2005 Volkswagen Passat consumer reviews

$22,070–$23,145 MSRP range
side view of 2005 Passat Volkswagen
69% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 3.8
  • Exterior styling 4.2
  • Reliability 3.6
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Wish it Had Held Together

We bought this car new and traded in a perfect Audi Allroad. What a mistake ! The car has been serviced by the dealer as finding a local repair shop to work on it is impossible. We have been very careful to do all the right maintenance at the right interval as we wanted to keep it for a long time. The chain for the oil pump broke and left my daughter standed in the wintertime along the side of the road. Had it towed to the dealer who was so happy. They offered to do a new short block for $ 10K ! I had the pump replaced and they warned about a little whine in the turbo. Maybe it got starved for oil when the pump went out. In about 200 miles it went. A total of about $ 7500. for that little episode. Last month the transmission went out for another $ 4900.00 !! We have so much money wrapped up in this car it's hard to get rid of it. We have a 12K mile warranty on the trans and I promise a used Toyota Corolla will replace it . We do love the German feel when driving it but what a piece of junk when it come to repairs.


Think before you review

I have owned this car since it what new , I see a few bad reviews on this car that complain of repairs , first of all most any car ( especially a diesel) if properly kept , not driven crazy and has on time service ( by a true diesel mechanic!!!) will go very very far without many major issues , this car has the feel of a mercedes c class with the efficiency of a Prius and great durability so you it out does almost every ford , Audi , Acura , Chevy sedan ect , here are my reccomendation if you buy used by from someone who knows diesels and knows how to drive them , and once you do have it don't gun it to the floor everytime you start driving that's a good way to destroy the turbo , that being said I like the comfort a lot , it shocked me how much better it rode than a Jetta , plenty of room and lastly before you complain about repairs bills think about how much this car saved you at the gas pump , this is by no means a lemon or bad car I do reccomend it over most every car on the market today


Not Recommended

After 100K this car fell apart...figuratively and literally...sell it before 110K and do not buy another VW. They don't back their products and the so-called German Engineering left me thinking the car was designed in a cave.


great confort

Great comfort and excellent pick up for a 4 cylinder car. Extremely roomy in front and back seat. Full 5 adult passenger car. Bought the station wagon for light hauling, works out great.


Love hate

2005 Passat TDI is a great car if you like Check Engine Lights. There is always something wrong and it's full of surprises. Surprise, the Homelink garaged door opener falls out of the sun visor onto your lap. Surprise, all the rubber components fail early. Surprise, the speakers stop working, they don't blow, they just stop. It does get 44 mpg with 134 hp and 247 torque and if you chip it you get 160 horse and 300 torque and you keep the great mileage. It's comfortable with great seats and selectable heat levels, 6 air bags, traction/stability control and smooth if the transmission fluid is good and the suspension if fresh. You can't check the tranny fluid though and to change it costs $130 if you are brave enough to heat it up and change it yourself.



Has the old diesel engine without the re-uptake of exhaust, decided on that instead of the new diesel. Gets about 40 MPG. Nice and sturdy.





Look somewhere else

Bought my Passat TDI wagon new in 2005 and have put 200K+ on it. In short, I bought it to keep it. Love the ride and radio, things mostly end there. It has cost me thousands to keep this car on the road. Lots of well documented issues with this engine and the car. Before you buy one of these check out some of the forums related to it and save yourself some major headaches.


Highest performing Diesel I've owned

high speed crusing @ 38mpg. 75 to 80mph max. Quiet at speed and tracks true. A little squirmy above 80 but the tires do have near 50k on them. Outside mirrors leave a little bit to be desired. Instruments very hard to.to see in daylight, fine when lit. Built in computer lies. About 10% on the overall milage per gallon.


So far, so good!

Six years and 180,000 miles with out a problem. Granted the vast majority of miles are highway. Overall mpg is 37.5 and taking a trip 40 mpg+ is common. I continually run VW recommended diesel fuel additive and oil changes 5k - 7k. I don't care for the vinyl seat, cloth would be a much better ride. My goal is for 10 years and 275K if no major repair are required. It's not a performance engine for drag racing but I don't need a speeding ticket either.