer reviews

$46,000 starting MSRP
side view of 2018 Model 3 Tesla
88% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value 4.4
  • Exterior 4.6
  • Reliability 4.5
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Tesla builds an amazing car

Great car! Elon may be a unique individual but when it comes to building a car everything is well through out. The frequently updated software makes it feel like you get a new car every time.


Disappointed in the Tesla lies

I like the car, but the customer service is not trustworthy. I was lied to about being able to use music streaming. After one year I was told it would continue free because it did not cost Tesla anything, Then 3 months later it was cut off and i was forced to pay $10 a month. I also have to reboot at least 5 times a month to keep connected.


Amazing car, but the little things need to disappe

I love my Tesla Model 3. I worked hard, saved up some extra money, and ended up with a beautiful car that I picked up in November, 2018. I drive a lot -- somewhere between 28,000 and 36,000 miles each year, because of my commute and local travels. Because of that, I think it is important to have a comfortable, reliable car. I drive my cars into the ground, for the most part. I have owned 6 cars; 3 that I drove for more than 180,000 miles. First off, the efficiency of this car and the amount of free public charging in my area (Massachusetts) makes this really inexpensive to drive. At 37,000 miles, my per mile cost (with new tires purchases at 36,000 miles) is about 7.3 cents. My previous car, a Lexus IS 250, which i also replaced tired on, had 57,000 miles (when i got my Tesla to replace it!) and cost 15.2 cents per mile. At 37,000 miles, I have saved $2,923 in costs that I would've spent. The lack of oil changes also contributes to that number. The car itself is smooth, fast, and quite nimble. The Chill mode, which is the more relaxed, power reserved mode, is what I use most time. There is good reason. The Standard mode, which puts more power on the back wheels and gives incredible torque (0-60 in 4 seconds!), also wears out the back tires a bit fast. I had to replace all four tires at 36,000 miles. In my Lexus, with the same Michelin tires, they lasted to 50,000 miles. However, when you want to have fun and buzz around, put it in Standard mode and rock and roll. It's crazy fast, yet so nimble and fun. The Mass Pike is full of insane drivers, and now you can get far ahead of them for your own safety. How is it in snow and ice? It's good! It's a heavy car (~3500 lbs), so great in the snow. On ice, its okay. But just be careful and aware when you're driving. The autopilot is quite good and reliable. Occasionally slows down (dangerously) when a shadow or direct sun glare hits the cameras; i always keep my hands on the wheel, but it can be a little nerve wracking when it happens. The good news is that Tesla updates the software frequently, and these buggy situations seem to get less and less. The infotainment system is amazing. It creates a chic, minimalist looking vibe. However, there is nothing minimal about the offerings on the giant display. Music, caraoke, giant maps, Netflix, YouTube, and more. The latter not being available unless parked. It's great when you have to charge for an extended time. Speaking of charging, it's not as bad as you think. Where I am, there are free chargers at my work, and plenty of Level 2 charging through where I live. Casinos, malls, and restaurants have them. They get you about 20mi per hour charging. In NH, I stayed at a few hotels that have RV plug outlets, and I was allowed to use those. About 25 miles per hour charging rate. You can also plug in to your house 120v outlet. You only get 4 mi per hour, but hey, if you don't drive far, its easy! Tesla Superchargers in my area are plentiful, with most offering speeds up to 600mi per hour. I know in Vegas, the newest Superchargers are now nearly 1000+ mi per hour. The bad news is in cold New England, winter charging speeds reduce to about 250 miles per hour. The car is also less efficient in the winter. Again, not as bad as you would think, but you just have to plan ahead and be smart about pulling off to charge when you have the chance. In my 1 year of ownership, I have had 3 issues so far. Tesla is great at the actual service, but they are annoyances (and somewhat safety hazards): 1) My charging port had to be replaced twice. Once in December 2018 as a pin broke; and once in December 2019 because of a recall. 2) My horn stopped working. This is current and scheduled to be looked at in January. This is a safety hazard and would not pass the MA inspection (thankfully, my inspection passed in November, when it was working). 3) A software / cache error caused the vehicle to not shift into reverse. I had to get towed 60 miles to the Boston Tesla service center. They gave me a loaner and the problem was resolved, but it did take almost 5 days to do. Overall, I wouldn't think twice about buying again. It is an amazing car. But you have to be a little patient, which is hard given the cost of the car ($60,000 new). The Tesla community online can be very supportive, but also quickly critical. It is more negative than necessary, and inversely, can be blind to people's fair concerns.


Sucks in cold weather

Such a waste of $50,000, the car sucks in cold weather. Tesla doesnt say how bad the car gets in cold weather. Most of the features I like about the car won't work in cold weather. The range Tesla has on the website is just a number, the car actually gives a driving range between 240 - 250 miles, which is about 18% less than advertised.


Glimpse into the future

If you want to know what the future of driving will be, just test drive a Tesla 3. It has great handling, is quiet and comfortable, quick and nimble and fast. It's very easy and engaging to drive and the tech isn't just cool, it's useful and intuitive. After checking it out, I couldn't wait to buy it and now that I have it, it's everything driving a BMW used to be, without the maintenance expense and the gasoline.


By far the best vehicle I have ever owned

this is seriously by far the best vehicle that I have ever owned. I have owned many and different types of vehicles. If you have never test driven a Tesla I would highly recommend it.


Most fun car I have ever owned.

I’ve had the pleasure of owning at least 15 new cars/trucks in my life. Nothing comes close to my Model 3 in terms of economy, comfort, safety and joy of driving. It ruined every other car for me.


Most fun car to drive

This vehicle is amazing!! I have owned this car for 15 months and I look forward to driving it every morning. Well I hardly drive it I just seat and enjoy the ride (autopilot does most of the work) best car I ever owned. I highly recommend anyone to test drive one and then buy one.


This is truly the best car I have ever owned!!!!

I was nervous on the day of the purchase because of all the negativity around Tesla, but I can honestly say the negative news must be published by people that don’t own one. This is a game changer.


Love the car BUT a few minor things.....

Very sleek and fast but for the luxury price needs some tweaks 1- Closing the trunk and drunk via button 2- no AM radio or Spotify 3- no garage door open 4- larger rear mirror unless you buy home-link for &300 5- adding luxury items instead of games that are of no use to driver!!