2022 Tesla Model Y consumer reviews

$65,990 starting MSRP
side view of 2022 Model Y Tesla
62% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.6
  • Interior 4.1
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value 3.7
  • Exterior 4.2
  • Reliability 3.5
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Y you will never want to go back to ICE!

So I did a lot of research before buying a Tesla. I knew I would like it and it would be cheaper to own than an ICE after 5 years! But what I didn't know...I don't like it, I LOVE THIS VEHICLE! I will NEVER GO BACK TO ICE!!! While I love my Tesla, I could see going to Rivian or Polestar, esp after they do their 2025 conversion to the NACS or Tesla Charging Outlets. But the Tesla Charging Network is the MAIN Reason for going with Tesla. What I also didn't know...was that Tesla regularly (bi-monthly on avg) updates and upgrades their cars with over-the-air updates...as the car gets better and BETTER, day by day! Name another car that gets better with enhancements at No Cost to the Owner. Any other car only gets better if you pay for it!!! Heck, many automakers even charge you to update their Maps! And the VOICE COMMANDS are oh so simple, just use standard language! I often rent vehicles with College Officiating and every maker out there has a complicated (non-natural) phrasing needed for their Maps...Tesla is as easy as Google Maps or Waze! I knew I would save over $300 a month charging at home vs Gas. In reality, I avg over 2K miles a month, and Home Charging is costing me $80 to $88 on avg. Oh and in my truck, I would have paid over $500 easy in Gas. So given the $200 higher monthly price point for an EV, will be worth it over time! Travel is not even remotely an issue, though you will find stopping to charge, you will find time to eat better and safer, and you will be much more relaxed upon your arrival! Enjoy the games or movies on your screen and the theater surround sound! Previous Owner of 3 Fords, 3 Saturns, 2 Chevys, 1 Jeep, and Current Owner of 1 Nissan and 1 Toyota. Oh, and there was a DODGE LEMON in a Charger that DIED every time you went from Reverse to Drive. Dodge went into the shop 30+ times and they could never find or fix it and did nothing to replace it. It eventually died on I-10 and I was lucky an 18-wheeler's air forced me off the interstate before it KILLED ME & TOTALED the Car! Again, I never want to buy another ICE car, though the Toyota was purchased as my wife's wish...but only for her wishes.


Poor quality

Not reliable so many issues, if you are lucky you may pick a good one. Not comfortable and interior quality is very cheap, after 1 year everything starts breaking


Get this vehicle

Best vehicle ever. So much range. So easy to use. So easy to road trip. So much storage. So safe. Great screen. Great seats. Great for pets.


Beware - build quality has not improved much

I had countless issues with my MYP from the third day after delivery. It was in for repair after repair, totaling 14 times in service over the time I had it. Tesla service is awful and I had to countlessly make a 90 min trip there and back to prove that they didn’t resolve the issues, only adding to my frustration. The car had significant issues that never seemed to fully go away, and as time went on, the service team tried to say that certain things weren’t under the “full warranty” and would only be repaired within the first year (including loud rattles & squeaks). Overall the car is fine, when all of the credits, etc… are factored in, but it’s not luxurious by any stretch of the imagination. It’s fast, fun and a decent size, but that’s where the positives end. I would absolutely not recommend this car if you’re unfamiliar with how Tesla operates and the obvious build quality issues of their cars.


Best Car I have ever owned

I have had the Y for a little bet over a year and have put 30,000 miles on it. Have had no trouble at all with any aspect of it's operation. Have towed a 3,000Ibs trailer from the east coast to Dever in the middle of winter (every day the temperature was 32 degrees or less) without and had no idea that it was behind me except that i had to stop every 100 miles to recharge instead of every 275-300 miles. I will never go back to a gasoline powdered car again.


Best car ever

I’ve had my 22 model y for a year and have 12k miles with zero problems so far. I expect many great trips in this car.


Tesla will rip you off!!!

Oh no. I’m had a mixed experience with my Model Y, but today’s Tesla price cut has sent me over the top enough to leave a review. I took delivery in November after arguing with Tesla over flaws in the car they delivered me. They assured me they would be fixed after delivery - but they’re still not fixed. I find the car generally fine, the big screen is nice. But Tesla just reduced the price of what I got by $13,000. No doubt the value of my (broken) car just dropped. I feel like I was ripped off.


Overpriced and Rough

My Tesla Model Y LR has been a major disappointment. I have experienced the phantom braking issue several times, and at least once it almost led to an accident when the person following my was just able to swerve to avoid rear ending me. Each time it's also knocked my coffee all over the dash. I've had a variety of mechanical problems and Tesla service is abysmal - the appointments are weeks out and their repairs have been faulty at time. Otherwise, I find the ride to be rough and I am very uncomfortable in the seat. My husband thinks its quick, but that's useless for my commute. For the price I paid for this car, and having come from an Audi Q5 which cost less, this thing is cheaply made and the interior is like an Ikea cafeteria. I would not buy Tesla again.


Poorly built unreliable rocketship w limited range

I waited months to received my Tesla Model Y with great excitement. Unfortunately, while I enjoyed the way the car drove, it has proven to be a complete disaster. I had a drive unit fail, stranding me at the supermarket. Separately, numbers electric glitches have afflicted the car, it rattles constantly and body pieces have literally fallen off. Finally, the range has been disappointing especially in the cold. It is nowhere near the advertised number. Overall, it's a loose, unreliable rocketship, which isn't confidence inspiring. I can't wait to unload it, but even resale values have cratered.


Economical Tesla

I love my new Tesla model Y. Charge time is about 45 minutes. I use my new Tesla for short commutes to and from grocery store & to and from work.