2021 Volkswagen Jetta consumer reviews

$18,995–$19,795 MSRP range
side view of 2021 Jetta Volkswagen
88% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior 4.2
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value 4.4
  • Exterior 4.7
  • Reliability 4.4
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Very good car for me

I have owned my 2021 VW Jetta for close to two years. I have very little negative things to say about the car. The car does have auto start-stop when stopped for red lights and other lengthy stops. This car handles well. It gets on highways quickly. I have recorded gas on long trips 42 mpg. I get 32mpg around town. The Jetta looks nice. I have the gray color with black interior. It’s not like the BMW335 I owned but it is a good car for me. Currently over 36k miles with no issues. I take it in ever 10,000 miles for a check up and oil changes.


Death Trap

To start with, this car has great exterior and interior design with quite pleasing aesthetics. It's fairly comfortable to drive in terms of smoothness of ride and handling. Gas mileage is fairly good for this size car as well. The huge issue with this model is that it has an auto on off feature which is built in, cannot be removed and must be turned off each time you start the car. What this feature does is shut off the engine if you stop or press on the break and stay nearly stopped for too long or in some cases only a few seconds. This feature cannot be removed and as I said must be turned off each time you start the engine or you are very likely to die. The problem is, while saving gas is great the engine is very slow to kick back into gear again after it's shut off and it can be very inconvenient to drive when you are at a stoplight and it decides that it won't turn on again so you have to fully stop the vehicle put it back into Park shut off the ignition then start it again. As I mentioned previously the engine takes a little while to kick in before it will go at speed after turning itself on again when it does work. So let's say for example you are taking a left in front of some oncoming traffic that is a good distance away but the engine decided to shut itself off while you were waiting and when you started going again it slowly creeps itself on and even if you completely floor the gas you won't be moving more than a few steps per hour for at least 10 seconds. Now let's assume that oncoming traffic is an 18-wheeler who's been driving all night and isn't really paying much attention and from his distance thinks you will probably be out of the way so he doesn't even bother to slow down. You are now going to die, there is no question you will be killed and it is because of this feature. This has happened to me more than once and I thankfully had oncoming drivers who were paying attention and stopped their cars so that I didn't die, but as I said the engine takes a very long time to get into gear and you will not be moving quickly. From a cold start to 60 flooring the gas you will take a good 60 to 90 seconds before you can get to 60 mph, as an example but mostly it has to do with the auto on off feature which is absolutely horrendous and a horrible safety flaw. Under no circumstances should you buy this vehicle if you value your own life or the lives of your passengers.


Nice car but not perfect

I bought a 21 SEL Premium with 5k miles on it. Has fully digital dashboard display which is awesome because it's fully customizable, and you can even use the entire screen to display a map which shows local businesses as you drive near them. This vehicle also has Beats by Dre which I find terribly disappointing. My 2012 Toyota Camry had a JBL sound system which was 3 times better than this system. It also (at times) creates a bass thump when I make a call while listening to the radio which is irritating. The other issue that has me bummed was the cruise control system would fail half the time. I just got it fixed yesterday but time will tell as I've only engaged it once since dealership fixed it. The cabin feels very comfortable and is quiet on the road. The lane departure assist and assisted cruise control are impressive features that most will appreciate. Steering wheel controls are also nice features.


Nothing But Problems

Always in shop Too many problems Leaving VW for EVER SONIC DEALERSHIP PURPOSELY DAMAGED CAR IN SERVICE DEPARTMENT. Never buying another vw. Lost a 40yr loyal customer.


FABULOUS AUTOMOBILE dependable, great features

I have owned 2 VW Jetta's both FANTASTIC dependable automobiles. The 2021 Jetta is such a pleasure to drive with its roomy interior and superb handling. It's fabulous gas milage of 40 highway/ 30 mpg city driving, the 1.4 L Turbo charged engine makes it a peppy car. The lane change assist on the side mirrors is quite a plus. It's a beautiful automobile inside and out. The full color touch screen has Blue tooth, Android Auto, Apple Car Play even a USB port. Has a great back-up camera, anti-lock brakes, multi-control steering wheel, keyless entry just to name a few of the cars features. What more could you want in a car? I have NEVER had a issue with either of my Jetta's. You will look forward to driving this automobile. Factory warranty because its such a well built automobile. It was very affordable for such a great car with features normally found on much more expensive automobiles.


So deadly, So sad, so disappointing.

There are too many issues to list. The worst part is even though I have multiple videos for proof of all issues including the ebrake that releases when the car is off, allowing the car to roll into other parked vehicles ( happened 27times, 3 on video at a casino) everytime I have it looked at, the vw mechanics say " can't duplicate concern " so in the eyes of vw there's nothing wrong . When this car inevitably kills someone, like when it's parked at a grocery store and it unexpectedly rolls over a child. I hope the parents sue vw and end up with millions. I have posted reviews, dealt with vw group of America, dealt with multiple dealerships, even driving 6 hrs from home for one, no one cares about the safety of my family and innocent community members. Vw would not buy my car back. Vw you have truly gone to crap. I have owned 16 vw jetts, and I have loved everyone, except this brand new with 3 miles on piece of crap. Older vw, get it. New ones, don't waste your money or time. Because vw doesn't actually care about its consumers. From the 4 hour hold times every single time I try to contact vw of America to the uncapable mechanics working on these cars. Vw is now in my book considered crap. Also when driving I have multiple sensors giving me warnings, then vw says nothings wrong. The front crash assist likes to slam on the brakes when going 60-70mph on highway, when there is no cars or items anywhere. If this car does not kill me, it will kill someone else. Thank you vw, I am now paying for a crap car that's deadly to drive, and paying for the removal of my beloved vw tattoo. Words can't describe the level of disappointment I feel after buying my very first "off the showroom floor, brand new jetta I worked for years to buy" And nope can't get them on a lemon law, because the vw mechanics say there's nothing wrong, even when the car rolled out of park on camera at Burdick vw in cicero ny. They instead told me that their service manager left the ebrake off that's why it rolled. Lies . They are sad and pathetic. Have some courtesy for the lives that are in danger due to this cars many many failures.


Amazing car

I am very happy with my purchase! Hard to find a sedan with a manual transmission that still has all the bells and whistles these days.


Great Car

I bought a 2021 Jetta R Line a month ago. It’s quiet on the highway, has plenty of pep around town and gets great gas mileage. It has the cold weather package and auto dimming mirror. Black. Don’t know why it’s not rated higher by some publications. It is much nicer to drive than my old Honda Accord.


Love It

I love my Jetta, it suits me really well and it's also nice to look at, both inside and out. Great features that come standard with the car while still being really affordable, my expectations are now extremely high for any future cars. Happy I chose VW!


Love it!

What’s not to love?! My new car is sleek & fast! I get 39 mpg which is amazing! Love my new car! I highly recommend is you want a sporty car.