2020 Toyota Prius Prime consumer reviews

$27,900 starting MSRP
side view of 2020 Prius Prime Toyota
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.8
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Once I took a test drive I knew this was it!!

Bought the LE-Base Model.. for Commuting.....Currently driving 70 miles a day round trip in S. California (San Diego) and yes the cost of gas is at an all time low but we all know how volatile that market is and will likely face price spikes in near future. I know Tesla are everywhere here in California but out of my price range and not like the Prime's availability of using the hybrid engine if going on long trips. I do wish the battery had a longer distance but I'll take the 25 miles. Let me just say that this car drives so smooth and comfortable on the road....and....it has zip!! I test drove a Prius Hybrid and it was like a slug compared to the Prime. Some expert reviews have said it is sluggish but I can say getting on to the highways here or through traffic it is quick.... Tech is great with Apple Car Play of course. The Plug In is easy to use with interface. Plugs right into the outlet in garage. Some have said that will cost but looking to add solar to the home to offset price. Other selling point of car was the Federal and State rebates at $4500 and $1500 so wanted to take advantage of that (no longer available on Tesla). One concern so far is no rear windshield wiper?? Why Toyota? Also back seat doesn't have air vents?? I'll keep an eye on those 2 simple items but with transporting family from time to time might be a concern. Excited for this vehicle.


Best car on the market. Unbelievable gas mileage!

This car is beautiful, reliable, comfortable and rides like a bigger car. Plenty of room and love the hatchback which allows us to take our 2 dogs with us everywhere. We have been getting an average 300mi. to the gal. With the combination electric and gas. Love it! Also, less emissions into the atmosphere. It’s green!


Love my Plug-in

Great car for efficiency and comfort. Easy to 'recharge' Display(s) very convenient. With speed displayed 'in front' of driver windshield. Steering wheel touch controls makes for safer adjustments.


Can’t believe how much I love this car !

So I’m almost 50. I’ve had the pleasure of driving a variety of really nice car - Ford Mustang, Chevy corvette, Hummer H2, BMW 328i convertible, Hyundai Elantra Anyway wanted a daily driver and so tired of premium gas guzzlers. I never really would consider the Prius in the past at the 50 something MPG but an ad caught my eye that read 133mpge - I was intrigued and had to take a look. Anyway it’s called the Prius Prime and actually gets 25 electric miles per charge (if it runs out it auto switches into gas mode) I chose the middle trim XLE with lots of great features and I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable this car is especially at the price range (way under $30k). It’s roomy, as spacious as a compact SUV, it’s super quiet and had a sport mode that actually gives it some surprising pickup. Best of all I’ve owned it for 3 weeks and only filled it up once and I drive it every day ( and it still has a full tank ). Comparable to the model 3 Tesla but cheaper and I like that it can use gas if I need to take a long road trip. Check out the Prius Prime (not the regular Prius) you may be pleasantly surprised. Looks great in supersonic red with the roof racks


Most economical & advanced hybrid

Toyota can really deliver a hybrid. I believe Toyota is the industry leader in innovation & reliability when it comes to using latest technology to build a hybrid


Great Car

This is my third Prius and my first Prius Prime. Love the gas mileage and the extra safety features. The interior is stylish and comfortable.


Love the Prius Prime

This is the perfect car for us. We especially like the new back seat on the 2020 and the new location for the seat warmer buttons


My new Prius Prime

My present Prius has 150k miles and I wanted to get a newer car. Since I really liked the '08 Prius and its 40+mpg in the city, I never looked at anything else, upgrading to the Prius Prime and its ability to run on pure battery power for the first 25 miles after recharging overnight. At first, I thought the 2016 and after styling was over the top, but now I find it beautifully aerodynamic. The interior is very well thought out and the set up for plugging in the electrical is very easy. (With the standard home's 120v lines it takes only 4.5 hours to fully charge the battery, so if one makes less than 20-25 mile trips each day it will be possible to stretch a tankful of gas for a very long time.) Thank you, Toyota!


70% Tesla functions, less than 50% of the price

This car meets my day-to-day needs and gets amazing mileage. Plenty of legroom and very quiet and a smooth ride compared to my last car (Honda Fit). I really enjoy that it has a wireless charger for the XLE model. One minor complaint being that there isn't much storage space in the back compared to other hatchbacks.


Prius prime

this Prius prime performs as advertised. This is our third Prius and the best . we rarely buy gas because most our trips are less than 25 miles. just plug it into a standard 110 v outlet and 5 hours later it will go another 25 miles. The car is super quiet and comfortable... and has the best technology of all plug ins. EV.