2014 Toyota Prius consumer reviews

$23,215 starting MSRP
side view of 2014 Prius Toyota
90% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.8
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Toyota quality & reliability is second to none

This car rides & drives effortlessly and gets nearly 60 mpg. While most drivers you see in a Prius just poke along real slow this car can & will do 112 mph. Not many cars can travel 600 miles on 12 gallons of regular grade gas. There's no gear shifting as in normal cars and the transmission only has 14 parts & no reverse gear. (electric motor)


Most reliable vehicle

I am so happy with this vehicle I have had great experiences with this vehicle like so many others my family has bought here. Love love love my car


Great reliability and gas mileage

Pros: gas mileage, reliability, resale value, gas mileage (yes I know I put it twice) Cons: tight fit for bigger people, blindspots, not as intuitive as some vehicles with setup and electronics


We’ve owned 6 Prius cars- what does that say?

We will just keep buying Prius. Totaled 2 of them. First time with 4 kids in it and all walked away without a scratch. Second one it was deer vs. Prius and though the car was totaled Prius still won cuz I walked away without a scratch. I mean there’s mpg, interior huge despite such a compact look. People scoff at the Prius. I say you must not have ever driven one then.


Bought and sold

This is the fourth transaction that I have had using cars.com and each has been successful, patience is important when shopping or selling a vehicle. Look carefully at the data presented and check and double check then use your intuition if the seller is responsible and trustworthy. Also if you can have the vehicle checked out by a mechanic.


The only reliable car I owned.

Love everything about the car except the seat heater doesn't turn off when it gets too hot. It must not have a heat regulator and burns if I don't turn it off.


I loved the Prius

If I didn't live on gravel roads that get pretty rugged in the winter I would never have switched from a Prius except maybe to go to a plug-in. I gave comfort a 4 of 5 because you do have to kind of shoe-horn yourself in as it so low. Never had any kind of trouble with the hybrid system except when I think my granddaughter started to fill it with diesel. Don't do that. Gas engines don't like diesel AT ALL. I think a very large person might have trouble fitting in the Prius. It's surprising how many items will fit in one. I have carried fairly large boxes like TV's, even some lumber supplies. If you're one of these kooks who thinks it's unAmerican to not burn huge amounts of gasoline then a Prius would not be for you. Quite normal to get 45-48 mpg and still be quite comfortable.


Best car I've owned

This car get excellent gas mileage, and is so reliable. I was able to put a Yakima roof rack on it, which fit four bikes, two kayaks, or a Rocket pack for excessive luggage needs. I swapped out the factory tires for some that got some good traction in snow. It is a fantastic car.


High Quality, Very Comfortable and Cheap to Own

We have a family of Priuses (4). I just love these cars. I have had a 2007, 2011, 2013, 2014 and a 2015. All have been great. The gas mileage is wonderful (about 45mpg). The reliability is insane. The front brakes last 180,000 miles. A set of Michelin Defender tires will last 95,000 miles. Just service them regularly and they will run forever. Oil changes are every 10,000 miles. A level IV trim has plenty of niceties and is very comfortable. I would not buy below level III trim myself.


Amazing Car

I have owned a Prius for five years . It gets amazing gas mileage and gets me from Alabama to Texas on one tank of gas . Phenomenal! I just paid the car off and it has 70 K miles. I am now selling it and just purchased a new Buick Encore after a lot of research ( weeks ) . The only negative about the hybrid cars is that replacing the battery is extremely expensive, and shelling out $3 K on an older car is not an easy choice . Frankly , I hate being gouged , and being a victim. I feel Toyota could recondition the batteries for $ 1, 000 and keep many customers . If the battery replacements were reasonable , then EVERYONE would drive a hybrid ! I decided not to buy another hybrid because the hybrids cost MORE to purchase and then the owner is saddled with a huge battery cost that seems to make a person question the economy of the decision in the long term . Three thousand dollars is way too much for a battery . But the Prius is a reliable and brilliant vehicle , and is fairly comfortable and easy to handle .